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Hi friends.  The last few days have been a struggle.  I’ve been working on this gift wrap post up for days but my photos weren’t loading so I haven’t been able to publish this post.  I think I’ve got the bugs fixed now so here’s the long-awaited post, just in time for a weekend gift wrapping marathon. 

**disclaimer:  Reliant Ribbon sent me some amazing ribbons to use for my holiday gift wrap post, but all words, opinions and gift wrap inspiration is mine.

I’ve had a passion for wrapping gifts for years and love to go the extra mile when creating beautiful packages.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I have somewhat of an obsession with pretty wrapping paper and ribbon. And a fun embellishment is usually part of my gift wrap formula too.

Today I’m going to share a few Christmas gifts that I wrapped along with some tips to help you give your holiday wrap a little extra pizzazz!

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive,
which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love.  ~ L.O. Baird

When I started planning my Christmas theme earlier this year, I knew I wanted to keep my holiday gift wrap simple.  This year it was going to be all about the ribbon, paper and fun accents.

FYI–I use my DIY Gift Wrap Crate to keep all of my holiday wrapping supplies organized and in one place. And after the holidays I’ll switch out the paper and ribbon for spring and summer gift giving.  ***Need a last minute Christmas gift?  The gift wrap crate is a simple project that would be great for someone who loves to wraps.

Ok, let’s get into the details of my wrap…

All of the wrapping paper that I used this year is from HomeGoods.  They have an awesome selection of holiday wrapping paper and you can’t beat the price.  When I’m shopping for gift wrap, especially at Christmas, I like to buy patterns and colors that can be used year-round.  Polka Dots, stripes, plaids and subtle patterns are what I shop for.   With non-seasonal wrapping paper, I use inexpensive embellishments to reflect the season or gift-giving occasion.

My ribbon this year is from one of my favorite ribbon sources, Reliant Ribbon.  Reliant Ribbon is a family owned wholesale ribbon company that sells a wide range of craft and floral ribbon.  They have over 15,000 different ribbon styles so there is literally something for every gift wrap and decorating need.


One of my favorite gift wrapping tricks is to combine two or more ribbons to create a layered look. Here I layered a narrow red and white striped ribbon on top of a wide solid red ribbon.  The embellishments are mini red and green mercury glass ornaments I bought at Steve McKenzie’s.  These ornaments are great as a package topper but can also be used to decorate a small tree or wreath.  p.s.  all holiday product at Steve McKenzie’s is 50% off through 12/31 with code: MERRY50 so it’s a great time to stock up for next year!

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

free printable gift tags

Another fun way I like to jazz up my holiday gift wrap is by tying a double bow with pretty satin ribbon.  To do this you will want to cut the ribbon extra long.  Wrap the ribbon around your box, tie the first bow then know the ribbon on top of that bow to secure it.  Now you can tie a second bow and add an embellishment.

I love using unexpected materials to wrap gifts.  This year I had the idea of using faux fur as a ribbon substitute.  I headed to JoAnn Fabric and found this gorgeous white faux fur trim which was sold by the yard.  I cut a piece long enough to wrap around my box and secured it with a satin ribbon bow.  tip:  a brown or black faux fur is a great ribbon alternative for a men’s gift. 

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Did you know that a lot of woven ribbons can be curled using the blade of your scissors.  #oldschooltrick Curls are a great way to make your gift wrap more festive.  And don’t be afraid to combine and curl multiple ribbons together which can create a really fun topper.

faux boxwood garland from Target Dollar Spot // Merry Christmas gift tags

When it comes to holiday gift tags, I use traditional Christmas tags as well as items I find in the craft aisle at Michaels.  The JOY tag below is part of a 60 piece Holiday Chipboard Quote Set used for scrapbooking.  The tiny tags are perfect for adding a little whimsy to your gift wrap.


holly leaf embellishment from Hobby Lobby
Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyleCreative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle


Using ornaments as an embellishment is not a new idea but how you use them can be.  Instead of tying this wreath ornament to the ribbon, I tied a knot in the ribbon and bunched the ends in the center of the wreath. I love the way this looks on a round gift box.

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

free printable gift tags

One of the tips I share when I teach my gift wrap workshops is to to never throw away scrap pieces of wrapping paper or ribbon.  Scrap ribbon can be used to wrap a small box or combined with another ribbon for layering.  On the box below, I used a piece of scrap ribbon along with a left over Christmas card to decorate the box. 
Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Creative gift wrapping is equal parts the items you wrap with and how you use those items.  All it takes to create beautifully wrapped gifts is thinking outside the box (pun intended).

  I hope you found these wrapping tips and my Christmas gift wrap inspirational.  Be sure to stop by my Instagram feed tomorrow because I’ll be sharing a few last-minute wrapping ideas.

