The 5 Most Versatile Decorative Accessories You Can Own

One of the things I noticed when we were packing and again as we’ve been unpacking is that I have an overload of decorative accessories.  One reason for my ‘collection’ is a result of my profession as a designer and the other I blame on my need to change-up my decor on a regular basis.

As I’ve been unpacking, I’m trying to focus on keeping only those items that can be used in more than one area of my house and are the most versatile.  Taking the time to analyze each accessory got me thinking about which decor pieces I consider essential when it comes to decorating.   I’ve narrowed down the list to 5 items that I think are worth their weight in gold and wanted to share the list with you.

The 5 Most Versatile Decorative Accessories You Can Own by ConfettiStyle

The 5 Most Versatile Decorative Accessories You Can Own by ConfettiStyle

Decorative Boxes are not only pretty to look at but they are one of the most functional decor pieces you can own.  They can be used for storage, to contain clutter or simply as a decorative element on a tabletop or bookshelf.  One of my favorite uses for a decorative box is on a coffee table as part for a grouping of accessories. And you’ll always find a decorative box as part of my bedroom decor on my nightstand.

Drive By Decor



The 5 Most Versatile Decorative Accessories You Can Own by ConfettiStyle

 Ginger Jars were originally used to hold spices when they were being transported across Asia.  Today ginger jars are one of the most popular and trendy decor pieces around.  Because ginger jars are available in hundreds of different designs, colors and shapes, you can easily find a style that will work with your decor.  I’m partial to blue and white designs but love the impact that colorful ginger jars add to a room.  My favorite place to accessorize with large jars is on top of a bookcase or armoire, or next to a fireplace.  And I love using small jars on bookshelves or kitchen counters.

Citrine Living

Gracious Farmhouse

Simple Details


The 5 Most Versatile Decorative Accessories You Can Own by ConfettiStyle

Studio McGee 

I didn’t realize how many Glass Hurricanes I owned until I started packing for our move.  I own clear glass hurricanes in a variety of sizes and recently added a pair to tortoise hurricanes to my stash.  I’m always burning candles in my home so I use small hurricanes throughout the year to hold candles so the flame is contained (learned that trick from Anthropologie).  And during the holidays, I love using large hurricanes to hold ornaments or other holiday decor.  And a hurricane makes a great vase for flowers or greenery stems.

Crate and Barrel


Country Living


The 5 Most Versatile Decorative Accessories You Can Own by ConfettiStyle

Studio McGee

I think the next item on my list is a pretty obvious one. A Decorative Tray is an essential decor piece and one that I think belongs in every home.  Like ginger jars, trays come in all shapes, sizes and colors which makes decorating with them easy.  On a nightstand, a tray can be used to hold jewelry and bedtime essentials.  And on a coffee table, a tray adds a layer of style for holding smaller objects like candles, decorative objects or books.

Decor Pad


The Everygirl


The 5 Most Versatile Decorative Accessories You Can Own by ConfettiStyle

I must admit that I have a bit of an obsession with Decorative Bowls.  Silver bowls, chinoiserie themed ceramic bowls and rustic bowls are my favorites for decorating.  If you’re looking for an impact statement on your coffee or console table, a large bowl filled with decorative spheres or flowers is nice.  And small bowls are a stylish way to hold matchboxes or trinkets on a tabletop.


How To Decorate

Design Indulgence


The details are not the details, they make the design!

                                                                                                                                        —Charles Eames

When it comes to decorative accessories, not all decor pieces are created equal.  There are some accessories that are classic, timeless and stand the test of time against design trends. 

So what do you think of my list of essential decorative accessories?  Is there an item or two that you’d add?

p.s.  if I were to add another item, it would be books!

Favorites Of The Week { A Little Of This & That}

Hi friends.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and have fun plans for the long weekend ahead.  Crazy is the only word I can use to describe the last two weeks of my life.  I was ‘crazy busy’ packing for the move to our new house.  And once we got all the boxes and furniture moved in there was craziness with new flooring being installed.  And add in a little ‘kitchen crazy’ since we haven’t been able to use the dishwasher in two weeks and having to cancel our order with Lowes. #servicefail  And did I mention the hubby had to re-wire the dyer with a new electrical cord.

