Twin Beds


If you’re looking to update a guest bedroom, consider twin beds instead of a single bed.  Twin beds can provide that same level of style and comfort as a queen or king bed and can you more sleeping options for a house full of guest.

Design Tip:  A quick way to add warmth and layers to a bedroom for fall is by adding a decorative or colorful throw at the foot of the bed.  The pop of color and the added texture are perfect fall touches.

You can check out my favorite fall throws here, here and here!


Happy Friday!  This weekend is shaping up to be another busy one for me with lots of organizing, purging and cleaning on the to-do list.  Since the weather is changing a bit, I feel the need to go through my closet and begin the summer to fall transition with my clothing and accessories.  I’m always on the hunt for creative ways to display and store accessories and came across these ideas that have me really inspired!

Cheers to the final weekend of summer!

Closet Crush 2

image source

Thrift Store Picture Frame Jewelry Display

Closet Crush 5

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Old Door + Shelves + Picture Frame and a curtain bar= Stunning accessory display

Closet Cursh 4

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A Vintage Ladder turned shoe rack

Closet Crush6

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Shadow Box Frames to Hold Jewelry


Fall Vignette by ConfettiStyle-Books

I have a lot of design books and they area displayed all kinds of ways throughout my house.  Some are on the coffee table, some are on the console table and some are stacked on a side table.

Everytime I get a new book  (or two) I have an urge to keep it out and display it somehow.  That’s where this DIY project can into play.

DIY Wood Book Stand by ConfettStyle4

I decided to create a simple book stand using inexpensive wood cutting boards.  I purchased a set of 3 cutting boards from HomeGoods.  The set included three graduated sizes and the wood was a natural finish.

To create my book stand I used the large and small size cutting boards and two pieces of unfinished 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″” piece of wood I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I had to cut about 2″ off each piece of wood so that it was the same length as my cutting board.  Since I had to stain the unfinished wood pieces, I also rubbed some Minwax stain on the cutting boards to darken them up a bit and so they would match the wood pieces.

DIY Wood Book Stand by ConfettStyle1

After the wood pieces were stained I glued two edges together so that one was flat and one was standing and then glued the other edge of the flat piece to the cutting board.  I let the glue set over night.

To create an easel back for the stand I attached the small cutting board to the back of the large one using a piano hinge.  To prevent the stand from sliding when standing I attached clear rubber bumpers to the bottom edge of the small cutting board.

DIY Wood Book Stand by ConfettStyle6

Voila!  A chic book stand that I can use to display my favorite design book of the moment.

DIY Wood Book Stand by ConfettStyle5

DIY Wood Book Stand by ConfettStyle3

Simple DIY projects are my favorite!


DIY Wall Art

DIY Wall Art by ConfettiStyle1

My mother was a school teacher for 27 years and every summer, a couple of weeks before school started, I’d go to the classroom to help her decorate the bulletin boards.  I loved going to her classroom and getting it ready for the first day of school and always love to write on the chalkboard and look at the old school map that hung on one wall.   The map seemed larger than life and I remember loving how it was hung, from two wood rods and a rope.

Vintage School Map


The other day I came across a piece of wall art that was hung in a similar way and it brought back memories.  I decided I needed my own version of vintage school map style artwork in my home and so I created one.  Instead of using an image for my art piece, I decided to create a wall quote instead.


To create this piece I headed to Hobby Lobby and picked up two pieces of  their 36″ x 1″ x 1/4″ pine wood pieces and a 11″ x 14″ canvas.

 Once home I cut the wood pieces in half so that I’d have four 18″ long pieces and then stained them with Minwax stain sheets.

DIY Wall Art by ConfettiStyle

Next I cut the canvas off of the frame so that I’d have a loose piece of canvas.  To create a clean edge, I measured 1/2″ in on each side of my canvas, folded the edge under and secured it with stitch witchery.

Then I got busy hand lettering my quote using a SharpieAlways Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen!

Once I was done hand-lettering I glued the top and bottom edge of the canvas between two pieces of wood.

The piece now hangs as part of an eclectic gallery wall arrangement.

DIY Wall Art by ConfettiStyle2

I love how this project turned out and the memories that it reminds me of.


Fall Is In The Air

Fall Vignette By ConfettiStyle10

Hello there!  Today’s post is late because I’ve been a busy bee all morning.

 I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had beautiful weather over the weekend, here in Atlanta and I was excited because that meant I was able to get lots of painting done and several projects completed and checked off the to-do list.  I also started adding a few fall touches in my home and the first was a quick console table vignette.

Fall Vignette by ConfettiStyle7 copy

This vignette was really quick and simple to put together.  I pulled my large chalkboard out of the garage and propped it on a console table I have in the living room. I choose not to write anything on the chalkboard and instead hung a fall wreath in the center using some wide green satin ribbon.

Fall Vignette by ConfettiStyle2

On the top shelf of the table I scattered a few pumpkins at the base of the chalkboard and placed the concrete bust I bought over the summer on a stack of books.  I place some feathers in the bust head for height and added texture.

The wood book display to the left is a project I completed over the weekend and I’ll have the full tutorial for you on Thursday.  It so was easy to make.

Fall Vignette by ConfettiStyle8 copy

It’s amazing how little changes to your decor can make the season come alive.  Next up my fall dining table centerpiece which I’ll show you later this week.

Do something magical this week!



Fall Inspiration


Design tip:  Bringing the outdoors in is a quick and easy way to add a touch of fall to your decor. Pull  branches from the trees and place them in pretty containers, place outdoor mums along a console table or fireplace mantel and layer your furnishings with plaid throws.

Fall is in the air and I’m excited for what the season holds.

Be inspired and have a fabulous weekend!


Happy Friday!

We’re expecting a bit cooler weather this weekend and even though it won’t be cool enough to pull out my fall clothes, I’m really excited about putting away the sandals and pulling out my scarves and boots.  As someone who likes to layer my clothing during the colder months, I also don’t wont to be over-layered or too hot so one of the hottest fashion trends for fall is going to work perfectly for me…


There are so many reasons to love a long vest.  It’s the perfect alternative to a chunky cardigan, a stylish option to replace a blazer, they can be worn with jeans or slacks and they are easy to style with flats or boots.

Here are a few of my favorite long vest styles for fall and how I’d wear them:

Style #1:  I’d pair this black and white vest with a long sleeve black turtleneck or tee, a classic pair of denim jeans and and a pair of ankle boots.

Style #2:  A crisp white shirt, black pants and an animal print loafer would be the perfect pieces to wear with this classic grey duster vest.

Style #3:  To keep this teal, purple and white stripe from looking too dark and heavy, I’d wear it with a black tee and lighter wash boyfriend jeans.

Style #4:  This black vest has a more polished look to it so it can be dressed up or down.  I love the combo in the photo–classic white shirt, denim and an animal print scarf.

I’ve got a bunch of projects to do this weekend but I hope to do a little on-line shopping during the evenings and a long vest will definitely be on the shopping list.

 Shopping source:  1/2/3/4

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you back here next week.


One of the areas that can get out of hand in most homes is the linen closet.  Just like the junk drawer in the kitchen, the linen closet can become a catch-all for any and everything if not kept in order.

As an admitted ‘over-organizer’, I can’t stand an unruly linen closet.  I want my closets  to be organized, functional and pretty.  To help me keep my linen closets in order I employ a handful of organization and design tricks and the end result is always a winner.


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