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Have you ever heard the saying, ‘decorating is in the details?’  I believe that the design details within your decor are the that bring it to life and give your home its personality.  Take decorative bowls for instance.  They look good on coffee tables, console tables, on bookshelves and just about any other place you put them.

The other day I was shuffling some of my accessories around and put a decorative bowl on the coffee table and one on the console table in the dining area.  The bowls looked great where they were but the question of what to put in them popped up.  After rummaging through my stash of accessories and crafts, I came up with a few options.  Here’s what you might consider putting in a decorative bowl.


Scrabble Pieces

I’ve bought a couple of old scrabble games at thrift stores, planning to use the tiles in other projects.  Since that hasn’t happened, I decided to use them as decor and placed them in a beautiful blue and white bowl I have.  The tiles add an eclectic and fun detail to the coffee table.

Coffee Table2


I’ve got two baskets filled with pinecones that travelled with us all the way from Seattle when we moved 15 years ago.  They add a rustic and wintry feel to my decor this time of year and look really great piled up in a vintage brass bowl.

Coffee Table4


When my store was open, these alphabet balls were a bigger seller.  In the store I displayed them under a glass cloche or in a lidded glass jar but for my decor, I love them in this gold pedestal bowl I found at Hobby Lobby around Christmas.  The balls are whimsical but still have a classic vibe to them.

Coffee Table5


Here’s another look I created for my coffee table last week using Dominos in a gold leaf bowl.  What I like most is the contrast of the black and white dominos against the gold bowl and animal print tray.  The dominos also add a playful feel to the table.

Coffee Table Dominos

If you’re looking for something to put in the decorative bowls in your home, these are just a few ideas. You could also try one of these decorative accessories…

DICE or VINTAGE POOL BALLS ( This set of dice is a great price and I just bought a set for myself)



MARBLES (Etsy is a great source for really unique vintage marbles)



OLD BOOK PAGES (hit up your favorite thrift store)

Book Pages


MOSS BALLS (check out this great source of all types of unique bowl fillers)

Moss Balls

Of course you know I’m going to ask?  What do you fill your decorative bowls with?

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SIX Ways To Style Your Coffee Table.001.jpeg.001

There are several areas in my home where I am constantly tweaking and changing the decor and one of those is my coffee table.  I love changing the look by rearranging the accessories, switching up the items or adding flowers.

If you search coffee table decor on Pinterest you’ll find hundreds of different ways you can decorate your coffee table and trying to recreate those looks can be challenging. To make decorating a little easier, I’m outlining SIX of the most common (and easiest) ways to style a coffee table using items that you probably already own.


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15 Design Elements I Love.001

We all have them?  Favorite design details that we want in our existing home or in our dream home.  Those special touches and design elements that speak to us and creates the personal retreat that makes a house a home.

A few months ago I shared with you that my dream home is a Cape Code style home on the water.  I’m constantly dreaming about what that home would look like on the outside and how I’d decorate it on the inside.   My approach to decorating would be to include all the elements that consistently appeal to me, many of which exist in my current decor, details I’m constantly drawn to on Pinterest or rooms that spot me when I’m flipping through design magazines.  My favorite design details are all elements that are classic and timeless but would still let me infuse my own personality and style into the decor.

Want to know what decor and design details I love? Here they are…


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Design Style.001

I taught a design workshop right before Christmas that focused on seasonal décor and fashion.  During the workshop I presented decorating tips and design ideas to inspire those in attendance with their design and personal style.  As I look back on the workshop I recognize that the ideas presented ran the gamment from casual and country to chic and traditional.  It’s always my goal to present a range of ideas that anyone can identify with, since everyone’s style is different.

The workshop also got me thinking about people who don’t have a clear vision of what their style is and in-turn find it challenging to decorate their homes.  If you fall into that category, this blog post is for you.  I’m outlining the steps you can take to analyze and define your design style so decorating becomes a joy and not a job.


