Amir 4

Before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to bring you a new Product + Inspiration Post.  Instead of showcasing an actual product I decided to share some fabric inspiration with you.

One of my favorite fabrics is a modern interpretation of a chevron print called Amir.  The pattern is more relaxed than a traditional chevron print and has a bit of an animal print feel.

Amir is a 100% linen fabric which makes it ideal for drapery and upholstery and at $29.98 a yard it’s very affordable.


colors clockwise:  Harissa, Azur, Cumin, Meadow

When made into pillows, the pattern scale mixes perfectly with floral prints and smaller repeat prints.

Amir 2

I also love this fabric as chair upholstery.

Amir 1

And here’s a little inspiration using Amir in curtain panels.

Amir 3

Lewis and Sheron, one of Atlanta’s premier fabric stores carries the Amir in four different colorways and also has the fabric available for online ordering.  And with all the other fabulous fabrics they carry, it’s easy to pull together a fabric plan for any room in your home.

Here’s a little inspiration board I created for a master bedroom inspired by Amir Azur…


Amir Met:  duvet cover  /  Floral 156:  drapery fabric
Gere River:  accent chair and bed pillows /  DNA Atlantic:  chair pillow and bed pillows
 Ball Trim: duvet trim /  Braided Trim:  drapery trim

Amir on Chair

Sometimes all it takes is one fabric to inspire a room design. 

Cheers to the weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday!



I might have mentioned this before but when I lived in Seattle it wasn’t uncommon for me to take the first day of the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale off from work.  Given that Nordstrom is based in Seattle, their half-yearly sales are a major deal in that city.   I’ve always loved the Nordstrom sale because it’s a great time to pick up a few in-season pieces and save money while you’re at it.

I spent a little time checking our the deals online and rounded up a few of my faves.

Let’s go shopping shall we…

Espadrilles are the ‘it’ shoe for spring and summer and this black and white platform espadrille is the perfect blend of summer style and comfort.  And the $40 price tag makes it even more attractive.

If I could buy an unlimited number of any one fashion accessory, it would be handbags.  A classic leather handbag should be a part of every girls wardrobe and having one in a fashion color like this beautiful orchid is perfect for spring or summer.  I love the woven handle and all the interior pockets of this Elliott Lucca leather tote.


I love sporting a white watch during summer and since the cheapo one I bought at the mart has seen its last day, I’m going to invest in a new one.  This Nixon patent leather strap watch is the front runner on my consideration list.  I love the round crystal face, the gold rim and hands and the $74.90 pricepoint.

If you love jewelry, you’ll definitely want to get in on one of these deals.  This turquoise stone pendant necklace is only $8.98 and is perfect to wear with summer dresses, tanks and tees.  This Drusy pendant necklace is a bit dressier but would work just as well with a casual outfit and it’s only $13.98.


If you’re planning on doing any traveling this summer or if you like to spend your weekends antique shopping like me, this belt bag is for you.  When it comes to style, fanny packs have come a long way and this striped canvas belt bag is both cute and afforable.

Summers are meant for maxi dresses and Nordstrom has a ton of great styles on sale under $100.  Here are three of my favorite-navy and white maxi for everyday wear, a floral maxi for when you need something a bit dressier and this roll-sleeve maxi when you want to look super chic but casual.


Don’t dilly dally, because the Nordsrom Half-Yearly Sale ends May 31st.  Happy shopping!



Painting rooms is not my favorite thing to do.  Usually I come up with the plan, help tape off and then when my husband starts rolling the paint I sneak out the room to do other stuff.    My vanishing act has been happening for years and it works for both the hubby and I.

I know many of you have painting on your to-do list for the long weekend so I wanted to share a few tips to help you avoid picking the wrong paint color.  These are the same tips I share with my design clients so know that they have stood the test of time.

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I’m like most women and love to shop and nothing is better than shopping when you can do it for free.

You see, a couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway over on Jenna’s blog, Rain on a Tin Roof and I won!  I didn’t win a free book or a new power tool, I won a $200 credit to Rugs USA!

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Bohemian Style Home2

Did you know that the definition of Boho Chic can be found in the Urban Dictionary?

The term Boho Chic as it relates to clothing is described as a fashion trend that is part bohemian and part chic. It is tied to the vintage phenomenon in fashion where the trend was to bring back vintage styles for the modern era. Boho chic combines organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces.