Things are finally settling down and good things are happening. We purchased a new dishwasher from Home Depot and had an awesome buying experience.  It’s being delivered today and I can’t wait.  We’ve unpacked some of our boxes and are finally getting settled into the kitchen and bedroom.  And the best news of all…we are heading to the Caribbean tomorrow for a little rest, relaxation & rejuvenation.

Even though I skipped out on blogging last week, I’ve been working hard to get back on schedule and have a line-up of new blog post to share with you next week.  Until then, enjoy a few favorites from the week and the long weekend ahead.

Favorites:  Design & Style…

Great advice for decorating at any age.

I shared this gorgeous tablescape on Instagram and immediately went on the hunt for black plates.  H and M has these black plates which are a great price.

I loved taking a look inside Erin Gates’ design studio.

15 ways to layout your living room.  If you study these images you’ll find lots of design inspiration.


Favorites:  Shopping list…

There are lots of great new design, entertaining and style books coming out this fall.  I’m looking forward to this fun book all about styling your bar cart. {affiliate link}

Have you noticed that Amazon is really stepping it up when it comes to their clothing selections?  I’ve seen lots of bloggers posting about items they’ve purchased.  I spotted this cute ruffle sleeve sweater and I’m considering it.  I can’t believe it’s less than $25! {affiliate link}


I’m still searching for the perfect bar cart.  This one might be a good option.

Favorites:  Pins

This table setting image led me to my new favorite Instagram site, The Chinoiserie Collective.  So many gorgeous images.

I love the color palette and design details in this kitchen.


Pattern mixing perfection!  I never thought of mixing different chinoiserie patterns until now.

via One Kings Lane

In Other News…

Voting ends Sept. 15th for the Interior Blog Awards.  If you haven’t voted yet, I’d love for you to cast your vote for ConfettiStyle here. #IBA17

11 Favorites From The New Ikea Catalog

If you’re sad that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over don’t fret!  The new Ikea catalog is out so you can still flex your shopping muscles like a pro.

There are so many things I’m loving about this new catalog, I don’t know where to begin.  The first thing I noticed was the emerald green product on the catalog cover. Emerald is one of my favorite colors so I’m thrilled to see the new items in this color.  Next, just when I thought Ikea could only do modern decor, I spotted several industrial inspired designs in the catalog.  And then there are the new black and white pieces which are just too good for words.

After flipping through the catalog, I rounded up 11 items that I’m totally swooning over and wanted to share them with you.  Let’s go shopping shall we…

***You can check out all of the new items here.

11 Favorites From The New Ikea Catalog


11 Favorites From The New Ikea Catalog

11 Favorites From The New Ikea Catalog

11 Favorites From The New Ikea Catalog


1 //  Tuvalie Throw ($12.99)–This classic grey and white stripe throw is going to become hot commodity for designers and bloggers in no time flat.  I’ve got one on my shopping list and might buy the red version too since red is my favorite color.  This is the perfect layering piece for the foot of a bed.

2 // The Nymo Lampshade ($19.99)–This lamps shades delivers modern elegance at a great price.  The brass interior is gorgeous and I’m sure the scalloped pattern creates a beautiful reflection when lit.  The shade also comes in white, green and dusty blue.

3 // Tilladg Flatware ($59.99)–It seems that black flatware is fast becoming a hot design trend and I predict that this set is going to sell out quick. And the gold version will be right behind it.

4 // Stockholm Serving Bowls ($39.99)–I love the deep cobalt blue color and the low profile shape of these bowls.  I will definitely be picking up a set to mix with my blue and white china.  I also think they would look great as planters with succulents in them.

5 // Lillhomen Wall Lamp ($19.99)–I want to see this lamp in person to gauge the actual size but I’m loving the look from the photo.  A pair of these flanking a vanity mirror would look fabulous.  Also available in a chrome finish ($14.99) and a ceiling mount version.