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Raskog Utility Cart.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001

Raskog--Dark Grey Raskog--Beige

I don’t know what it is about a new year that makes us all want to declutter and organize our homes.  As part of this yearly ritual, I’m always on the hunt for easy storage solutions and one of my go-to shopping sources is always Ikea.

Every time I shop Ikea I ponder purchasing the Raskog Utility Cart.  This cute little storage cart is just one of those pieces that you can image using in a thousand different ways around the house  And the $29.99 price point makes it even more attractive.

To convince myself and maybe you too, I’ve rounded up some photos showing different ways this storage cart can be styled.


When space is tight, the Raskog cart makes an ideal side table and the three storage shelves can hold an array of items for quick access.

Raskog--Side table


I love the idea of using this cart in the kitchen to hold cooking supplies you use frequently.  When not in use the cart and be pushed into a corner or tucked into a pantry closet.



Use the cart to hold functional and decorative accessories in the kitchen.  It’s a great spot to place potted herbs.

Raskog--kitchen supplies


And when more space is needed, just double up on the cart storage.

Raskog--kitchen x 2


The barcart trend continues to be strong and the Raskog cart is fun for a small cocktail station.  And the perfect piece to hold cocktail or cookbooks.



And if the turquoise, beige or dark gray color options don’t work with you decor, this cart is easy to spray paint for a custom look.



And another selling point is the ability to hang magnetic rods and buckets on the cart for even more storage options.



Use the cart to towels and toiletries in a guest bathroom.

Raskog--bathroom storage


The idea of all my cleaning supplies in one place just might have persuaded me to buy the Raskog cart.

Raskog--Cleaning Supplies


The cart makes a pretty cute storage shelf for seasonal footwear and fashion accessories.

Raskog--Shoe storage


And for all you crafters and sewers out there, this cart has endless possibilities for storage and organization.  The mobility makes the cart easy to move around your craft space or even to another room in your house.

Raskog--craft storage


I love how the Raskog easily tucks into a closet space and under shelving.

Raskog-- craft supplies


Mount the top bin upside down to create a solid working station for a sewing machine, laptop or office equipment.

Raskog--sewing cart


There are lots of storage carts on the market but in my book the Raskog Utility Cart is one of the best and definitely one of the more versatile pieces you can buy.

For more organizing tips, check out these posts:
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Hello friends. Sorry for the lack of blog posts the last few days.  I’ve been attending the Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings show for the last week and just couldn’t find time to sit at the computer and finish up the blog post I had planned for the week.  The show is over, I’ve caught up on some rest and I’m ready to jump back in the saddle again.

Today I’m bringing you the first Design Chat post of the year and I’m addressing a comment left by Liz  about decorating her office space.  In addition to decorating ideas, Liz wanted tips on organizing her workspace without sacrificing style.  I know many of you are dealing with office space issues too, so here’s some design advice and decorating inspiration that I hope will help.

Design Chat: Office Decor and Organization.001

Decorating an office space, whether in the home or out, can be challenging.  You’re trying to strike a balance between functional and organized with inspirational and pretty.  When it comes to organization in your office here are the things you want to address:

A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE–disorganization happens when you don’t have an easy and accessible place to store every day items.  Add style by using decorative containers to hold office supplies.  And when shopping for containers, don’t just shop the office supply area, look for unique containers in the kitchen and bath department, at craft stores and even in home decor stores.

tip:  go vertical where possible to maximize every inch of your office space

Office Orgnization via Hative


(if anyone knows the source for this glass vase trio please let me know)

Office Supply Storage


File storage


DECORATE WITH FURNITURE THAT WORKS IN MULTIPLE WAYS–a divided bookcase is one of the best pieces of furniture you can use in a home office.  Each cubby can hold different items and items can be organized in baskets, boxes, jars or other containers adding to the decor of your space.

tip:  keep smaller objects organized in baskets and bins and use larger items for display and visual impact

Office storage--masculine


tip:  painted file cabinets (an easy DIY) can be used in place of a side table or console table while offering you loads of storage space

File Cabinets


USE EVERY AVAILABLE INCH OF SPACE–when you look around your office space, keep your eyes open for unexpected areas where you can incorporate storage and organization.  Hang wire shelving or cork boards on the inside of closet doors and place lidded baskets or a small file cabinets under your desk.

