How To Mix Art


Choosing artwork is one of the hardest design decisions you can make simply because art is such a personal choice.  Most people have an affinity towards a particular style of artwork and most people are pretty clear on the type of artwork they don’t like.  While I’m pretty clear on the type of artwork I don’t like, I’m open to a wide range of artwork styles which can sometimes create a decorating challenge.

If you’re like me and are attracted to a variety of artwork styles then you too probably struggle with how to mix different styles together.

Today I’m going to talk about different ways to you combine artwork and share tips that will make the art of Mixing Art a whole lot easier.

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Gift Wrap Inspiration by ConfettiStyle1

Thank you to everyone that took the time to fill out the reader survey! It was great to hear from so many of you and get your feedback on the blog. I’m happy to know there is lots that you love about ConfettiStyle, excited to learn about the topics you want more of in the future and enlightened  to know which topics that aren’t your favorite.   

I love sharing what I’m passionate about and providing inspiring ideas with you here on the blog and it’s my goal to do more of that as this blog grows and develops.  For now, I’ve got the survey results all wrapped up nice and pretty for you and I’m sharing some of the things I’ve got planned for the blog in the near future.


The majority of you like that ConfettiStyle focuses on several different topics.

43% of you read blog post first thing in the morning while the rest of you read in the evenings. (My goal going forward is to have post up before 8:00 am each day)!

And when it comes to social media, most of you follow on Instagram and Facebookwith Pinterest coming in third. Continue to follow along as I’ve got plans to share more original content on these sites going forward.


My FAVORITE blog topics on the ConfettiStyle blog are:

The vast majority (86%) like the design related blog post best, where Decorating Tips & Ideas are shared.

The second most popular blog topic was Organizing Ideas which is great to know since I love to organize and have lots more I can share on this topic.

And the next most popular topic was Gift Wrap How-to & Inspiration.  This makes my heart soar because gift wrapping is a true passion of mine and my idea bank if full with creative ideas to share with you.


My LEAST favorite blog topics on ConfettiStyle are:

 There was a two-way tie for the least favorite blog topic–Best of Etsy and Fashion.

I was surprised to learn the Best of Etsy series was not a favorite but I understand.  As someone who has an Etsy shop, I know I may look at the site differently than others.  In a world where there are so many amazing stores to shop from, Etsy lost out.  Based on your feedback I am discontinuing the series but want you to keep one thing in mind regarding Etsy:  Etsy is a great source of handcrafted and vintage items so when you’re shopping for a for a unique piece or want something custom-made give Etsy a chance.    

And as far as the fashion post go, let’s just say I’ve closed that closet door on that topic but don’t hold it against me if I share a great fashion find or style tip from time to time.


I wish ConfettiStyle would focus more on:

The response to this question was pretty clear…50% want more DIY and tutorials, 25% want more Decorating Tips & Ideas and 25% want to see more Entertaining Inspiration and How-To Tips.    These are all topics I currently share on the blog but I’ll be delivering more in the areas of tutorials and entertaining inspiration going forward.


I would like to see the following added to ConfettiStyle:

Yippee!  The response to the question is what I was hoping it would be:

Over 70% of you want more Home Styling Tips so you’ll get just that.  Now that my brother is in town and a photography master, I’m hoping he can help me create some videos so I can share how-to’s in a new way.

More than 50% of you want more Budget Decorating Tips and Ideas so look for a new series coming related to this topic.

You also made it clear that you want to see more Furniture DIY and Behind The Scenes post which I can deliver.  I’ve been neglecting the stash of thrift store furniture in my garage so this gives me the motivation to tackle it.

A couple other areas that you want to see on the blog are Ask A Designer and Blog Collaborations.  I’ve always been open to answering questions I get from readers but I haven’t shared the feedback in any formal way.  I’m thinking of starting a monthly “Ask A Designer” series and hope that you’ll supply me with lots of questions to respond to.  And as far as blog collaborations go, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and hope to put in place for fall and holiday.  Stay tuned!


How often do you want to receive post from ConfettiStyle?

It seems that 3 to 4 times a week is how often the majority of you want to receive blog post. Up until now it’s been my goal to post 5 to 6 times a week and although I’ve had some lapses I’ve posted on a regular basis.  Anyone that has a blog knows the time commitment it takes to curate content and share on a consistent basis but they also know if it’s something you love to do, it’s worth the effort.  ConfettiStyle is my baby and I love connecting with you, so it will be my goal to deliver new blog post to you 4 to 5 times a week!


And finally, I asked you to share a few of the other blogs you read so I could see what other topics you enjoy.  Many of you shared blogs that I already read but there were a few ‘new-to-me’ blogs that you listed:  The Art of Doing Stuff, Gardenista and Suburban Faux Pas!  These are all great blogs so thanks for sharing them with me.


In addition to some of the blog plans I mentioned earlier in this post, I’ve also got a site redesign planned in the next month and in addition to a whole new look you’ll find an online shopping guide of all my favorite product sources.