6 // Stockholm Armchair ($249)–I am so in love with this chair!  The design is fabulous and the dark grey cushions really make it pop.  I’ll take two please. fyi–If you don’t like the grey cushions, you can purchase the chair alone for $149 and make your own cushions.

7 // Stockholm Cabinet ($349)–This cabinet is a beaut. I love the light airy feel of the rattan and the petite brass handle pulls.  Such a great little detail.

8 //  Tjena Storage Box ($3.99)–Ikea makes having a stylish home office so easy.  The emerald green abstract design will really create a wow moment in an office or creative space.  Also available in white, lt. blue and black.

9 // Glattis Coasters ($6.99)–Gold coasters and less than $10–need I say more.  You might want to pick up a couple extra sets to put in your gift closet because these will make great holiday gifts.

10 // Mastholmen Armchair ($100)–This chair was designed of outdoor use but I could easily see it being used inside in a casual living space.

11 // Fjallbo Shelf ($99)–Just when you thought everything at Ikea has a modern flair, they come out with this industrial designed shelf unit. This is a great piece for a home office, closet or mud room.


I’ll be spending lots of time at Ikea in the coming weeks as I look for creative ways to organize our new house.  If you see me roaming the aisles, say hi!

p.s. Copies of the new Ikea catalog are available in stores now or your can download a copy here.

Fab Finds at HomeGoods (Budget Friendly Decor)

I’ve spent a lot of time in my local HomeGoods stores lately looking for accessories for several clients.  HomeGoods is such a great source for shelf fillers, tabletop decor and general accent decor.  HomeGoods is usually picked over when I go shopping but on a my most recent trip I hit the timing just right.  The shelves and aisles were over-flowing and I spotted so many great items.

HomeGoods Happy Finds

Let’s start with the furniture….

I loved this garden stool/side table.  At first glance it looks like its made of concrete but it’s actually a resin materials so it’s not too heavy.  If you’re into neutral decor, this would look great between a pair or chairs or next to a sofa.

I’ve seen the cube ottomans at several stores and thought they would look cute in a play room or nursery.

HomeGoods has some super cute chairs but they aren’t always comfortable.  This animal print chair would be a great accent chair in a bedroom or kitchen desk.

The acrylic trend is alive a well at HomeGoods and this tiered side table was fun.  The only down side about buying acrylic from HomeGoods is finding a piece that isn’t all scratched up.

I really liked this tufted bench.  It was actually really comfortable and would be perfect at the foot of a bed.

tip:  don’t overlook upholstered furniture pieces at HomeGoods.  Their prices are so go you could have a piece re-upholstered and still spend less than buy a higher end piece.

This brass and marble-look side table was really cute.  The top is made of a composite material that looks like a piece of marble.  This table would be perfect between two club chairs.

This dining table caught my eye mostly because of the legs.  This mid-century style would look great in a loft and because it’s so big, it could even be used as conference table in an office.

tip:  if you see surface scratches or dings in a piece you like, ask for a discount.  

This chest of drawers had a really great texture to it and I loved the clean lines of the design.

tip:  if you’re considering a large furniture piece from HomeGoods, make sure to look it over.  I often see scratches and missing pieces (note the missing drawer pull below).

Now let’s check out the accessories and other decor I spotted…

You can find spheres like these at several big box stores but they are usually in a gold finish.  I love these in black with a touch of gold on the end of each prong.  You can use these a tabletop decor or hang them on the wall.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

The faux boxwood topiary at HomeGoods look pretty realistic and the ceramic containers make them look more expensive than they are.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

This acrylic and gold-rimmed tray almost came home with me (tray hoarder)!  If I remember correctly, it was less than $20 and it came in several colors including the champagne below.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

This copper mailbox was really chic and a great size.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

This metal stool is perfect to tuck away in a closet or kitchen to reach those high shelves.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

These glass lanterns were really pretty and would look great on a covered porch, sunroom or indoors.

tip:  unless glass is tempered, you don’t want to expose it to prolonged periods of hot sun or changing temperatures.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

This artwork would have been perfect for a clients powder room but the frame was busted up.  Hopefully I’ll run across it at another store.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

