Ikea 2017

Besides thrift stores, Ikea is one of the best sources for DIY items. If you follow any DIY or craft bloggers, I’m sure you’ve seen them transform an item or two from Ikea.

When I got the 2017 Ikea catalog in the mail last week, I filled through the pages.  While there didn’t appear to be a lot of new items, I did spot quite a few pieces that would make for great DIY projects.


The Gladom Tray Table is just begging for a DIY UpStyle.  I envision this piece painted gold, black or even Hermes orange.  And if you love color, you could paint the removable tray one color and the stand another. $29.99

gladom-tray-table-green--Ikea DIY

Th $35.00, the Lixhult Cabinet is a super affordable way to add storage to any room.  Those doors a begging for some Overlays and I’ve even consider adding brass leg caps.

Lixhult Cabinet--Ikea DIY

The Knotten Standing Desk is a great catch-all piece to place near the front door or in a mud room.  And to Upstyle it, I’d paint it grey and add a marble slab top. $149.00

Knotted Standing Desk--Ikea DIY

There are many creative ways to DIY this StenStorp Kitchen Island. I’d start by staining the top darker and painting the base.  Then I’d add this brass towel bar to one side to hold kitchen towels. $399.00

Stenstorp Kitchen Island--Ikea DIY

The Vesken Shelf Unit is a great buy at $12.99 and would be perfect for a small bathroom that needs extra storage space.  I could see this piece painted and the trays lined with beautiful paper.

Vesken--Ikea DIY

The Norraker Bar Stool would be easy to paint or stain and then I’d Upstyled it with an upholstered seat cushion and a cup pull mounted on the back. $99.00

Narrater Bar Stool-Ikea DIY

I can easily envision the Flisat Children’s Stool painted primary colors for a kids play area. But then again, it could also be painted a more sophisticated color and used as a small plant stand in a living room. $14.99

Flisat Stool--Ikea DIY

 Have you had time to flip through the new Ikea catalog?  I’d love to know what great pieces caught your eye.

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Favorites Of The Week

It’s been a long week and I’m so happy that the weekend has arrived.  I’ve got more than my fair share of stuff to get accomplished this weekend including some social media work, creating my packing list for our cruise and doing a little painting.  Even though it’s going to be jammed packed weekend, I’m planning to enjoy every bit of it because Monday will be here before you know it.

To kick off the weekend, I’ve rounded up my favorites from the week.  Enjoy!


Small space decorating tips

Small space decorating


How to Perfect Your Flat Lay Photos

Favorite Posts--Flat Lay Photos

This is a stunningly beautiful outdoor space.

Favorite Posts--Outdoor Space

I’m going to try my hand and making my own customized cocktail napkins.

Favorite Posts--Print on paper napkins

If you love beautiful closets you’ll want to follow Lisa’s you tube channel.

Lisa Adams

via hgtv


This beautiful arrangement has me in the mood for fall decorating.

Fall arrangemetn

I’m loving the details in this black and white bathroom.

Black and white bathroom




These earrings!   And I’m also wondering if I could DIY these??

Favorite Products--Crispin Drop Earring

The perfect end of bed bench x 2.  And it would be easy to customize with your own fabric too!

Favorite Products--Gold X Bench

In case you missed it, you can read all about the Atlanta Tastemaker Summit I attended last week here.

Enjoy your weekend my friends!

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CS Stationery Suite7

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while or follow me on Instagram, you know I love beautiful stationery.  I’m a sucker for the boxed notecards at HomeGoods and I’ve been known to handcraft my own monogram notecards.

As a business owner and lifestyle blogger, I make it a practice to send cards and notes to all my design clients and to new friends that I meet through blogging.  I also love to give beautiful stationery as gifts.

Today I’m sharing a fun and stylish gift idea that’s  easy to pull together, Monogrammed Stationery Suite!

The first thing you’ll need to do to create this stationery set is to compile an assortment of notecards. The perfect stationery suite should include thank you cards, blank note cards, blank or decorative tags and maybe even some decorative or monogrammed stickers.

Here are the items I included in my set:

CS Stationery Suite2

DIY Monogram Notecard // Personalized Notepad // Monogram Stickers // Personalized Thank You Cards // Gift Tags (similar)

CS Stationery Suite6

CS Stationery Suite4

DIY Monogram Notecards // Personalized Notepad // Monogram Stickers // Personalized Thank You Cards // Gift Tags (similar)

tip: You may also want to include a pretty pen in the stationery suite so the gift recipient has everything they need to send notes.