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle


Holiday Gift Wrapping Workshop with Steve McKenzie’s

Holiday Gift Wrapping Workshop with ConfettiStyle

It’s no secret that one of my passions is gift wrapping.  What you may not know is that I also love to share my passion by teaching others how to wrap gifts with style and flair!

Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping–Beyond The Basics!

 I’m excited to be partnering with Steve McKenzie’s for another holiday workshop on Saturday, Dec. 2nd.  Creative Gift Wrapping–Beyond The Basics is back by popular demand and is going to be bigger and better than ever.  Join me where you’ll learn new ways to give your holiday gifts a little extra pizzazz.   In addition to sharing essential gift wrapping tips, I’ll demonstrate some fun ideas you can incorporate into all your holiday gift giving.  Workshop attendees are invited to bring 1 small boxed gift to wrap in a fun and creative way.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Workshop with ConfettiStyle

Holiday Gift Wrapping Workshop with ConfettiStyle


I hope to see you at Steve McKenzie’s for a morning of holiday cheer and inspiration.  Click the Eventbrite link to register and reserve your spot today!


Gift Wrap Inspiration: Pleated Paper Valentines Wrap

Pleated Paper Valentine's Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Whew!  We made it to Friday.  I have had a jammed packed week and I’m glad the weekend is upon us.  Even though I have some work to catch up on this weekend, I also plan to enjoy some down time and watch all the festivities surrounding the Super Bowl.  And yes I’ll be rooting on the Falcons!

I’ve got a fun and easy gift wrap inspiration post for your today, just in time for all your Valentine’s Day gift giving.

Because I wrap a lot of gifts during the year, I am always experimenting with different ways to manipulate the paper to give my gifts some flair.  For my Valentines wrap this year I decided to do a little pleat treatment with my paper.

Pleated Paper Valentine's Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

It’s really easy to pleat gift wrap.  To start, determine the amount of paper you’ll need to wrap your box and add about 8″.  The extra paper will allow you to create multiple pleats in your paper and still be able to wrap your box.  You’ll be creating your pleats horizontally across the width of the paper.

The first pleat I made was pretty deep (about 3 1/2″) and I’ll explain why in a minute.

Pleated Paper Valentine's Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Once you’ve made your first pleat, continue pleating your paper with small folds.  You want to create enough pleats so they stand out on your gift.

Pleated Paper Valentine's Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Once all your pleats are made, turn your paper over and tape the pleats down on each edge of the paper.  This will hold the pleats in place.

And now all you have to do is wrap your gift.

Pleated Paper Valentine's Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

The reason I made the first pleat extra deep was to create a pocket that could hold a Valentine’s Day card.  Pretty clever, right?!

The pocket can also hold money, a photo or a sweet treat like a chocolate heart.

You can find the free printableValentine’s Day cards I designed here.

Pleated Paper Valentines Wrap by ConfettiStyle

I added bows and ribbon to complete my Valentines wrap and just love the way the packages look.

Pink Pom Pom Ribbon // White Ruffle Edge Ribbon

Pleated Paper Valentines Wrap by ConfettiStyle

 Similar Heart Gift Wrap  // Similar Pink Damask Gift Wrap

Pleated Paper Valentines Wrap by ConfettiStyle

I wrapped these Valentine’s Day gifts with extra love because they are headed off to my moms house.

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Gift Giving–DIY Halloween Candy Box

Handmade Halloween Candy Box6 copy

I may have mentioned before that my mom is part of group of women that get together every month to play POKENO. They bet pennies and at the end of the day all of the pennies are collected and put in a large jar.  Around Christmas time the group gathers the pennies they’ve collected throughout the year and buy non-parishable food.  Then they create gift bags filled with food and treats and take the bags to the local nursing home to hand out to the patients there.  This is a pretty major gesture since most of the ladies in my moms group are in their 80’s!

Handmade Halloween Candy Box7 copy

Since my mom is hosting the October  Pokeno party, I thought I’d send a box of candy to her so all the ladies could enjoy it at their gathering.  Of course I couldn’t send a store bought box of candy so I got busy making a crafting a custom candy box.

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Gifting 101: Just Because Gifts and DIY Gift Wrapping

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a terrific 4th of July.  The weather here in the south was beautiful with very low humidity and somewhat mild temps.  I’m glad I we had a long weekend because this week is going to be jammed pack.  I’m spending Monday completing a few projects before I head off to the Atlanta Gift Mart for the gift and furniture show.  Then I’m spending the end of the week at the Haven Conference and can’t wait.  I so excited to be attending this conference for the first time and to meet new friends and bloggers.

Although my week is going to be crazy I’ve got a full week of blog post scheduled for you.  A little design, a bit of fashion and some crafting–all the things I love.  Today I’ve got some fun and creative gift ideas for you. Enjoy!