HomeGoods has started to sell more abstract art.  This piece had lots of texture and looked more expensive than it was.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

Decorative and patterned lampshades seem to be a trend and there were plenty the day I was shopping.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

It’s always challenging to find small lamps that can work on a bathroom vanity or on the kitchen counter.  HomeGoods has lots including this pierced ceramic lamp.

tip:  don’t pass up a lamp you like because of the lampshade.  Changing the shade is an easy and inexpensive fix.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

My collection of teacups from Anthropologie is growing.  But now I have a new source because I saw several Anthropologie inspired styles at HomeGoods for a lot less.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

The pillow section looked like a tornado had gone through it so I didn’t spend much time looking .  I did see this beautiful needlework lumbar pillow which would look great on a bed or sofa.

Decor Finds from HomeGoods

One other thing you should keep your eye out for at HomeGoods–design books.  I needed 9 coffee table books for a client and found some great titles for less than $20 each.Decor finds from HomeGoods

I follow lots of folks on Instagram so I know I’m not the only one spending time at HomeGoods.

 Have you found any great items there lately?


Favorite Posts, Pins and Products of the Week

Favorites Of The Week

The time has come for us to sail away on a glorious 8 days cruise.  I’ll be posting the highlights on Instagram so make sure to follow me there.  And next week I’ll be sharing the Best of ConfettiStyle with a round-up of some of the most popular blog post since I started this blog journey.  Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you back here on the 12th with a tan and sand in my shoes!



Only one word to describe this kitchen makeover…gorgeous!

PJ Kitchen 08_edited-1

Lessons in Layering your decor.  A great read and a great home tour too!


William McClure via Marcus Design

Where have these Mod Melts been all my life.  So many ideas and so little time.




This is a beautiful and creative way to design a bathroom vanity.


via Space Crafting

This gold leaf table top table is stunning. The rest of the home is pretty great too.



This is the newest addition to my Words To Inspire Pinterest board which includes over 1800 inspirational quotes and words of wisdom.  If you need to positive energy, check out the board here.




I love the palm leaf trend that is so popular right now and I love this pillow.  Oh, and check out Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall/Winter Botanical Garden collection.

Crewel Palms Pillow



This wall shelf would look great in a kitchen or in a bathroom.  It pays to shop where the teenagers do.


These fall leaf appetizer plates will be the star of the show on your fall dining table. And I love these pumpkin ones too.


I’m so happy to find malachite decor at an affordable price.  You could buy this malachite dish and use it as a coaster.



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A Few Of My Favorite Blue & White Vignettes

Blue & White Vignette


♦  My Favorite Blue & White Vignettes  ♦

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of all things blue and white especially blue and white chinoiserie decor.  Although I really started building my blue and white collection, this classic and timeless look is one I’ve always been inspired by. Here’s a look at a few of my all-time favorite blue & white vignettes.


Blue is a color that mixes well with just about other color but one of my favorite color combos is blue and orange.  This vignette is the perfect way to dress up a small foyer and make a statement with just a few dynamic pieces.

Blue & White Vignette


Or you can keep the color palette to just blue and white.  Don’t you just love how the lines on the mirror replicate the lines on the console? #detailsmakedesign

Blue & White Vignette


I’m a sucker for blue and white ceramic pieces and this vignette was built to showcase each and every decorative piece.

Blue & White Vignette


Nothing makes a dynamic tablescape like this collected grouping of objects you see in this vignette.  If you ever come across a blue and white piece missing its lid, keep in mind that it can be used as a flower vase.

Blue & White Vignette


What’s not to love about this bar cart vignette?  The blue and blue pieces add personality and relate to that amazing wall decor.

Blue & White Vignette


Then there’s the idea of using blue and white to dress up a party table.  So much inspiration in this one beautiful vignette!

Blue & White Vignette


A blue and white statement lamp is a great way to add impact and elegance to a bedroom.

Blue & White Vignette


If you’re an avid flea market shopper like me,  keep your eyes open for inexpensive blue and white plates.  Hung on a wall, a collection of plates is really dynamic.