Desk Storage


CREATE ORGANIZATION THAT’S MOBILE–many times a home office has limited space so getting creative with how and where you store supplies is necessary. Rolling carts can be used to hold desk accessories and offices supplies, and can be pulled out when needed and stored in a closet when not in use.  Magazine files, baskets and bowls can hold items on the cart and make it easy to move those items to your desk surface when you’re working.

tip:  rolling carts are idea for wireless printers and other office machinery

Office Organization via Brit and Co


CREATE COHESION WITH COLOR–there are lots of ways you can organize papers, files and supplies but using a color system not only adds to the style of your office but can help you create a storage system that’s easy to manage.

Identify a specific color for different categories of products like receipts, office tools, paper or computer/camera accessories.

tip: pick a color theme that energizes and makes you happy so you’ll feel good when you’re working in your office

Office Organization


PUT A LABEL ON IT— labels will make finding things in your office easy and make putting things back a breeze.  Use a label maker or print labels on sticker paper so that the style, font and color is consistent throughout your office.  Consistency=order and visual beauty.

tip:  label holders with handles work great on magazine files, cabinet doors, filing cabinets and baskets

Office Organization--labels


MAKE YOUR SPACE PRETTY & INSPIRATIONAL:  include decorative elements that are pretty, inspirational and remind you of your goals and wishes.  Decorative clipboards are my go-to office accessory and not only serve as wall decor but are functional when I need a writing surface outside my office.

tip:  make your own decorative clipboards using craft supplies or shop decorative clipboards here.

Office Clipboards


Now that you have some tools to help you get organized, let’s take a look at some of my favorite office spaces around the web…

Office Space Inspiration:

This compact office space does not lace style or personality.  The gold accents create a theme and even the extra side chair become a stylish way to store books.

Office Space via The Every Gril


I’ve shown this image on the blog  before and it continues to be one of my all-time favorite office spaces.  The cabinet along with the shelving provide major storage and display space, and the baskets and boxes add the stylish organization every office needs.

Office Space


This office space has a defined style that oozes creativity. I love the idea of using wallpaper (or even giftwrap) to define and personalize your office.

Office Space via bhg


So are you ready to decorate and organize your office space in style?  If so, you can shop some of my favorite office accessories below…

Shop my favorite office accessories:

Design Chat: Office Decor and Organization.002

glass display box $19-99-$34.99/ fjalla file box  $3.99 /  white clipboard $9.99 / acrylic tape dispenser $9.99 /hanging storage file box $16.99 / industrial ladder shelf $129 /  kvarnvik storage boxes $16.99 set / gold rim stainless steel scissors $16.99 / fjalla magazine file  $4.99-2-pack / multi-colored binder $5.99 

Design Chat: Office Decor and Organization.003

chevron file folders $11.99 / pilar pencil cup $12.95 / antique brass accordion file storage $44.99 / adhesive book plates $3.99 / 3 shelf metal utility cart $36.30 / metal cabinet label holdersawesome prices

Once you get the key components of your office organization in place, you can go about making it pretty so you’ll love going to work.

Happy Decorating!

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Statement Necklace Styling


I, like most women have a thing for jewelry. My particular crush is on bold statement pieces that have lots of personality and wow.

During the cold winter months, statement necklaces are a great way to accessorize layered clothing and bulkier pieces like a sweater or blazer.  A statement necklace can add instant impact to any outfit, causal or dressy.

Here’s a round-up of a few statement necklaces I just discovered and styling tips on how to wear them.

Statment Styling


How To Style A Statement Necklace

♦  The chunkier the clothing, the chunkier the necklace–make sure your necklace can hold its own against the texture and visual weight of  your sweater or jacket.