Black and White Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle8

For me, giving gifts doesn’t just have to happen on a birthday, at Christmas or on a special occasion.  I love to give gifts to friends and family, Just Because.

A Just Because Gift can be something small or something a friend may have mentioned that they would love to have.

A Just Because Gift can be something as simple as a journal where dreams can be captured, a piece of my hand-made jewelry or maybe  fun party decor for a friend that likes to entertain.  Just Because!

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Gift Wrap Inspiration–DIY Flower Bouquet

Hi there! I hope you’re having a good day. The sun is shining again today here in Atlanta and that makes it a great day in my book. As promised,  I’m back today to share an easy Gift Wrap Inspiration for you, perfect for Mother’s Day.

Flower Bouquet 2

I always take extra care when it comes to wrapping a gift for my mom.  She’s one special woman and deserves a special gift wrap.  For her mother’s day gift this year I decided to craft a flower bouquet for the outside of the box.

Here’s how I did it.

Once the box was wrapped in a black and white check paper (from TJMaxx), I added a band of pink striped grosgrain ribbon.

Next I folded the left and right edges of a paper lace dollie towards the center of the dollie to create the shape of a cone.

Flower Bouquet 3

I taped the dollie on top of the ribbon and paper and used glue dots to attach an assortment of paper flowers.  The pink roses, yellow flowers and pink and yellow tiny flowers came in a cluster on stems so I simply inserted those into the cone and added tape behind to hold them into place.

The last step was a pretty pink bow and a gift tag.

Flower Bouquet 3

Since I can’t give my mom flowers in person, her flower bouquet wrapped gift will do the trick.

Flower Bouquet 1

Happy Wrapping!


Gift Wrap Inspiration: Paper Lace Band


During my recent trip to the CHA show I had the opportunity to see lots of really cool crafting machines.  One of the machines that stood out to me was the Fiskars AdvantEdge Punch cutting system.  I’ve seen this crafting machine in the stores for a few months but never really took the time to learn how it worked or what type of craft it produced.  After getting a demo of the machine at the show all I can say is I love this machine.

For my latest gift wrap inspiration post,  I decided to use the Fiskars AdvantEdge Punch machine to create beautiful paper lace bands. The decorative borders that the AdvantEdge machine cuts are fabulous for gift wrapping and there are multiple design cartridges you can use to create different looks.

For my Valentines gift wrap this year I am using a fun polka dot paper and the “Celtic Knot” and “Flower Garden” Fiskars punch designs.


Traditionally Valentines is all about the colors red and pink so the chocolate paper with dots and the pink lattice paper I wrapped my gifts in give my gifts a modern spin.


For my paper lace bands I used a gold metallic paper which adds an elegant touch to my gifts.


When you wrap your Valentines gifts this year get creative with your paper and embellishments. And if you love paper crafting, the Fiskars AdvantEdge Punch machine should be part of your craft closet!



Gift Wrap Inspiration using a leftover sweater!

As you know I love wrapping gifts and I try to be creative with every gift I wrap.  After completing my Cable Knit Table I had the rest of the sweater lying around and was looking for a fun way to use it.  A few cuts with the scissors, some ribbon and a few embellishments and I had the makings for some fun and easy holiday gift wrapping.
IMG_6929 copy
Old sweaters and patterned shirts are an inexpensive way to wrap gifts and make them unique.
IMG_6942 copy
I used the sleeve of the sweater to create a gift bag for a wine bottle.  The top was tied with a red and white striped ribbon and a snowy white felt flower was attached as a fun embellishment.  I’m working on a project using the felt flowers and will unveil that to you soon.
IMG_6939 copy
Wrapping a tubular item with paper can be a bit tricky on the ends but a sweater or fabric piece makes the wrapping easy. The cable knit pattern looks great in a circular format and tying up the ends of the sweater piece with pretty ribbon is as easy as it gets.
IMG_6934 copy
For this last gift, which fit into a small box, I used a piece of the sweater to wrap the box just like I would with paper.  Because the wrapping was a sweater I thought the addition of a paper mitten gift tag was the perfect embellishment for the top.  Can you guess what’s inside the box….(gloves maybe)!
IMG_6931 copy

Gift Wrapping Tips Using Clothing:

*  Use pieces of clothing that have visual interest like a texture or pattern 
*  To keep the ends of cut fabric from fraying, trim the edges with pinking sheers
*  Double sided tape will work well with most light weight fabrics.  For thick or textured fabric, use a dab of hot glue to hold the edges down.
* Incorporate details of the clothing piece into your wrap…buttons, pockets, collars and such
Before you toss out any old sweaters or pieces of clothing, take a look and see how you could use them as creative gift wrapping.
Happy Wrapping!

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