Happy weekend my friends.  Just popping in to say hello and share a few inspirational links that I came across this week.

Enjoy your weekend and be inspired!


I’m always on the hunt for clever organizing ideas and this shoe storage idea definitely meets the criteria.

Ottoman Shoe Storage

Fashion Shopping

7 Highly Effective Habits of Fashion Power Shoppers


This is a great article  filled with valuable advice that you should consider whether you’re building a business or a blog.

Nesting Place--Decorating with Flowers

Great tips for decorating with flowers without spending tons of money.

Dimples and Tangles DIY Door Update

This DIY idea to update a basic door is brilliant.

See you back here Monday!


Kitchen Design by Sarah Richardson

The list of designers that I admire is long but right there are the top of the list is Canadian designer Sarah Richardson.  I’ve written about my admiration for Sarah’s design style before and I’ve also shared my love of her fashion style too.

Recently I came across this blue and white kitchen she designed and was mesmerized at how gorgeous it is.  After a period where painted cabinets were the hot trend, white cabinets are making a comeback.   What I love about this space is that Sarah combined a painted island with white cabinets, giving this kitchen the utmost style.

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Floral Monogram

Ever since Oprah hosted a garden party years ago, I’ve dreamt of throwing one, or even better decorating for one.  The idea of an outdoor party where everyone is wearing festive spring attire and big sun hats sounds like so much fun.

Oprah's Garden Party

Oprah's Garden Party1

Garden Party Hat

When it comes to decorating for a garden party of any outdoor event for that matter, creativity is key.  And since I have not plans to host my own celebration, I’ve rounded up TWELVE  creative garden party ideas that just might prompt you to host a garden soiree!  Make sure I’m on the invitation list.


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ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh6

Last week we were doing some purging around the homestead and my husband stumbled upon my pillow stash. At first he didn’t know what he was looking at but as soon as he realized the stack of fabrics were pillow covers he asked a question as only a husband can do–why are you hoarding pillows?

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh1

I immediately gave him a look (as only a wife can do) and told him I wasn’t hoarding, I was investing!

You see, as someone who likes to change-up the decor often, pillows are one of my go-to style solutions.  Just like paint, pillows are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to change the look of a space.  Whether it’s your bedroom or the sofa, a change of pillows can allow you to change the color, style or mood of a room in a flash.

To show you (and my hubby) what I mean, I pulled out some of my pillow covers to show you how easy it is change the look of our bed with just a switch of pillows.

(sources for all pillows at the end of the post)

Option 1:  this is the current pillow combo I have on the bed which features the rose pillows and green accent pillow

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh7

Option 2: black and white patterned pillows + solid red  + red patterned pillow 

Pillow Combo11

Option 3: black and white patterned pillows + solid red + custom monogrammed black and white stripe pillow

Pillow Combo10

Option 4:  black and white patterned pillows + solid yellow pillows (I added the center button) + small floral accent pillow (from HomeGoods)

Pillow Combo9

Option 5:  black and white patterned pillows + solid red + yellow and white pillow I won at the Haven conference last year

Pillow Combo8

Option 6:  solid pink pillows +  rose pattern + small (handmade) black and white accent pillow

Pillow Combo

Option 7:  solid pink pillows + green and white patterned pillow + pink rose pillow

Pillow Combo5

Option 8:  yellow gold textured pillows  + bold black and white pillow  

Pillow Combo2jpg

Option 9:  red and white patterned pillow + bold black and white pillow

Pillow Combo3.jpg

Option 10:  (holiday look) red and white patterned pillow + green accent pillow with trim 

Pillow Combo4jpg

 I have a few more pillow covers that I didn’t show but you can see how easy it is to get a new look for your home with simple changes.

A few design tips to keep in mind when shopping for pillows:

*** buy pillow covers only which will allow you to easily change out your pillows from season to season or whenever the mood strikes

***use your patterned pillows to pull accent colors from and then buy solid colored pillows in those colors

***invest in a classic striped pillows which will mix and match with everything

***invest in a bold, graphic pattern that can mix with florals and other non-graphic patterns

***think about every room in your home that has pillows and buy pillows that can work in multiple spaces


If you want to shop my pillow collection, I’ve listed the sources below as well as a few other places I shop for pillows.

[click on images below to enlarge them ]



My favorite sources for pillow covers:

Ikea–a great source for solid colored, basic pillow covers at rock bottom prices

West Elm–you’ll find lots of modern patterns, solid basics and traditional textures

Etsy–this is the place to shop for pillows using designer fabrics–Stuck on Hue has one of the best assortments 

Pottery Barn Kids–a great source for novelty styles, bright colors, faux fur and whimsical shapes, many of which are appropriate for an adult space  

And don’t forget to invest in good quality down pillow inserts.   My go to sources are Pottery Barn Outlet, West Elm and Fabric.com  

Happy decorating!


Pom Pom Bag Charm

Hi there,

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I adore long weekends this time of year because it means road trips, sitting in the sun and sleeping in late.  I’m already looking forward to the next 3-day weekend.

So if you’re wondering why I’m posting so late today it’s because I totally planned to publish this post yesterday (Monday) but with all the relaxing I was doing over the weekend I simply forget to hit the publish button.  And this morning my to-do list got the best of me.  Oh well, better late than never.

