Organizing Tips that Help Me Get Organized When Clutter Takes Over

Happy February!

I am typically a very organized person.  But since packing up my Christmas and holiday décor I’ve struggled with keeping myself and my home organized. Being disorganized has left me feeling uneasy and scattered and because of that I am not working as efficiently as I can or should be.  This week I’m setting aside some time in my schedule to get things around me organized and back on track.  I’m going to be sorting, purging, consolidating and organizing each space that I’ve neglected.

To get the job done, I’m going to rely on the organizing habits I’ve used for years, tips that always work for me.  I’d thought I’d share those tips with you today and come back later in the week and show the before and after of a some of the areas I’m organizing.

Organizing Tip #1–SORTING

The first step for me when I’m organizing is SORTING!  When things are in a state of disorder it usually means piles and stacks.  Sorting through the things you have will help you organize like items together, move items to the room and spaces they belong in and it will also help you decide what stays and what goes.


Organizing Tip #2–PURGING 

  PURGING something that you no longer need or that is no long useful to you is a great feeling.  It takes discipline to sort through and get rid of items you once loved, but holding on to things that have gone unused for months or years is not doing you or your state of well-being any good.  Letting go of unnecessary stuff will allow you to enjoy and appreciate those things that you keep and really use.



Organizing Tip #3–EVALUATE

  Once you’ve sorted and purged its time to EVALUATE WHAT YOU HAVE.  In my closets, kitchen and craft space I know that I function best when the items I use most often are organized in a way that makes accessing them quick and easy.  Do a second sort of your items and put them into stacks labeled A, B, C and D.  ‘A’ represents the things you use most and ‘D’ represents those things that are used less often.  Now is also a good time to take a look at those items in the D pile and see if anything more needs to be purged.  When it comes time to place things on shelves or racks, the things you use most will be front and forward.


***if you’re organizing your closet, this is also a good time to  make a list of wardrobe essentials you need to shop for

Organizing Tip #4–MAKE IT VISIBLE 

One of my keys to effective organizing is to MAKE IT VISIBLE.  For me this means creating organization that allows me to see the things I have.  Plastic containers, open baskets, hooks, racks and binders are a few of my favorite organizing tools.  If I see it, I use it and if everything has a home its less likely to end up in a pile.


***plastic over-the-door shoe holders are great for holding all sorts of things


***I rotate my bath towels on the shelves after I’ve done laundry each week.  This way all the towels we own get used and washed on a regular basis which helps keep the color consistent in all of them

Organizing Tip #5–CONTAIN YOUR STUFF 

On the flip side of my wanting to have things visible is my desire to HAVE THINGS CONTAINED and orderly.  This is where creativity comes into play.  I use Command Hooks to hang all types of things around my house, my rolls of crafting washi tape are housed in a kitchen storage piece and I use hanging shoe storage to hold scarves.  Think about how you ideally would want to store and organize items and then look for a solution that works for that function.  It may not be an item that was originally meant for that purpose.




***baskets are one of your best organizing investments–they keep things contained and keep the space looking pretty


***this is a great idea for making plastic storage bins look more attractive–paper fronts

Organizing Tip #6–MAKE IT PRETTY

 MAKING AN ORGANIZED SPACE LOOK PRETTY while it also functions well is one of the best parts of organizing to me.  Incorporate pretty jars and containers into your desk top organization or create a fun display board using a pretty frame to hold your jewelry.  When a space looks nice you’ll want to keep it organized.


***cover cardboard or poster board with wrapping paper to make inexpensive shelf liners
***incorporate decorative accessories into your organization


***I love the idea of covering paint cans in decorative paper for craft storage


***I often use vintage milk glass pieces for storing jewelry and cosmetics

Organizing Tip #7–LABEL IT

LABELS are your best friend when it comes to organizing.  It helps identify the contents of a basket, helps when you are sorting items and labels let you add a personal touch to your organizational system.  If you’re looking for unique and inexpensive label options, check the $1.00 section at Target and Michael’s for fun tags or chalkboard stickers.



***small picture frames also make stylish labels for boxes and baskets

So there you have it…my go-to organizing tips.  Good organization really comes down to having a system in place that makes the task of keeping your world clutter free easy.  Now that I’ve given myself a refresher course on the tips I use, I’m off to organize my world.  Stay tuned for the results!


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  1. I love all of your organizing ideas! I definitely purge on the closet front, but need to get my craft space more organized. Thanks for sharing some of your tips!

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