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Ok, I know it not even Halloween yet, but today I want to share a little Christmas inspiration in case, like me, you’re already planning, preparing and scheming about the holiday season.

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DIY Nut Bowls

DIY Nut Bowls by ConfettiStyle-4

Sometimes I think my creativity is a curse because I rarely can look at an item and think it’s perfect the way it is.  More times than not I look at something and imagine how I could make it better, cuter or more decorative.

Take these small wood bowls I saw at HomeGoods.  I thought about all the different food items that could be served in these bowls and even thought about how cute they’d be on a vanity holding jewelry.  They were adorable just like they were  but I imagined them being even cuter.


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Last Friday I took some time away from my desk and headed to the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain Park with my gal pal Tina.  This is the 4th year that I’ve attended the fair and as usual, the fair was packed with people, fall inspiration and lots of vintage and vintage inspired items.  Here’s a look at what I saw, what inspired me and what I bought.

The weather was absolutely perfect on friday which made strolling around the fair even more enjoyable.

The signature tower of pumpkins and gourds is always my first stop once I pass through the entrance gates.  I don’t know where they find all of these pumpkins but it never fails to amaze me.

CL Fair 2014-1


One of the reasons I go to the CL Fair is for the ideas.  There are usually a handful of displays that catch my attention and this cute silverware caddy was one.  The container is a vintage metal drawer from some type of storage cabinet and I just love the idea of using it to hold a napkin and silverware.   I will never look at small vintage drawers the same again.

CL Fair 2014-2

I was also inspired by this cute petite pumpkin nest.  Tiny pumpkins get me every time.

CL Fair 2014-3

There were beautiful fall floral displays all throughout the CL Fair space and these caught my attention.

CL Fair 2014-4


One of my favorite booths to check out each year is the French Laundry Home.  They have some of the most beautiful linens and their collection of Christmas pillows got me inspired to DIY a couple of holiday pillows this year.

CL Fair 2014-5

Here’s a fun item I spotted made from reclaimed wood.  Pretty cool, right?

CL Fair 2014-6

This hydrangea and pinecone arrangement was really simple but yet so pretty.  And the best part, the hydrangeas were made from burlap.

CL Fair 2014-7

I’ve been collecting vintage shoe last recently and here was a big pile of them for on $10 each.  I was tempted but didn’t buy.

CL Fair 2014-8

Most of the vendors at the fair take the time to decorate their booths and this is one of the booth displays that caught my attention.  The display was over the entrance to the book and I think it was the mix of different greenery and white pumpkins that made it so fun.  This look could easily be adopted for a mantle display.

CL Fair 2014-9

This JOY sign inspired a project idea that I’ve added to my to-do list.

CL Fair 2014-10

Here’s another fun fall DIY project.  Real acorn tops and decorative fabric bottoms.  The fabric was filled with rice to give it shape and form and then hot glued into the acorn top.

CL Fair 2014-11

There were tons of  vintage and DIY typography letters at the fair but these, made from reclaimed wood, were by far my favorite.

CL Fair 2014-12

Every year at the fair Country Living creates new displays throughout the area.  This year as you walked around the fair there were huge canvas images of old magazine covers displayed between the trees.

CL Fair 2014-13

I stopped Cari Cucksey’s RePurpose booth to check out her new paint line. Her paint line is called Chroma•Color and is a water based Paint & Primer in one. The paint line includes some really beautiful colors and based on the furniture pieces I saw in her booth the paint has a beautiful finish when applied.

CL Fair 2014-14

So now on to the good stuff….what I bought.

 I didn’t buy much this year and the only things that came home with me were a set of small ironstone plates, a woven basket (I’ll be creating a holiday arrangement in this for my front door), some vintage jewelry pieces and found objects (for jewelry) and a few small metal letters I’m planning to use in a holiday project.

 CL Fair-2014

I had a great time at the fair this year and as always there are a few things I passed up but now wish I had bought.  Oh well, there’s always next year!


I’m deviating from my usual Saturday inspiration and design tip post to share another form of inspiration with you.

 I am always working to be a better person, a better blogger and to grow my businesses and the universe must be tuned in to that because this week 4 great articles on blogging, business and life were in my inbox.

Each article is filled with lots of great tips and advice that is not only applicable to blogging but also to life so I just had to share them with you.

 If you’re a blogger I hope this info inspires you in a new way and if you’re not a blogger, I hope the inspiration you find in these words enhance your life.

Enjoy and Be Inspired!

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Grateful Paper Wreath

The other day I popped into Paper Source to pick up some of the wood leaves they sell for a gift wrapping project.  As I usually do when I go to Paper Source, I spent some time wandering around checking out all the cool stuff they have.

Most of you probably think of Paper Source as  just a gift wrapping and packaging supply store but I’m here to tell you they have so many other cool items.

As I wandered around the store I kept coming across items I thought would work great as part of a Thanksgiving table setting.  I was so inspired I decided to pull together an inspiration board showing you how I’d use gift wrap, gift items and crafting supplies to set a table.



Paper Source inspired  Thanksgiving table setting:
 I love using wrapping paper as a table runner and this Multi Stem Flower Wrapping Paper is the perfect color and pattern for a festive Thanksgiving table.
This Burlap Wreath Kit will make a pretty centerpiece and you’ll get to do a little crafting when you make it. Add a glass hurricane in the center to great a beautiful candle centerpiece. 
I fell in love with these Wooden Fall Leaves when I saw them on-line and after seeing them in person I think they’d make great coasters for your fall table.  Coat each leave with Mod Podge to seal the surface.
Every beautiful table needs pretty candle holders.  The Peony and Rose Vanilla Candle in this chic gold chevron glass jar will add an elegant touch to your table.
Another great use for wrapping paper is to cut it into squares and use it as a place mat alternative.  This Thick Cherry Wood Paper is ideal to use on the table and adds a rustic touch to the decor.
Taking a color cue from the paper runner, these Mint Patterned Napkins are the perfect color and pattern accent against the gold and brown elements on the table.
To make a simple napkin ring for your table just wrap one of these Thanksgiving Scallop Oval Stickers around each rolled napkins on the table.
So what do you think of this fun tablescape?   Paper Source has a ton of great product so the next time you’re in the store take a look around and see what you can create.
this is not a sponsored post, just sharing  products I love and how my crazy creative brain works


 Kitchen Island2


Have you ever walked into someone’s kitchen or toured a model home kitchen and felt like the kitchen island was nothing more than a big box that took up space in the center of the room?

I was in a kitchen recently and the island stood our like an eyesore.  There were no design details on the island and the only real function the island served was for food prep.

When you think about it, a kitchen island is basically a big rectangle or square box, sometimes with functional elements built-in and other times not.  It can be a free-floating, movable element or a built-in design.

The kitchen I was in got me thinking about creative way to add style and function to a large kitchen island so today I want to highlight a few design and architectural ideas to give a plain island style and personality.

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Every season I do a little refresh of the bed linens on our bed.  I like to change things up a bit to  reflect the colors of the season and how I’m feeling.

With the onset of fall it was time for the pink and red pillows to move out and rich, warm colors to move in.

Summer 2013 Bedroom Update (63)

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And The Winner Is…

Country Living Fair2


This is one of my favorite weeks on the entire year because this weekend the Country Living Fair comes to town.

I can’t wait to check out this year’s stack of pumpkins and gourds, a signature statement that is at the entrance of the fair each year.

Country Living Fair3


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