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Gift Wrap On Wheels: DIY Holiday Wrapping Crate

Merry & Bright Holiday Gift Wrap Crate

Hello friends!  I hope everyone is easing into the Christmas season with joy and merriment.

This year I’ve been able to complete several DIY projects to include in my holiday decor and I’ve got fun and simple one to share with you today.

 It’s no surprise that I love to wrap gifts.  I love paper, ribbon and all the fun embellishments that can make wrapped gifts special and unique.

During the course of the year I keep my gift wrap rolls and supplies stored in a basket in my office.  But when the holidays roll around I want to make our holiday wrapping supplies accessible for me and the hubs so I created a mobile gift wrap crate.

I picked up a wood crate at HomeGoods similar to this one.  The one I found was painted grey and black.

Wood Crate

Since I wanted the crate to be mobile I added brass casters to the base.  I had the casters in the garage and they were the perfect size for this project.

Brass Casters

Once the caster were attached I decorated the crate.


The feature element of the crate is the darling Merry & Bright vinyl decal from Welcoming Walls.  Candi, the owner of the Welcoming Walls Etsy shop graciously partnered with the Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour and sent me and the other bloggers a decal to use in a holiday project.  The Merry & Bright decal was the perfect piece.

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate By ConfettiStyle

The decals are super easy to use and will work on a variety of surfaces.  I placed my white decal on the center board of the crate so the decal really pops against the black background.  I used a decorative paper ribbon  (from another favorite Etsy shop) on the top and bottom boards and secured them in place with white thumbtacks.  It will be easy to remove the paper and change the look whenever I want.

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate by ConfettiStyle-1

To make the crate super functional I added two short tension rods to create sections for wrapping paper rolls, tissue paper and rolls of ribbon.  I added a plastic shower caddy to the side to hold gift tags, scissors and small ribbon rolls.

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate 2

Including the time it took to attach the casters, this project took less than 30 minutes to complete.

Merry and Bright Gift Wrap Crate by ConfettiStyle-2

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate by ConfettiStyle

Vinyl decals are such an easy way to decorate and personalize the decor around your house. Welcoming Walls has over 150 amazing  decals including designs for the kitchen, inspirational quotes, children’s decal and custom door decals.  And not only do you have an amazing array of designs to choose from but you can select from 12+ colors so your decal will fit your decor to a T.

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate3

I’m hoping to finish up my holiday shopping this weekend so my giftwrap crate will be getting lots of use.

Cheers to the weekend my friends~



Christmas Gift Wrap | Creative Ideas & Tips

Hi friends.  The last few days have been a struggle.  I’ve been working on this gift wrap post up for days but my photos weren’t loading so I haven’t been able to publish this post.  I think I’ve got the bugs fixed now so here’s the long-awaited post, just in time for a weekend gift wrapping marathon. 

**disclaimer:  Reliant Ribbon sent me some amazing ribbons to use for my holiday gift wrap post, but all words, opinions and gift wrap inspiration is mine.

I’ve had a passion for wrapping gifts for years and love to go the extra mile when creating beautiful packages.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I have somewhat of an obsession with pretty wrapping paper and ribbon. And a fun embellishment is usually part of my gift wrap formula too.

Today I’m going to share a few Christmas gifts that I wrapped along with some tips to help you give your holiday wrap a little extra pizzazz!

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive,
which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love.  ~ L.O. Baird

When I started planning my Christmas theme earlier this year, I knew I wanted to keep my holiday gift wrap simple.  This year it was going to be all about the ribbon, paper and fun accents.

FYI–I use my DIY Gift Wrap Crate to keep all of my holiday wrapping supplies organized and in one place. And after the holidays I’ll switch out the paper and ribbon for spring and summer gift giving.  ***Need a last minute Christmas gift?  The gift wrap crate is a simple project that would be great for someone who loves to wraps.

Ok, let’s get into the details of my wrap…

All of the wrapping paper that I used this year is from HomeGoods.  They have an awesome selection of holiday wrapping paper and you can’t beat the price.  When I’m shopping for gift wrap, especially at Christmas, I like to buy patterns and colors that can be used year-round.  Polka Dots, stripes, plaids and subtle patterns are what I shop for.   With non-seasonal wrapping paper, I use inexpensive embellishments to reflect the season or gift-giving occasion.