Next, head to the store and pick up a small acrylic drawer unit.  I purchased this one from HomeGoods for less than $8 but I also love this one from the Container Store.

Acrylic Box

Once all the items are pulled together, arrange them in each drawer so all the cards and stickers can be seen.

CS Stationery Suite17

To personalize the top of the box, use these embroidered iron-on letters and simply glue them onto the top of the box.

tip:  the initials are white when you purchased them but you can easily use a Sharpie to change the color like I did.  I used this same technique when I made my DIY monogram straw hat.

CS Stationery Suite7

DIY Monogram Stationery Suite

CS Stationery Suite12

CS Stationery Suite14

CS Stationery Suite15

CS Stationery Suite11

If you’re looking for unique stationery products, here are a few of my favorite sources:

Notecards, Thank You, Blank Notes

Nancy Nikko Design

Effie’s Paper

Sugar Paper

Rifle Paper Company

Paper Source


Zazzle (the best source and prices for monogrammed stickers)

Washi Tape

Cute Tape

A personalized stationery suite is a creative gift to give for any occasion.  And it’s a great gift for men who usually don’t keep stationery items on hand.

With the Christmas gift giving season just a few months away, get a jump on your gift giving and make up a few of these boxes for the special people in your life.

ConfettiStyle Stationery Suite

Happy Gifting!

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Jenny Wolf Interiors

Jenny Wolf

Do you love looking through the portfolios of interior designers as much as I do?   Recently I came across the work of Jenny Wolf, a New York based interior designer and was utterly impressed with her design work.  Jenny grew up living in New Orleans and on the coast of South Carolina and eventually made her way to New York where her design career began.  After landing in NY, she worked in retail development for Ralph Lauren (dream job) where she managed visual merchandising and shop installations for RL women’s shops.  After a 5 year stint at RL, she left to attend Parsons where she earned her degree in Interior Design.

Flipping through Jenny’s website, is it clear that her design aesthetic reflects a co-mingling of southern flair with big city style.

 Here’s a look at one of my favorite projects from her portfolio.

 ♦  Jenny Wolf Interiors–The Hubert  ♦

Jenny Wolf Interior Design

As you tour this home, you’ll notice simple and classic styling infused with beautiful detail. The trim on the curtain panels and the nail-heads on the sofa are little touches that make the decor special.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design12

Jenny Wolf Interior Design6

I love the cozy arrangement Jenny created in this the living area and the eclectic mix of materials and design styles. The accessory mix is perfection.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design8

The ‘X’ benches are to die for.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design7

Throughout the home, Jenny combined different textures with the furniture, rug, textiles and accessories. All of the textural elements in the dining area bring the neutral palette to life.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design10

Jenny Wolf Interior Design9

The bedroom is soothing and fun at the same time. Pattern mixing adds color and personality.  I love the combination of red and navy mixed with khaki and white.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design2

Jenny Wolf Interior Design5

A textural statement was also added in the bedroom through the linen lampshades, bamboo chest, natural woven rug and linen curtains.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design4

Jenny Wolf Interior Design3

And throughout the house, you’ll see accents of black which help to add that city sophistication.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design11


Another one of her projects that really stood out to me is the Hudson Street project. This decor in this home is the perfect mix of cottage, boho and traditional design.  You can tour the entire home here.

Jenny Wolf Interiors 15

Jenny Wolf Interiors16

Jenny Wolf Interiors17

I’m so glad I discovered Jenny’s work. The spaces she creates are beautiful and inspiring and she is definitely one to watch.

You can view Jenny’s entire residential portfolio here and her commercial work here. And be sure to follow her on Instagram for more design & style inspiration.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design--Commercial

all images via Jenny Wolf Interiors

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Bedroom with upholstered headboards


One of the design projects I’m working on involves a makeover for the guest bedroom.  And one of the elements were adding to the space is an upholstered headboard.  The client didn’t want to invest in a custom piece so I’ve been on the hunt for headboard that can be ordered and delivered within a couple of weeks.

After some research I’ve discovered some pros and cons with buying a ‘stocked’ upholstered headboard.