Today I’m going to show you an easy craft project to can make.  Ever since I spotted my first handbag charm, I’ve been wanting to make my own.  The first one’s I spotted were from Furbish Studio and they featured little elephants.  Soon after seeing that one I began to see bag charm popping up all over web and Pinterest. Since I’m not into animals or fancy details when it comes to my bags, the simpler bag charms became my favorite.

So the question became,  BUY or DIY?

 I decided to diy!

DIY Pom Pom Bag Charm6

Making your own bag charms is really simple and inexpensive.  You’ll need the following supplies all of which are available at your local craft store:


To make your charms, thread a large yarn needle with the yarn color of your choice.

Insert the yarn into one pom pom and then back again leaving a length of yarn hanging.

Thread a large bead onto the yarn and then tie the yard to your hinge hook at the length you want.  You can also thread a bead onto the base of your pom pom like I did with the blue pom pom.

You can tie as many pom poms onto your hook as you want but make sure to stagger them at different lengths so the charms hangs well.

DIY Pom Pom Bag Charm1

It took me about 20 minutes to make my bag charm and I just love the way it turned out.  I’ll definitely be making more of these these.

if you want to make your own pom poms, follow these easy steps

DIY Pom Pom Bag Charm6

Thanks for stopping by.  See you back here tomorrow.


Amir 4

Before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to bring you a new Product + Inspiration Post.  Instead of showcasing an actual product I decided to share some fabric inspiration with you.

One of my favorite fabrics is a modern interpretation of a chevron print called Amir.  The pattern is more relaxed than a traditional chevron print and has a bit of an animal print feel.

Amir is a 100% linen fabric which makes it ideal for drapery and upholstery and at $29.98 a yard it’s very affordable.


colors clockwise:  Harissa, Azur, Cumin, Meadow

When made into pillows, the pattern scale mixes perfectly with floral prints and smaller repeat prints.

Amir 2

I also love this fabric as chair upholstery.

Amir 1

And here’s a little inspiration using Amir in curtain panels.

Amir 3

Lewis and Sheron, one of Atlanta’s premier fabric stores carries the Amir in four different colorways and also has the fabric available for online ordering.  And with all the other fabulous fabrics they carry, it’s easy to pull together a fabric plan for any room in your home.

Here’s a little inspiration board I created for a master bedroom inspired by Amir Azur…


Amir Met:  duvet cover  /  Floral 156:  drapery fabric
Gere River:  accent chair and bed pillows /  DNA Atlantic:  chair pillow and bed pillows
 Ball Trim: duvet trim /  Braided Trim:  drapery trim

Amir on Chair

Sometimes all it takes is one fabric to inspire a room design. 

Cheers to the weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday!



I might have mentioned this before but when I lived in Seattle it wasn’t uncommon for me to take the first day of the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale off from work.  Given that Nordstrom is based in Seattle, their half-yearly sales are a major deal in that city.   I’ve always loved the Nordstrom sale because it’s a great time to pick up a few in-season pieces and save money while you’re at it.

I spent a little time checking our the deals online and rounded up a few of my faves.

Let’s go shopping shall we…

Espadrilles are the ‘it’ shoe for spring and summer and this black and white platform espadrille is the perfect blend of summer style and comfort.  And the $40 price tag makes it even more attractive.

If I could buy an unlimited number of any one fashion accessory, it would be handbags.  A classic leather handbag should be a part of every girls wardrobe and having one in a fashion color like this beautiful orchid is perfect for spring or summer.  I love the woven handle and all the interior pockets of this Elliott Lucca leather tote.


I love sporting a white watch during summer and since the cheapo one I bought at the mart has seen its last day, I’m going to invest in a new one.  This Nixon patent leather strap watch is the front runner on my consideration list.  I love the round crystal face, the gold rim and hands and the $74.90 pricepoint.

If you love jewelry, you’ll definitely want to get in on one of these deals.  This turquoise stone pendant necklace is only $8.98 and is perfect to wear with summer dresses, tanks and tees.  This Drusy pendant necklace is a bit dressier but would work just as well with a casual outfit and it’s only $13.98.


If you’re planning on doing any traveling this summer or if you like to spend your weekends antique shopping like me, this belt bag is for you.  When it comes to style, fanny packs have come a long way and this striped canvas belt bag is both cute and afforable.

Summers are meant for maxi dresses and Nordstrom has a ton of great styles on sale under $100.  Here are three of my favorite-navy and white maxi for everyday wear, a floral maxi for when you need something a bit dressier and this roll-sleeve maxi when you want to look super chic but casual.


Don’t dilly dally, because the Nordsrom Half-Yearly Sale ends May 31st.  Happy shopping!



Painting rooms is not my favorite thing to do.  Usually I come up with the plan, help tape off and then when my husband starts rolling the paint I sneak out the room to do other stuff.    My vanishing act has been happening for years and it works for both the hubby and I.

I know many of you have painting on your to-do list for the long weekend so I wanted to share a few tips to help you avoid picking the wrong paint color.  These are the same tips I share with my design clients so know that they have stood the test of time.

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