My ribbon this year is from one of my favorite ribbon sources, Reliant Ribbon.  Reliant Ribbon is a family owned wholesale ribbon company that sells a wide range of craft and floral ribbon.  They have over 15,000 different ribbon styles so there is literally something for every gift wrap and decorating need.


One of my favorite gift wrapping tricks is to combine two or more ribbons to create a layered look. Here I layered a narrow red and white striped ribbon on top of a wide solid red ribbon.  The embellishments are mini red and green mercury glass ornaments I bought at Steve McKenzie’s.  These ornaments are great as a package topper but can also be used to decorate a small tree or wreath.  p.s.  all holiday product at Steve McKenzie’s is 50% off through 12/31 with code: MERRY50 so it’s a great time to stock up for next year!

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

free printable gift tags

Another fun way I like to jazz up my holiday gift wrap is by tying a double bow with pretty satin ribbon.  To do this you will want to cut the ribbon extra long.  Wrap the ribbon around your box, tie the first bow then know the ribbon on top of that bow to secure it.  Now you can tie a second bow and add an embellishment.

I love using unexpected materials to wrap gifts.  This year I had the idea of using faux fur as a ribbon substitute.  I headed to JoAnn Fabric and found this gorgeous white faux fur trim which was sold by the yard.  I cut a piece long enough to wrap around my box and secured it with a satin ribbon bow.  tip:  a brown or black faux fur is a great ribbon alternative for a men’s gift. 

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Did you know that a lot of woven ribbons can be curled using the blade of your scissors.  #oldschooltrick Curls are a great way to make your gift wrap more festive.  And don’t be afraid to combine and curl multiple ribbons together which can create a really fun topper.

faux boxwood garland from Target Dollar Spot // Merry Christmas gift tags

When it comes to holiday gift tags, I use traditional Christmas tags as well as items I find in the craft aisle at Michaels.  The JOY tag below is part of a 60 piece Holiday Chipboard Quote Set used for scrapbooking.  The tiny tags are perfect for adding a little whimsy to your gift wrap.


holly leaf embellishment from Hobby Lobby
Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyleCreative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle


Using ornaments as an embellishment is not a new idea but how you use them can be.  Instead of tying this wreath ornament to the ribbon, I tied a knot in the ribbon and bunched the ends in the center of the wreath. I love the way this looks on a round gift box.

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

free printable gift tags

One of the tips I share when I teach my gift wrap workshops is to to never throw away scrap pieces of wrapping paper or ribbon.  Scrap ribbon can be used to wrap a small box or combined with another ribbon for layering.  On the box below, I used a piece of scrap ribbon along with a left over Christmas card to decorate the box. 
Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Creative gift wrapping is equal parts the items you wrap with and how you use those items.  All it takes to create beautifully wrapped gifts is thinking outside the box (pun intended).

  I hope you found these wrapping tips and my Christmas gift wrap inspirational.  Be sure to stop by my Instagram feed tomorrow because I’ll be sharing a few last-minute wrapping ideas.

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle


My Christmas Gift Wrap–It’s All In The Details

Christmas Gift Wrap Inspiration

Can we talk Christmas gift wrap for a minute?  

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you all know that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to gift wrap and ribbon.  I don’t have anything against gift bags but when it comes to wrapping gifts, I whole-heartedly believe that the presentation of a gift adds to the entire gift giving experience.

When it came time to come up with a gift wrap plan for Christmas, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Paper Mart.  Paper Mart is a proud sponsor of the 2016 Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour and they had everything I needed to make my gift wrap dreams come true.


Last year I created this mobile gift wrap cart to hold my holiday paper and ribbons.  I pulled it out again this year and stocked it with all my supplies.  You can read all about how I created the cart here.


There are lots of things I love about Paper Mart  including their vast range of wrapping paper, ribbon, embellishments, boxes and tissue paper.  They have wrapping paper for every gift occasion and a great offering of  party supplies.