♦ You can’t get the feel for the quality of a headboard when you’re ordering online. And in many cases the product description that’s  provided by retailer leaves a lot to the imagination.  Some stores will send you a fabric swatch so you can see the fabric before ordering but when that’s not an option, you’re taking a chance. One tips I have when a swatch is not available is to search for the headboard on Pinterest.  You can usually find an image where someone has the headboard in their home and their photos can tell you a lot about the item.

♦  The true size of a piece is not always reflected accurately.  You’ll want to double-check how the measurements are listed and maybe even call the company to confirm.  Companies will sometimes list the width from the widest points on the headboard frame and that may not always be the actual headboard.

♦  Color is definitely in the eye of the beholder.  Before I started working with my clients, they ordered a headboard in a ‘grey’ color.  When the piece arrived it was actually more of a brown-taupe.  This is another area where a fabric swatch is beneficial.  You’ll be able to see the true color and ensure that it works in your space.

♦  The last negative to ordering can be the perceived value related to the price.  Last year I had a client that didn’t want to spend a lot of money on headboards for their guest bedrooms so we ordered headboards from Wal-Mart.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and finish work for headboards that were less than $125.   And in another instance, I was shocked at the poor workmanship of a piece ordered through a high-end furniture store that cost $1200.


♦  It’s Raining Money!  Ordering ‘stock’ inventory can save you money and time.  If an item is in stock you can have in delivered within a week or two versus a custom piece that can sometimes take a few weeks to a month to get.

♦  Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder.  Since many home décor catalogs also have physical storefronts, you may have the opportunity to experience the product first hand.  If the item is carried in the store, you can touch, feel and determine the true size and quality before you purchase or place an order.

♦  Immediate Satisfaction.  When I’m decorating a space, I don’t mind taking the time need to execute the big elements like painting, space planning or buying key furniture pieces.  When it come to accessorizing the space, that’s a whole different matter.  I like to shop, find what I need and use it right away.

So now that’s I’ve given you a spill on the good and bad of buying stocked upholstered headboards, I think it’s time I share my favorite ones with you.

My Favorite Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered Headboards

1//  Concord Upholstered Headboard from Home Decorators–multiple color options available as well as free fabric swatches. $549
2// Bryant Upholstered Headboard from Home Decorators–multiple color options available as well as free fabric swatches.  $999

Upholstered Headboards


3//  Skylar Upholstered Headboard from Wayfair–available in three colors.  No fabric swatches available.  $114.99
4// Portman Upholstered Headboard from Wayfair–available in one color only.  No fabric swatches available.  $151.99-$191.99

Upholstered Headboards

5// Barton Upholstered Headboard from Target–available in one color only.  No fabric swatch available. $407.99-$519.99
6// Seville Linen Upholstered Headboard from Target–available in 6 colors.  No fabric swatches available.  $239.99-$319.99


There are lots of other headboard styles from the sources I’ve listed above so you’re sure to find what you like.  Another unexpected place to find quality headboards at a good price is Costco.  When buying online or at big box stores, make sure they have a return policy that allows you to return the item in case it not what you expected.

Happy Decorating!

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One of the things I love most about blogging is the connections that I’ve made over the years.  Through my blog I have met some great people and have been blessed with some awesome opportunities.  One of connections I’ve made is with Michiel Perry.  Michiel is the founder of Black Southern Belle, a website and blog dedicated to featuring and promoting black, southern women who are business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives from across a variety of industries.  Michiel found me through social media and I was honored to have been featured on the #BSB website in June of last year.

With the success of Black Southern Belle, Michiel wanted to extend her brand and develop a series of intimate events where creatives could come together for learning, inspiration and networking.  She established the Black Southern Belle Collective with the mission to create a curated network of diverse Southern-based vendors who are interested in investing and supporting each other’s business success and providing unique opportunities for the Black Southern Belle consumer. Last week her mission came to life when she hosted the first Atlanta Tastemaker Summit and I was honored to be one of the featured presenters.


The Atlanta Tastemaker Summit was held in the designer workspace at AmericasMart Atlanta.  Many of the talented business owners had their craft on display including gorgeous floral arrangements created by Renee from Lush Floral & Event Stylists.


Pure Leaf served as the Premier Sponsor for the event and treated us to their premium pure leaf ice teas.

 Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine served as a Tastemaker Sponsor and had copies of the latest issue available for everyone to take.