Blue & White Vignette


So who else out there loves blue & white as much as I do?

 If you’re shopping for some budget friendly pieces, check out a few I’ve come across recently…

Budget Friendly Blue & White Decor

1)Blue & White Vase–$24.99 @ At Home // 2) CHD Home Textiles Shower Curtain–$14.99 // 3) Happiness Jar–$14.99 @
4) David Textiles Ginger Jars Collection 44″ Cotton Fabric By The Yard–$4.97/yd @ Wal-Mart //5) American Atelier Acrylic Chair–$129.99 @
6) Blue and White Ceramic Jar-$14.99 @ // 7)  E & J Home Embroidered Pillow–$19.99 @ // 9)  Set of 4 Tidbit Plates–$15.00 @

Happy Shopping!

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Back-To-School Shopping–The Adult Version

Back-To-School Shopping For Adults Who Like To Decorate


This past weekend was a big back-to-school shopping weekend here in Atlanta.  It was a tax-free weekend and most school are starting back this week or next so shopping had to get done.

Even though I knew the stores were going to be crowded, I ventured out for a few hours to see if there were any deals to be had.  And boy or boy were there.

I never really took note of it before but shopping during the back-to-school season has its benefits.  Most of the big box stores like HomeGoods, Target and Macy’s had beefed up their inventory levels and had some great decorative pieces to decorate dorm rooms.  Not only were the prices good, but many of  items could work just as easily for home decor.

 p.s. if you haven’t noticed, dorm  decor has really become style statement these days.  Far from the posters I hung on the wall.

So I know you’re asking yourself what does this mean for all of us that aren’t going off to school.

It means back-to-school season is a great time to shop for home decor items.


Here’s a list of home decor products that are worth shopping for NOW during back-t0-school season and some great pieces you might want to snag:

  •  Bed Linens–there are lots of fun patterns including plaids, stripes and geometrics out for back-to-school.
  • Organizing Items–I spotted lots of amazing baskets and cloth storage bins as well and space-saving door and under-bed storage pieces.
  • Office Decor–caddies, trays, boxes and bins plus lots of cute bulletin boards and wall units.
  • Lighting–especially tabletop and desk lamps many of which are priced better than those styles marketed for home decor.
  • Accent Furniture–if you’re in the market for a small side table, ottoman, pouf or stools, you’ll find lots to choose from.
  • Bathroom Decor–great under cabinet pieces, towels and vanity accessories.


Back-To-School Shopping For Adults Who Like To Decorate

Back-To-School Shopping For Adults Who Like To Decorate


Shop these looks:

Palm Leaf Quilt //Modern Anywhere Chair //  Two Head Task Lamp // Faux Marble Clock // Enchante Wall Storage Bin 
Wood and Metal Storage Boxes // Rope Medallion Pillow // Enchante Pillow // 2 Drawer Accent Table // Claudette Wire Hamper

Did anyone else find any great home decor deals while school shopping?

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Favorite Design & Entertaining Posts of the week!

Favorites Of The Week

I came across so much great design content on the web this week so today in my Saturday Favorites post, I’m sharing some of the goodness with you. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit back and enjoy. There’s lots of eye candy and inspiration coming your way.


Favorite Design Spaces

I’ve been a fan of lighting designer Barbara Cosgrove for years and loved this look into your beautiful home.

I like simple. I like form. I don’t like piddly little statements. If you’re going to do it, do it.
— Barbara Cosgrove

Design Inspiration

The art of layering your decor happens before your eyes.

Design Inspiration

These are the colors that are dominating the design world in 2016.

Life should be chic, glamorous and colorful, and so should your home.

–Jonathan Adler

Summer Entertaining and Design Inspiration

Summer entertaining secrets and a beautiful table setting.

Design Inspiration

Celebrity designers spill their decorating tricks.

Be a ruthless editor of what you allow into your home.  Ask yourselves, “what does this object mean to me?”

–Nate Berkus

Design Inspiration

No more ugly clay pots…especially when you can UpStyle them in a flash.

Enjoy your weekend friends.

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