The foundation of my gift wrap plan was this beautiful Pinecones & Poinsettia gift wrap.  There are lots of colors in this paper so I knew I could mix and match it with other wrapping paper and ribbons.

I’m a fan of two-sided ribbon and used the red and gold satin ribbon above to create a layered bow.  I tucked my favorite holly leaf embellishments under each corner of the bow.


For this box, I layered the poinsettia paper over a small black and white plaid paper.


I used this gold metallic ribbon around a few solid colored boxes that I had.  The gold has a shimmer to it and is pretty when tied in a multi loop bow.

The pretty package embellishment is a vintage brooch I pulled out of my jewelry stash.


I paired the poinsettia paper with a black and white striped paper and love this look.  The embellishments on top are honeycomb tissue paper balls that I taped to the top of the belly band.  Belly band is a fancy name for a piece of paper that wraps around something. #ribbonlingo


This natural holly leaf ribbon is so pretty and you can see the beautiful bows you can make with it.  I added some small gold ornaments in the center for a little sparkle.


I shared my Christmas tree in part 1 of the Merry & Bright Home Tour and matched some of the colors on the tree with the colors in the poinsettia paper. And I used the black and white plaid ribbon on the tree and for my Christmas gift wrap.



Did you notice the gift tags I used on several of the boxes?  I’ve included the free download link below so you can use them too!


Merry & Bright Holiday Gift Tags



Download Merry & Bright Printable Gift Tags


I still have boxes to wrap so look for them in next weeks finale’ of the Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour~

Shelly Signature

disclaimer:  I received free paper and ribbon from Paper Mart as part of the Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour.   Paper Mart is a company that I love and am happy to share their products with you.  All opinions and images are my own.
Visit Paper Mart on Social Media:  Paper Mart // Twitter // Facebook // Pinterest // Instagram // Google + // You Tube


Best of ConfettiStyle–Creative Gift Wrap Ideas


Hello friends.  I wish you could be with me as we are sailing our way to Aruba.  As promised, it’s Best of ConfettiStyle week here on the blog.  Today I’m sharing my passion for gift wrapping and five of the most popular gift wrap posts.


Ribbon Tie Boxes

Paper is not always a requirement when it comes to wrapping gifts.  I created these Ribbon Tie Boxes in a flash and boy have they gotten lots of love on Pinterest.  You can find the set of nesting boxes at the Container Store and all of the ribbon came from my favorite ribbon source, May Arts.

Full tutorial here.

Gift Wrap Inspiration by ConfettiStyle


Flower Band Gift Wrap

This Flower Band giftwrap project was inspired by a cake design I spotted on Pinterest.  I use a variety of faux flowers and made a beautiful flower wrap for a plain white gift box.  If you’re looking for a creative way to wrap a gift for a wedding or baby shower, this idea is great.

Full tutorial here.

DIY Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle4

Signature Colors

Way back in 2012 I wrote a blog post about wrapping gifts in my signature colors.  Much like Tiffany & Co. I have a signature wrap.  My go-to colors are red and hot pink and I’m always looking for wrapping paper and ribbon in that color combo. If you spot any, let me know.

Read the post here.

Pink and Red Gift Wrap

Paper Lace Bands

If you’re not a ribbon hoarder collector like I am, my Paper Lace Band project shows you how to make a paper wrap for gifts.  I used the Fiskars Advantedge Paper Punch System and scrapbook paper to make these pretty gold paper bands.

Full tutorial here.



DIY Holiday Wrapping Crate

Last Christmas I made this DIY Holiday Wrapping Crate to hold the papers, ribbons and tags that I used to wrap our gifts.  I embellished the crate with a Merry & Bright decal and added wheels so I could easily move it from room to room. The crate will get a refresh this Christmas and I’ll share it during the 2nd annual Merry & Bright Holiday Home Blog Tour I’m hosting with Kellie from Design Asylum.

Full tutorial here.

Merry and Bright Gift Wrap Crate by ConfettiStyle-2

I’ll have a new gift wrap post for you later this month so stay tuned.

Anyone else share in my love of wrapping gifts?  