Shelly Dozier-Mckee - ConfettiStyle (15)

Thank you again for the participating in the survey and for all the love and support you’ve shown me and ConfettiStyle.


images by ConfettiStyle

Happy Monday my friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  

I’ve been busy the last few days getting ready for a visit from my mom. Since my mom’s back surgery in 2006 she hasn’t traveled much and it’s been about 7 years since her last visit to Atlanta.  My uncle and his family are making a trip to Florida and my mom decided to tag along for the ride.  They’ll drop her off here in Atlanta on their way and she’ll be spending a  week with me and my brother.  I’m so excited to see her and now that my brother is here, it’s going to be week of family fun.


Anyway, after spending the last few days cleaning, organizing and doing some restyling around the house, I thought I’d share some ideas if you’re wanting to refresh and restyle your home.


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Coffee Table Decor by ConfettiStyle

Like me, many of you have Pinterest accounts and use the site to find decorating inspiration, diy ideas, new recipes, craft projects and entertaining tips.  I use Pinterest for all those reasons and more.  One of the primary reasons I use Pinterest is to help define my personal decorating style.

CS Pinterest2

a snapshot of ConfettiStyle pinterest boards

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Outdoor Entertaining Oasis11

Remember yesterday when I showed you the patio space at my brother’s place.  Well, I’ve been thinking about the space and all of its design possibilities.  So, I created a design plan for the space so that my brother and Mary could use it as a guide as they continue to decorate.

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Outdoor Entertaining Oasis

My nephew was in town over the weekend which meant I spent a lot time with him and my brother.  Since I knew I was going to be hanging out at my brother’s new place I decided to decorated his balcony for a little impromptu entertaining.

My brother lives in the city and has an extremely large balcony. When you’re out on the balcony you have a great view of high-rise buildings and lush landscape.

The decorating has just begun for this space and so far they (hey Mary) have added plants and purchased a small table and chair set, and an umbrella.


I carried a few items with me and set up this simple table setting which played off the colors in seat cushions and umbrella.

Outdoor Entertaining Oasis5

Outdoor Entertaining Oasis11

Outdoor Entertaining Oasis7

Dynamic table settings are all about the layers and as you can see I used several.

I started with the linen placement and then layered on top of that with a wood charger, square white plate and decorative salad plate.

The colors in the salad plate, place mat and napkin all pick up on the colors in the cushion.

Outdoor Entertaining Oasis12

Pattern mixing can really energize your table setting do don’ be afraid to combined different pattern styles.  As long as there are common colors that run through all of the elements you use the combo will work.

Outdoor Entertaining Oasis14

It’s always fun to through in a pop color which is what that flowers provided.

Since the table was small, I placed the flowers in a decorative wood box and displayed them along side the table.

If surface space doesn’t allow, don’t be afraid to decorate around the space inside of on top of it.

Outdoor Entertaining Oasis15

Outdoor Entertaining Oasis8

Outdoor Entertaining Oasis2

Setting up an entertaining environment doesn’t have to be lots of work.  Combine elements you already own, in a fresh new way and in a flash you’ll have created a beautiful setting.


all images were taken by me


As I’ve gotten older and looked back on all of my life experiences I’ve learned a few things along the way…

You get out of life what you put into it!

How you make other feel says a lot about you!

Character is how you treat those that can do nothing for you!

Nothing holds us back more than our own insecurities!

No regrets in life. Just lessons learned!

I’ve also learned that taking time to enjoy life is key to a happy balanced life.  This summer I plan to enjoy life to the fullest and created a bucket list to remind me to slow down and make every moment count!  

Here’s what I’ve got planned summer…

Summer Bucket List 2015

As summer moves along I’ll keep you posted on my adventures.


How often do you get asked what you design style is, what style of home you love or where you eventually want to retire?  As a designer I get asked those questions often and thought I’d share a bit about my dream home with you today here on the blog.

To give you a bit of background, I was born in Oklahoma but moved to Washington state when I was around 6.  My dad worked for the government and his job took us to a small town in Washington called Moses Lake.  Moses Lake sits on the edge of a beautiful lake that has 120 miles of shoreline and is one of the largest natural freshwater lakes in the state.

Moses Lake

image source

Mose Lake, Washington

image source

Moses Lake Washington isn’t a terribly large city. According to the 2010 census, approximately 20,000 people call it home so you can only imagine how small it was when I lived there over 30 years ago.

Moses Lake2

image source

Anyhow, living in a lake town instilled a love of water that has lingered with me my entire life.  I love swimming, the beach, boating, waterskiing (although I’m not great at it) and I even like fishing.

As an adult I lived in Seattle and then the hubby and I moved to Atlanta.  All of the homes we’ve owned have been traditional in style and none of them have been my dream home.

So what does my dream home look like you ask?  

Well, my dream home is a Cape Cod style home sitting of the edge of the water with close access to a beach!

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