Are These Trends Over-Exposed??

Scalamandre Zebra Wallpaper

One of the things I’ve noticed since I started blogging is that when a popular blogger decorates with hot design trend, it starts showing up all over blogland in one bloggers home after another. As I designer, I’m exposed to the trends more than the average person and while I find myself gravitating towards what’s ‘hot’, I’m starting to feel like some design statements are becoming overused.

What I see happening is that homes are losing their unique personality because everyone is jumping on the same bandwagon.  And it’s also happening in fashion too!

  Take the black and white Ikea Lappljung pattern.  First it was the pillow

Ikea Lappljung Pillow

and then the rug.  Or did the rug come first?   It wouldn’t surprise me if every home in American owned one or both of these items.

(I own the pillow)

Ikea Lappljung Rug

And I’m not even going to mention the Vargyllen pillow.

Vargyllen Pillow--Ikea

Now let’s take a look at six trends that may be reaching the level of over-exposure…

 I’m seeing this Malakos Malachite pillow showing up in so many bloggers homes and on the pages of magazines. Malachite has been a major trend for several seasons now  and while malachite furniture can be pricey, in a pillow the trend becomes something everyone can afford.

Malakos Malachite Pillow

Ok, how many of you have seen this Eliza J Scarf Print Maxi dress showing up on fashion bloggers feeds over the last two weeks.  I think this is the ‘it’ dress of the summer and will be showing up at parties, soirees and even blog conferences across the country.  I spotted the green version at Dillard’s a few weeks ago and even considered buying it myself.

 Eliza J Scarf Print Dress--Coral Eliza J Scarf Print Dress--Green

It appears that a hot commodity in bedding these days is the black and white Linden Duvet from Crane and Company.  I’ve seen multiple bloggers/designers using this set in recent bedroom designs and I think it just highlights the fact that black and white color palettes are popular right now and classic will always be in style.   I love this bedding but I’m going to put a twist on the look for my spring bedroom refresh that I’ll be revealing next week.

Linden Bedding from Crane and Company

Need a little something to hang on the wall?  Well, how about the Beverly IV Tropical Palm Leaves image that is showing up in droves across blogland. It’s bold and dynamic, and fits in with the bohemian modern decorating style that so many people are loving these days.  If the art is a bit much for you, this pattern is also trending in pillow form and as a wallpaper.

Beverly Palm Leaves Artwork

Beverly Tropical Palm Pillow

Beverly Tropical Palm Leaves Wallpaper

Another super hot wallpaper design is the Cole and Company Birch Tree pattern.  It’s being used in just about every room of the home but I especially love it in a bathroom.  It’s fun to see such a unique look become so popular.  If you’re interested, you can purchase the UK design wallpaper from Anthropologie here.

Birch Tree Wallpaper in the bathroom

Birch Tree Wallpaper form Cole and Sons

When it comes to flooring, this Basket Weave Tile just might win for tile of the year.  The black and white color combo is classic and easily mixes with any accent color.  While the tile might be most suited for the bathroom, I must admit I also like it as a kitchen backsplash.

Basket Weave Tile

Basket Weave Tile in Kitchen

So, what’s your take on these trends becoming over-exposed?  Are you one to join in on the fun or are you doing your own thing?


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