Boho fashion style1

The trend is said to have been started by actress Sienna Miller in 2005 when she wore bohemian-style clothing in the movie Alfie and back then the style was only expected to be around a few years and then fade away.  The boh0 look became a hit and people began to imitate the style and fashion designers took notice.

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Happy weekend my friends.  I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on this week and while I’m doing that I plan to enjoy some Sweet Sangria.

Sweet Tea Sangria

Ingredients:  6 cups sweet tea / 1 bottle white wine / 2 cups raspberries / 2 cups sliced peaches / fresh mint, for garnishing (optional)
Instructions: Mix sweet tea and wine together in a large pitcher. Add fruit and chill for at least 2-3 hours, preferably 8 or more.
Serve in pretty glasses and garnish with mint.


While you’re relaxing this weekend, enjoy these links:


Great tips for painting paned windows!


This southern belle just opened a shop and it’s filled with lots of great items.

 KimMacumber Interiors

Have you checked out all the spaces in the spring One Room Challenge?  This is my favorite bedroom transformation.

Garden in a bowl

I’m totally smitten with the idea of a garden in a bowl and I’m working on a little diy project to create my own.

New York

The struggle is real!  Even though you may not live in New York, I’m sure all of us can identify with a few of these points.


Tiny House Nation

Have you had a chance to catch the hit TV show, Tiny House Nation? And an even better question is, “do you know about the tiny house movement?”

Tiny House Nation is a home/building show on the FYI network which is all about the downsizing movement that is going on across the country.  In each episode of the show, Zack Giffin, the contractor works with a team of builders to construct an amazing tiny home that is no larger than 500 sq. feet, with many of the homes under 300 sq feet.


Contractor Zack Giffin & host John Weisbarth

While many people in New York apartments live in less than 500 sq. feet, can you imagine living in a small space?   You just might consider it after seeing the homes this team builds.

 The tiny house movement is gaining popularity with people of all ages beginning to understand that sometimes less can be more and see the value in downsizing their lives and the ‘stuff’ they surround themselves with. You might think that living with less and in such a small space means a home with no style but let me tell you that is not the case.

Tiny House3

The beauty of a tiny house is that it can be built just about anywhere, from the city to the mountains.  The home below was constructed in the Colorado mountains to take advantage of the scenery and the owners desire to live a fully sustainable lifestyle.

Tiny House16

After losing their home in hurricane Katrina, these homeowners rebuilt their home in Mississippi but decided to do it on a smaller scale.  Check out that outdoor space under the house.

Tiny House13

Tiny House8

I think I could enjoy living in nature if it looked like this and came with a pool.

Tiny House7

In addition to building homes that are permanent, the tiny house crew also builds home that are portable.

Tiny House1

Tiny House19

Portable homes allow homeowners to travel and explore but still have the luxury of a home at the end the day.

Tiny House2

When building a tiny home, the lifestyle of the homeowners plays a big part in the overall design.  If you love an outdoor space for entertaining or lounging, that can be incorporated into the design.

Tiny House18

For those of you that love to cook, it’s amazing the function and style that can be built into the kitchen space of a 300 sq. foot home.

Tiny House4

Tiny House11

And a full size bathroom is not out of the question either, including a luxury shower or tub.

Tiny House14--576 sq ft

Tiny House17

The attention to detail is amazing in these tiny homes, with every square inch of space put to use.  I love the small wall-mounted fireplace in the living space below.

Tiny House6

Vertical design is essential to many of the tiny houses being built with stair allowing for easy access to upper areas.  Kinda gives you the feel of living in a tree house.

Tiny House15

As part of the tiny house building process, the homeowners are challenged with purging their belongings and keeping only that which will fit into a couple of plastic storage bins.

Tiny House Nation purging

Tiny House21

I am totally smitten with the idea of a tiny home.  The hubby and I have actually tossed around the idea for when we retire.  We love to travel and the idea of having your home wherever you go sound great.  Now I just have to wrap my head around getting rid of all my rolls of ribbon and wrapping paper!

Tiny House21

So, does the Tiny House Movement sound interesting to you?  Do you think you could live in less than 500 sq. feet?

You can catch Tiny House nation on the FYI channel, Mondays at 9:00pm ET!


via My Domaine

I love a beautiful office space like the one above from House of Harper.  A space doesn’t have to be big or super fancy to grab my attention, it just has to be efficient and filled with stylish organization and lots of personality.

 I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to office, craft and hobby rooms with over 500 images of some of the most beautiful and creative work spaces ever.  The common thread within all of the spaces I admire are the style details and organizing ideas.

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