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Gift Wrap Inspiration: Valentine’s Day Hearts & Arrows

Valentine's Day Gift Wrap.001

If I had the time I would find an excuse to wrap gifts everyday.  I just love a beautifully wrapped gift and always want my gift wrapping to be part of the gift giving experience.

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, I had the perfect opportunity to get creative and wrap gifts for the favorite people in my life.  I decided to keep things simple and use embellishments to add the wow factor to my gifts.

Read the Post

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide.002.jpeg.002

Most of the time when I feature a gift guide, especially a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, I feature gifts for her and gifts for him.  This time around I’m changing things up and doing a gift guide that features gifts for anyone you love, regardless of their gender.

I thought it was going to be challenging to find gifts to fit this feature but once I started checking out my favorite sites I came up with some pretty awesome gift ideas, several of which I snapped up myself.

Happy shopping!


Valentine's Day Gift Guide.001

A little something sweet is always a good thing for Valentine’s Day and this Assorted Cookie Set is just about as sweet as you can get.  And I love that they come in their own gift box so all the work is done for you.
If there’s a music lover in your life I highly recommend the Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker.  I was gifted one of these for Christmas and it’s amazing.  The sound quality is fantastic and I love that you can move it from room to room without the hassle of cords and plugs.
If a movie night at home is your favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day then these Popcorn Bowls will add as special touch to the evening.  This is another item we own and use all the time.  It just makes eating popcorn more fun.
Because everyday should be a celebration, I think these Acrylic Stemless Champagne Flutes (monogrammed of course) are a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  And when the occasion doesn’t call for champagne, I’d use these glasses for beer or mixed drinks.
This chic Wooden Tape Measure is a fun piece to drop in a handbag or stash in the glove compartment of the car.
I love how unique this Bookbinder’s Wood Journal is and think it’s a great gift to take to the office, keep at home or use on the go to jot down notes and ideas.  Think about pairing this with a nice writing pen for the perfect gift set.
Inspire the ones you love with this awesome book, It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be.  This little gem of a book is filled with bits of wisdom and inspirational quotes and makes a great gift for teenagers as well as adults.  While you’re at it, pick up a copy for yourself too!
We all want our loved ones to stay healthy so give them a Fit Bit Charge to make tracking their activity easy and fun. I love mine and it keeps me motivated to get up from the desk and get my 10,000 steps in.
This Moscow Mule Mug is a more stylish version of the traditional mug and is perfect for that morning cup of coffee, afternoon cup of tea or hot cocoa in the evening.  This is another buy one for them, buy one for you gifts.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide.003

Spoil someone with the adorable Fish Candy Bowl filled with their favorite candy treat.
With lots of cold days ahead, I think a Luxury Plush Robe is the perfect way to say ‘I Love You’ for Valentine’s Day.  And, you can’t beat the sale price.
I’m all about a fondue party and with this Cast Iron Fondue Set you can have a party every night.  This is definitely something kids and adults will love.
I’m a soap and lotion fanatic and this Belgian Linen Soap and Lotion Duo is one of the best around. And it’s on sale.
If I didn’t already own a great water bottle, I’d definitely have either one of these S’well Hydration Bottles on my gift list. The shimmer bottle comes in great colors so you won’t lose track of it and the teak wood  and noir zebra bottles are just plain cool.
Yet another way to pamper someone on Valentine’s Day…Hand Salve Gift Set in 4 fabulous scents.

I hope you enjoyed this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and find something special for the one’s you love.

I’ll have some fun Valentine’s gift wrap ideas for your next week so stay tuned.

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30 Days of Holidays: Gifts For The Home


It’s the first day of my 30 Days of Holidays series.  Over the next 30 days,  thru Dec. 23rd, I’ll be sharing all things holiday with you.  From holiday decor and entertaining inspiration to gift giving and gift wrap ideas, I hope to inspire you in new and creative ways to celebrate the season.

What I’m sharing today is the first of several holiday gift guides and it’s all about great Gifts For The Home!  I think this round-up of items is so great you just might want to buy one of each of yourself.  Happy gifting!