We were also treated to delicious food throughout the day from local chefs and bakers Kardea’s Kusine, Gem of The South, Grey Ghost Bakery and Sage’s Larder.


thumb_IMG_3008_1024It was an exciting day which included several presentations and panel discussions.  I kicked things off with my presentation entitled Holiday Decorating For Lifestyle Branding.  The focus of my workshop was to share tips on how to build and grow your creative business through holiday decorating services.  I added some holiday cheer to the room and by creating a themed holiday vignette including a decorated tree and wrapped gifts.


David and Lance from Parker Kennedy Living shared the story behind their business and how they’ve developed it into a successful design and lifestyle brand. These two are just so charming and I learned a lot and am definitely inspired by their success.

Steve and Jill Mckenize, owners of the retail store and design business Steve Mckenzie’s showed us how to create chic and stylish tabletop arrangements with southern flair.  If you haven’t visited their store yet, I highly recommend it because it’s filled with beautiful decor, gifts and Steve’s exclusive designs and fabrics.


The panel discussions focused on a variety of topics including working with brands, how to get local press and tips on how to build and market your business.



top photo:  Mary Guerry–Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau //Melanie Watts–Brand Marketing Director at Pepsico //Jewel Burks–Co-Founder # CEO of Paretic and Entrepreneur in Residence amor Diversity Markets @ Google
middle photo:  Katie Kern-Marketing & PR Director @ Media Frenzy Global // Kimberly Sundt–Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles //Erika Ward–Erika Ward Interiors // Chandra Luckett–Former Weekend Executive Producer@ Fox 5 Atlanta //Gail Johnson–Gail Johnson Weddings
bottom photo:  Erika Prevail–Owner of Charm Etiquette //Kardea Brown–Owner of Kardea’s Kusine //Michelle Bene–Owner of Bene Scarves // Tamara Eckles–Owner of Jem of The South


The day also included a tour of several design showrooms at AmericasMart.  I snapped these beautiful tabletop displays in the Saro showroom (one of my favorite product lines).



I enjoyed every minute of the Atlanta Tastemaker Summit and have to thank Michiel Perry of Black Southern Belle Collective for including me in this wonderful and inspiring event.

The next Tastemaker Summit will take place in Charleston on Nov. 15th and 16th.  You can find all the details here.









Nancy Nikko Design

I recently came across an amazing paper goods shop on Etsy and was smitten with everything they make.  Nancy Nikko Design specializes in personalized stationery, labels and bookplates, all with beautifully illustrated images, graphics and typography.  I am especially drawn to the chinoiserie designs and home decor illustrations and love her collection of business cards.

There are over 800 items in Nancy’s shop, perfect for your personal stationery suite or for gift giving. You’ll also find a collection of party decor, kids stationery and art prints and most of the custom wine labels, personalized stationery and invitations can accommodate color changes, and additional text upon request.

FYI– Nancy will have her Christmas and holiday designs available in late September.

Picking my favorites items was a hard task but I did manage to round-up a few of them for you below.  To view the entire Nancy Nikko Design shop, head here.


Nancy Nikko Design


Chinoiserie Memory Card Game (I think these would also look great as a framed collection)

Nancy Nikko Design

Shop Bookplates (the perfect gift for anyone that still loves coffee table books)

Nancy Nikko Design

Shop Stationery (personalized stationery is such a thoughtful gift)

Nancy Nikko Design

Shop Business Cards (every savvy business owner needs a card that makes a statement)

Nancy Nikko Design

Shop Thank You Cards (you can never have too many of these, especially if they are cute)

Nancy Nikko Design

Shop Place Cards (a fun way to personalize your party table)

Nancy Nikko Design

Shop Custom Wine Bottle Labels (such a great design touch for a special event, holiday or gift)

Nancy Nikko Design

Limoncello Label Tags (you’re going to have a hard time picking a favorite from these designs)


Shop Art Prints (great prices on chinoiserie inspired designs)


Nancy Nikko Design is one of the most beautiful hand-crafted paper goods line I’ve come across in a long time.

Enjoy shopping and let me know which items are your favorite.

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all images via Nancy Nikko Design

Every Room Needs A Touch of Black


When it comes to design rules, some rules hold more weight than others.  Some rules like the ‘ideal placement for furniture’ or ‘throw pillows need a karate chop’ are flexible and can and should be adapted based on personal preference and the function of a space.  Then there are rules that I think are essential to good design.  One of the rules I believe in whole-heartedly is… every room needs a touch of black.  

Explaining the logic behind this design rule is pretty simple.   We all know that color is a powerful thing in design and the color black is one of the most important design colors you can use.


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