Today I’m talking about a design trend that I’m sure most of us have tried at one time or another when decorating and that trend is Accent Walls.  I remember the first time I saw a room with a painted accent wall .  It seemed kinda odd that someone would paint just one wall.  Then I remember seeing a painted ceiling for the first time and I thought that was even odder.  Today, I think paint and decorative wall treatments are one of the easiest and more affordable ways you can create drama for a room.

Remember when accent walls were just a solid color?  That was then…



This is now...the design trend of accent walls has evolved into something much better!


Exquisite paint treatments…


Abstract Paint


Chevron Stripes


Polka Dot Wall

Stylish wallpaper…


Patterened Wallpaper


Wallpaper Panels

Rustic wood accents…


Wood Planks


Chevron Wood

Stunning stenciled treatments


Stenciled Circles


Stenciled Diamonds

One of my go-to design sources for diy wall accents is Royal Design Studio.  If you haven’t checked out this site before it is filled with amazing stencil designs, Wallternatives wall decals and removable wallpaper.

And if you’ve never tried stenciling before, they have a great how-to section on their site to show you how to stencil on walls, floors, ceilings and fabric.

Here are a few of my favorite stencil and wall decal designs…


Boxwood Trellis stencil


Feathered Damask stencil


Cheetah Spots stencil


Chez Sheik stencil


Star Diamond Moroccan stencil


Ribbon Lattice stencil


Budquette removable wallpaper


Bee Sweet removable wallpaper


Shine Bright wall decal


Rose Bouquet wall decal


So when it comes to accent walls, what’s your favorite wall treatment…paint, stencil or wall decals?  Leave me a comment and let me know.


this is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing products I love sharing the products I love!

One of the fun things about having the Gift Mart here in Atlanta is that any time I need a Christmas fix I can head down there and tour showroom after showroom of Christmas decor.

Rustic Christmas2


When I had my retail store, I loved planning for a buying Christmas product.  I typically has 6 to 8 Christmas trees in the store, each with its own unique theme.  Every January I would head to the mart to see what the latest trends were and plan my themes for that year.  It might sound crazy but most retail stores purchase their Christmas product in January of each year when all the manufacturers make their new product introductions.  So, the themes for 2014 were set over a year ago and were officially introduced this past January.

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Happy Sunday!

I’ve been busy shopping, creating and getting the ConfettiStyle Etsy shop ready for lots of new things, coming Aug. 3rd.  Now’s the time to save big on our great selection of vintage decor, tabletop and entertaining accents, jewelry and personal accessories.  Get ready, get set….SHOP!


Happy Shopping!


Happy Friday!  Just a few things to inspire your creativity!



I love the styling of the shoe closet!  Such a great way to display the pieces you have and create wearable combos at the same time.



Love this idea for Up-Styling a piece of Ikea furniture!



Since my handbags are in constant rotation, I just might have to try making one of these for myself.



 If you’re looking an inexpensive, easy and chic placemat, look not further than the scrapbook aisle at your local craft store for 12 ” x 12″ glittered scrapbook paper.

Here are a few links I know you’ll enjoy!

How to Shop Smart for Antiques

Why Couples Fight at Ikea (oh so true)

Are you doing what it takes to be enormously successful and truly happy?

Even if you’re not a food blogger you’ll find this information on making money with your blog interesting.


See you back here Monday with a look at Christmas trends 2014! ( 5 months and counting)


Don’t you love when you can decorate for FREE?  I certainly do.  Sometimes free stuff comes knocking at your door and sometimes you have to go looking for it.

Recently I was in need of some botanical artwork but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it.  I thought about going to used book store and seeing if I could find a discounted book that I could cut images from.  I also thought about hitting up some local thrift stores to see if I could find any quality pieces.  And then I decided to do a google search and one thing lead to another.

After searching several online shops, I took a chance and typed in free botanical art just on the off-chance that something great might pop up.  Low and behold something fabulous happened.

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Am I the only one that gets excited when back to school time hits?  Even though I’ve been out of school for a long, long time, I just love when the school supplies, school bags, locker accessories and all cute clothes hit the racks and shelves of stores.  You see, I have reason why I love back to school time so much.  My mom was a teacher for 27 years and every year I’d spend time helping her cut designs out of construction paper and then we’d decorate her classroom bulletin boards and get her books ready.

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 I received the new Pottery Barn Teen catalog in the mail the other day and boy was I surprised to see so many stylish pieces that are not only great for teen spaces but would be great for decorating adult spaces too.  Here are my favorite finds, along with why I think each item is great and how I’d use each piece when decorating.   Enjoy!



Acrylic Nesting Tables


Emily + Merrit Scalloped Duvet and Sham / Emily + Merrit Circus Stripe Bedskirt


Scallop Gold Leaf Mirror


Arc Task Lamp


Vintage Bloom Duvet Cover


Maison Bookcase


So, how was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?   

The hubby and I headed to Alabama last week and spent a few days visiting family.  In addition to eating lots of  barbecue and playing with the horses and rabbits,  I spent a lot of time 4-wheeling.  My brother-in-law lives in the country and I love visiting and riding the 4-wheeler all along the country roads.


I also did a little woodworking for a DIY clock project that I’m working on and hope to show you later this week.  My brother-in-law has every power tool known to man so the hubs and I were able to do lots of cutting, sanding and building.




I also managed to squeeze in visits to 4 flea market/antique stores near by.  Here’s a look at a few great things I spotted…


If you’re in the Montgomery, Alabama area here is a list of the flea markets I visited and what I thought of each:

Eastbrook Flea Market–425 Coliseum Blvd., Montgomery, Al–This is a really large store with a wonderful selection of vintage and antique furniture, glassware and decorative objects.  The prices were pretty good too.   I really loved this side table and almost pulled the trigger but decided to pass on it at the last minute.


Memories Flea Antique Market, 1724 E. Main St., Prattville, Al (about 13 mins. outside Montgomery)–This was not my favorite store mostly because of the pricing.  I felt that most items were very overpriced and I didn’t like the fact that there were several booths of new and cheap import items in the store.  I did spot these picnic baskets but after doing a little research on Etsy and Ebay the price wasn’t good enough for me buy and try to resell in my Etsy shop.


J & G Antique Market, 742 E. Main St., Prattville, AL–This is another fairly large store with a pretty good selection of items but again I thought the prices were a bit high.  If you love vintage glass, this is the place to check out but again be warned that the prices were high.  Most of the milk glass pieces below were anywhere from $5.00 to $25.00 more than what I pay at Scott Antique Market or some of my local thrifting spots.


Prattville Pickers, 616 County Road, Prattville, AL–This was probably my favorite shop and the one with the most unique mix of goods.  The shop itself is massive at over 10,000 square feet and has vintage, antique and mid-century modern pieces.  The prices were more reasonable and in-line with shops here in Atlanta.  There were lots of people in the store so it was obvious that it is a popular spot.

One of the things I liked most about this shop was there selection of original oil paintings.  This piece below was $35.


They also had lots of really nice accent chairs.


In between all the shopping, eating and riding, I also took a spin on the golf cart, sat outside and watched the lighting bugs at night and stopped by the local Walmart (people watching at its best)—all things you do when you vacation in the country!