2015 Gifts for the Home.001.jpeg.001

Pamper your friends and family with a box of  Monogrammed Soap. They will feel like their visiting a luxury hotel overtime they use it.  $49.00
Candles don’t get much more stylish than this Pineapple Jar Candle and the scent will make a cold winter night more comfy.  $26.00-$38.00 available in two scents
This Cutting Board Set is the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook or entertain and the cooper details will enhance the style of their kitchen. $59.99 for three boards and the stand
Mix and match or buy all one color when gifting these beautiful Helianthus Goblets.  Their morning glass of OJ will taste so much better. $10.00
Add a little flair to family game night with these Dice Motif Appetizer Plates. $24.95 set of 6
A beautiful Gold and Glass Lantern like this will be a year round gift for anyone you give it to. $29.99

2015 Gifts for the Home.001.jpeg.002

This Gold  Mirrored Tray is the perfect piece to accent any room in a home.  $34.99
I love the look of this Wall Mount Vase and so will the person you gift this to. $69.00
Keep your family and friends warm this winter with a luxurious Faux Fur Throw. This is one of my favorites on the market. $90-$139
Pair this Wing Bowl with their favorite holiday candy and you’ve got the perfect gift.  $24.99 (extra 10% off with code TurkeyDay)
This Mother of Pearl Clock is the perfect accent for a bookshelf, tabletop or bedside table. $79.00

Have you started your gift list and if so, is there a really great item on it that I need to know about?  Do tell!


Gifting 101: A few gifts you should be buying NOW for Christmas

I’ve always tried to stay one step ahead when it comes to holiday gift giving.  I usually take advantage of the after-Christmas sales and pick up a few gift items for the coming year. January is a great month to begin creating a gift list and checking out stores for sales.  Several of my favorite stores have amazing clearance events going on right now and there are some fabulous items to be had.  I’ve rounded up a few of my faves in case you want to get a jump on your 2015 holiday shopping.


Mark and Graham is one of  my favorite online shops and when it comes to monogrammed accessories, they have some amazing items to choose from.  All of their monogrammed items make great gifts for Christmas or any other gift giving occasion for that matter.


Gift shopping for men is always a challenge.  This Leather Credit Card Case–($19.99) is a great buy and makes the perfect gift men {and women}.  And if you have someone graduating this year, it’s a great grad gift too.
A classic like this Monogrammed Weekender–($119.99) is a gift that will last a lifetime.
Who wouldn’t love this Leather iPad Envelope–($59.00).  Available in 9 colors.
  I’m all about zippered pouches that I can fill with essentials and throw in a larger handbag–so many uses for an item like this.  Striped Zip Pouches-($34.99-$35.00)


 If I’m out shopping the day after Christmas, Pottery Barn is one of the stores I always go to.  I love finding holiday ornaments, tabletop items and textiles on sale.  Here are a few items that I think are worth adding to your gift closet.


How fun is this Globe Ice Bucket–($54.99).  Because it has a chalkboard exterior it can be used for any occasion and when not in use as an ice bucket, I think it would make a pretty cute nut or candy bowl.
Luxury at a great price.  Faux Oversized Mohair Throw ($39.99-$55.00)
These Alphabet Tags-($3.99) are just adorable and their classic design means you can use them now until Christmas.  And don’t forget that tags like them can also be used a napkin rings, wine bottle tags or as holiday ornaments.


Crate and Barrel is also a store worth shopping after the holidays.  Here are a few decorative items that are definitely worth buying.



If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone who loves to decorate I highly recommend these Brass Letter Art pieces.  They are a great buy at $9.97 each and are available in letters and numbers.
January is a great month to pick up seasonal candles and these Branch Taper Candles are definitely a stylish steal.  $2.97
Stocking up on wrapping paper after the holidays can save you a lot of money when Christmas rolls around next year. I love the elegant style and color of this Lacy Snowflake Wrapping Paper and love the price even more–$3.58!
When it comes to setting a holiday table, you can never go wrong with classic white dinnerware.  This Nordic Plate ($2.47) is really pretty and has a design that will work from fall through Christmas.


There are lots of deals to be had right now when shopping the after Christmas sales so start making that list of checking it twice.  Christmas is only 339 days away.

For more gifting ideas, read all about my essentials for a well stocked gift closet here.

Happy Shopping!


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