Every time I go over to my brother’s place I have to watch my step so I don’t trip over the kink in his rug.

Just when I was about ready to tell my big bro to throw the rug out, I got an email from Rug Pad USA wanting to know if I’d like to review one of their rug pads.  Hello, Rug Pad USA…could you hear my screams for help?

 After checking out their website and discovering they had the perfect solution for the kink in the rug, I jumped at the opportunity to try one of their pads.

The kink in the area rug is a result of it being placed on top of wall to wall carpeting.  Often times when you place a rug on top of another one the top rug will creep and crease.  This is not a good look and it creates a tripping hazard when you are trying to walk around the coffee table.


After looking through the website, I choose the Premium Lock Felt + Rubber Pad which is designed for area rugs because it has a superior “grip”, which helps prevent the rug from shifting.   It worked like a gem!


The 5′ x 7′ rug pad came rolled up and all we had to do was unroll it and position it in place.  When going on top of a rug, you place the felt side down leaving the rubber side facing up to grip the back of the area rug.


Once we put the rug on top of the pad we walked over it a few times to make sure the two surfaces made a connection and that the rug was flat.


Hallelujah…the kink vanished and the rug laid smoothly over the carpeting which made for one happy brother and one super happy sister.


Rug Pad USA carries pads for all types of #rugs and the pads are available in a range of sizes, shapes and different thicknesses to fit your comfort needs. In addition to offering traditional rug sizes, you can request a custom size if you have an irregular rug. And every pad they sell is odor-free and does not emit any toxic air emissions, like some of the cheaper latex or synthetic counterparts.  Go here to check out their full line of rug pads.

Rug Pad USA

 You’ll receive this flyer with your pad which tells you everything you need to know about your Rug Pad USA pad.



 I highly recommend Rug Pad USA if you’re in the market for a rug pad. And if you want to learn more about #rug pads check out their blog


*Rug Pad USA provided me with the rug pad to review for this post, but all content, thoughts and opinions are my own!

Butcher Paper--Reliable Paper

I have had lots of fun sharing these Product + Inspiration post with you and I hope they’ve inspired you to look at products in a new way.
Today I’m sharing one of the most versatile products you can buy and decorate with.  It doesn’t involve going to Goodwill or shopping at Ikea, but can be found in the paint aisle at your local hardware store or online from any craft supply shop.  

Today I’m sharing decorating inspiration using butcher paper.  

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You always know when the holiday season is  nearing because the stores start stocking their shelves with new dinnerware and tabletop accessories.

Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite pieces, all of which I think will sell out pretty fast so get ready to shop!


blue and white bowls /   Cabana Platter /  Gudari Salad Servers /  Gudari Dinnerware / Tortoise Tumblers 


Washi Tape Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle5

Over the weekend I shared a photo on Instagram of items I’m sending in a care package to a good friend.  As I do with all the gifts I give, I wanted to created a special wrap for the gift.

I looked through my wrapping paper stash but didn’t see anything I wanted to use so out came the washi tape and in no time flat I had my box wrapped.

Washi Tape Gift Wrap

Washi Tape Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle3

I’ve professed my love of washi tape on the blog before but I have to tell you again, it is one of the best crafting supplies you can own.

The beauty of washi tape is that it can be used in so many different ways and it’s perfect for gift wrapping.  To keep things simple, I used the tape instead of ribbon and layered different patterns together to fancy up the box a bit.

Washi Tape Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

I also made a cute gift tag accented with washi tape.  I folded lengths of washi tape together to create flags and then angle cut the ends.  Using double-sided tape, I attached the washi flags to the gift tap and finished it off with a silk flower.

Washi Tape Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle6

Washi Tape Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle1

Washi Tape Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle5

Happy wrapping!


p.s.  the white gift box was part of a box set I purchased from Michael’s.  I love that the lids and bottom are separate and that the boxes are thick and sturdy.  There are 4 different size boxes in the set and they are on clearance right now at 70% off, so the set only cost me $2.99, less a 20% coupon I had.

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle

Hello friends and happy Friday!

I’m popping in late to share what I was up to today.  One of my good friends has recently started a boutique catering business and she asked to me create a couple floral arrangements that will be used in her marketing materials for fall and holiday.

I love flowers and creating flower arrangements is something I love to do so I jumped at the opportunity.

The day started with a trip to the wholesale flower market where I was overwhelmed with all the beautiful stems.  If the cooler wasn’t so darn cold I could have stayed and played with flowers all day but I had to get busy arranging flowers.

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle10

I had a general color theme in mind before I went to the wholesaler so I narrowed in on the stems that would work best for the idea I had in mind.

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle9

In addition to flowers and greenery I also had succulents and apples to work with.

The trick to really dynamic flower arrangments is the mix of flowers, the texture, an unexpected pop of color and unique elements like fruit, pinecones, berries etc.

