My 2015 Design Trend Forecast

As a designer, one of the requirements of my job is to keep my eye on which design, style, color and fabrics are trending or fading in the home decor industry.

I keep up-to-date by attending trade shows, spending lots of time on the web, reading countless magazines and shopping lots of stores in person and online.  Every year I see new trends come on the scene.  Some evolve and gain popularity while others fizzle out before they can even get started.  Needless to say, the home decor industry is constantly changing but some trends are here to stay (at least for the foreseeable future)!

Here’s a look at my Top Trend List for 2015!



We started seeing eclectic designed rooms a few year ago and I think you’ll see more of this in 2015.  While there are a few common threads that tie rooms of this style together (ie: elements of black or gold, floral or geometric patterns), what makes these spaces so great is the artful combination of patterns, prints, colors, finishes and styles.  Eclectic decor has and will continue to be a great ways for homeowners to express themselves through their decor and it’s also the ideal design style that effortlessly mixes and matches old with new and refined with funky.

Eclectic Decor



When it comes to finishes, silver in no longer the leader of the pack in the design world.  Gold and brass have truly become the top accent color and finish choice in furniture, wall decor, decorative accessories and even textiles.  If you love silver, don’t worry because you’ll still find this finish in lots of decor and mixing gold and silver is no longer considered taboo!

Gold Details


10 years ago, the idea of having a house full of black finishes would not have gone over well with most homeowners.  Back then everyone wanted walls with color, crisp white kitchens and pristine white trim. Today, black is looked as a dramatic not drab and sophisticated not sorrid! One of my design mantras is that every room needs a touch of black and this trend is definitely one way to make that statement in style.

Black Trim

Black Walls

Black Cabinets

image 1 , image 2 , image 3 


Watercolor prints are one trend I am going to embrace in 2015.  Floral patterns have always been a traditional and popular design statement, but watercolor versions give floral patterns a fresh, modern feel.  When decorating a room, you don’t want to over-use floral patterns so watercolor floral pillows or artwork are great ways to incorporate this trend into your decor and still have impact.

p.s.  black and white stripes will also continue as a hot trend in 2015

Watercolor Floral Pillows



Every design magazine I looked at in 2014 and every showhouse I toured featured rooms with oversized lighting.  I see people are moving away from multi-arm chandeliers and using large lantern styles for indoor decor.  I think you’ll continue to see larger light fixture in both living spaces and kitchens for 2015.

Oversized Lighting



I think blue and white rooms feel fresh for 2015.  Once considered super traditional, blue and white is making a comeback through new and modern patterns, updated styles and variations of the color blue being mixed together vs a single tone.  The room below feels updated because of the pattern mixing, style mix and texture combinations.

Blue and White Decor


And, if you’re looking to update some of your home accessories in 2015, here’s my list of pieces you should invest in:

*  Oversized Mirrors  (especially with bamboo details)

*  Ceramic Table Lamps

*  Blue and White Pottery

*  Gold Accent Tables

*  Vintage Brass Decor

*  Marble Bookends

*  Cowhide Rugs

*  Copper Accessories

*  Velvet Pillows

*  Gold Silverware

So there you have it, my take on the trends that will continue to lead the design pack in 2015!  

What trend do you like that most?


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  1. Happy New Year Shelly. Loved this post! My style has always been eclectic AND I am thrilled gold is back in vogue. I have recently embraced black doors and painted all sliding, bifold and double doors black as accents, leaving all of my entrance doors to each room cream. I love it! It really made the black doors pop! Great inspirational photos!



    • Happy New Year Elaine. Looking forward to all you have to share on your blog this year.


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