♦  Mix it up–don’t be afraid to wear multiple necklaces together to create your own signatures statement style.

♦  Go for the hi-low mix–a statement necklace can work just as well with a causal sweater and jeans as it can with a cashmere cardigan and tailored slacks.

♦  Layer with necklaces–wear statement necklaces to fill in an open neckline on a v-neck sweater or button up shirt.

♦ Statement necklace and collared shirts are a great combo–wear choker or shorter length necklaces under a collared shirt to create polished look.  Statement necklaces look great with turtlenecks too!

Statement Necklaces.001.jpeg.001

1) Black Stone Metal Necklace–$24.99   2)  Feather Necklace–$34.99  3) Gold Metal Necklace–$24.99

4) Multi-Strand Necklace–$17.99   5) Pria Layered Bead Necklace–$20.00

Statement Necklaces.001.jpeg.002

1) Bainbridge Layer Necklace–$64.00 2) Balletomane Bib Necklace–$98.00 3) Jura Necklace–$99.95

4) Aurelia Necklace–$68.00 5) Manella Stack Pendant Necklace–$58.00


Statment Styling5


Statment Styling2


Statment Styling3


Layered Necklaces


Statement Styling4


Statement Styling5


Do you have a favorite amongst this group of gorgeous statement necklaces?


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I admit I have an addiction (a healthy one on my book) to magazines.  My addiction is not with just any magazine but with design magazines.  Despite the fact that it’s my business to look through magazines, I love holding a glossy in my hands, flipping through the pages and getting caught up in the stories the images tell.

Home Decor magazines

Design magazines are meant to educate and inspire, and for someone who’s decorating their home there are lots of lessons you can learn from the pages of your favorite magazines.


  • If you are trying to define your design style, magazine images can help you flush out what you like and don’t like.  As you go through the pages, flag rooms that appeal to you, circle design elements that you like and identify color combinations that speak to you.  Once you gathered up a handful of images, review them and look for the common threads and consistent elements within each photo.  The images will point you towards your style and create a clear picture that will help yo decorate your home.
  •  Magazine images depict the latest style, color and design trends and will keep you up-to date on what products you’ll be seeing on store shelves and give you ideas for incorporating those trends into your decor.

Design Magazines.003

  • You can learn how to style and accessorize your home from the pages of magazines.  As you look at room images, take note of how items are placed on tabletops, grouped on bookshelves or how artwork collections are hung on the wall.  Most design magazines take an artistic approach with their room layouts so you’re bound to see some really creative accessorizing ideas that just might inspire you to try something new in your own home.
  • If you’re struggling with the layout of furniture in your home, look at magazines to gather ideas on space planning and how furniture groupings are laid out.   Take note of how different furniture styles are used together and how rugs and textiles are used of the room layout.

Design Magazines.002

  • If you’re not comfortable with pattern mixing, magazine images are a great way to hone your skill.  Take not of how different pattern styles that are combined, the scale of patterns and the color combinations.  The more you study room designs that include multiple patterns, the more you’ll begin to see the art of pattern mixing come to life.
  • Look through magazine pages for lighting ideas and take note of how different styles of lighting are used to enhance the decor of a room.

Design Magazines.001

  • Home decor magazines are one of your best resources for picking paint colors.  While you might not find the perfect paint color, you’ll be able to focus in on the family of colors you like for the different room images you see.  Once you have a clear color direction, you can narrow down to more specific colors choices  to look at for your home.

Design Magazines.004

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a woodworker in the family, magazines can supply you (and them) with amazing DIY project ideas.
  • And finally, magazines can make shopping easier or at least make it easy for you to outline a shopping list when you’re ready to decorate your home.

Design Magazines.003

The next time you pick up a design magazine, enjoy the pretty pictures but also spend a little more time studying the images and see how they inspire you.

p.s.  All of the magazines shown above are my go to publications and all of these can be found at your local Barnes and Noble.


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