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle1

I took me about an hour to make two arrangements and here they are:

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle8

The first arrangement is in a vintage brass bowl and really played up the texture within each stem.  I snipped the hydrangea at the last minute from a bush to add volume to the arrangement and is you look closely you can see a succulent tucked amongst the flowers.  Red and green apples are also part of the mix.

The other flowers used include Ranunculus, Dianthus, Bra Viburnum Berries, Veronica and Dusty Miller.

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle7

I love Ranunculus and their fluffy petal added a lot of softness and elegance within the flower mix.

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle6

The second arrangement was built on a 3-tiered galvanized metal stand.  This type of arrangement would be perfect for a buffet setting or larger banquet table.

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle5

What really makes this arrangement special is the succulents.  Succulents add so much dimension and to flower arrangments because of their colors and texture.

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle3

I tucked a few larger leaves around the edge of the stand and let some of the berries and Veronica drape over the edge.

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle2

The red and green apples really add substance and visual impact and the Dianthus (spiky green flower below) adds a touch of whimsy.

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle4

Floral Design by ConfettiStyle

My friend Ande and I will be creating more flower arrangments as the holidays near and I’ll be sure to share it all with you here.

I also recommend that you follow Ande’s catering business on Instagram @YumCulinaryGifts to see all of the amazing food, style and graphic images she shares.  And if you live in Atlanta and are looking for a caterer for your next event, give Yum Boutique Catering a call.

Yum Culinary Business Card

Have a great weekend!




Back in the day floral rugs were all the rage.  Then the design trends move to geometric designs and then to solid natural fiber rugs.  As with all design trends, what goes around comes around and floral rugs are now back in vogue.

Here’s a little flower power inspiration for you…

Floral Rug--Design Sponge

Design Sponge

Floral Rug--Anthropologie


Floral Rug--Cocokelley


Floral Rug--AbigailHern

Abigail Hern

Floral Rug--Gabbagab Bagorg

The Found Blog

Decorating with floral rugs can be challenging so keep these tips in mind:

♥   No matter which room you decide to put a floral rug in, keep in mind that the other furniture and decor should be simple, so the patterns don’t compete.

♥  Pick one or two accent colors from the rug and use it around the room in accessories and textiles.

♥  Brighter floral rugs tend to have a more contemporary feel to them while darker floras have a more old-school sophisticated feel–pick a style and color palette that works with your design style

♥  Floral rugs are make great accent rugs in a foyer, bathroom or kitchen so if a small dose of floral feel best, try these areas.


Now that you’re inspired, here’s a round-up of some of my favorite floral rugs from one of my favorite rug sources,  RugsUSA.


top row:  Prescot / Couture / Feizy Harlow
middle row:  Surya Mount Perry / Catalina Paradise / Satara Savannah
bottom row:  Satara Leaves / Herat Oriental / Suyra Alhambra

Happy decorating!



flowers in bucket via Ruche


After showing the gold foil quote art I found at #HomeGoods on Monday, I went looking for some fresh gallery wall inspiration.  While looking through images a really perplexing questions came to mind…what frame color is best for a gallery wall display–white, black, gold or a mix?  

While that might sound like an easy question to answer, there are decorating pros and cons with each frame color making the decision a tough one.

So to answer the question and to give me an opportunity to share a few design tips with you,  I thought we’d tackle The Great Frame Debate once and for all!

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HomeGoods Happy Clipboard with Art

I’m sure I’m not the only one that roams the aisles of HomeGoods in search for that perfect decorative accessory, pillow or gift item.  To be honest, it’s not unusual for me to spend an hour or more in HomeGoods and it never fails that I find something I must have.  It’s a good thing that in addition to beautiful lamps, rugs and accent furniture, #HomeGoods has a great selection of inexpensive office accessories and decor.

The other day I came across this clipboard and was immediately drawn in by the gold foil sign inside.  Upon further inspection I realized this little gem of a clipboard held more than one sign…there were a total of 12 quote art signs included with the clipboard.

HomeGoods Happy Gold Foil Art (1)

Pretty awesome right?  

Each of the 12 art pieces are crafted in black and gold text and have a gold foil edge that really makes them special.

HomeGoods Happy Gold Foil Art (7)

The quotes are all inspirational and are perfect to use in a home office, closet space, bathroom or as part of an art  gallery wall like these.

Gallery Wall via Pretty Providence
via Pretty Providence

Gallery Wall via Style At Home

You’ll recognized some of your favorite quotes in the bunch…

She Believed She Could So She Did

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome

You Had The Power All Along My Dear (glinda, the good witch)

Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Don’t Ever Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

HomeGoods Happy Gold Foil Art (6)

Each piece measures 8 1/2 x 11 and is made of thick cardstock and the clipboard is oversized with a gold clip!

HomeGoods Happy Clipboard with Art2

HomeGoods Happy Gold Foil Art (2)

So I know you’re wondering just how much the clipboard with art cost…


HomeGoods Happy Gold Foil Art (8)

I don’t know how I’m going to use all of the quotes yet but when I figure it out I’ll let you know.

Have you scored any great finds @HomeGoods lately?