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Alessandra Branca6 via Traditional Home

Hello friends.  The last few days my life has been a little like this beautiful inspiration board above…a mass of stuff on the to-do list and lots of projects the works.  In times of stress, I look to sources of inspiration to get me through. So I’m popping in today with a quick post to share one of my sources of inspiration and favorite designers, Alessandra Branca.

Alessandra Brance via Lonny phot by Joshua McHugh

via Lonny, photo by Joshua-McHugh

If you’re note familiar with Alessandra Branca, she is a Rome-born designer known for her use of color and her skill of combining  chic, old-world style into the spaces she designs.  

Here are some of the reasons why I love her style:

Exquisite pattern mixing + that floor lamp

Alessandra Branca3

Sophisticated color combinations + those upholstered chairs

Alessandra Branca2

Decorative details + that coral dutch door

Alessandra Branca4

Dramatic design + that plaid daybed

Alessandra Branca

Her fabric line for Schumacher + this chair

Alessandra Brance for Shumacher

via branca

Alessandra Brance for Schumacher--Upholstered Chair

via Schumacher

Traditional Roots + those stools

Alessandra Branca8

Her passion for pink + that rug

Alessandra Branca9

Her whimsical side + that ceiling treatment

Alessandra Branca11

Her use of trims + that chair detail

Alessandra Branca13

When it comes to design with personality and polish, Alessandra Branca is definitely a designer that inspires me.

You can view more of her design work here or pick up a copy of her book…

Alessandra Branca New Classic Interiors


all room images via Alessandra Branca unless noted

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I am constantly changing out the accessories on my coffee table but the one design element that remains a constant is a decorative tray.  I use trays because they add visual layers to the arrangement and they’re great for holding small decorative items and books.

You might remember this brown wood tray that often makes an appearance on my coffee table.  It’s sturdy, oversized and I like the texture and pattern of the woven liner but the tray was begging for a facelift.  As as thing go, changing the look of the tray led to a mini makeover with the coffee table decor.

Spring Coffee Table Tray by ConfettiStyle (8)

Books and flowers are usually the items that add color to the table arrangement but I wanted a bolder color statement so I gave the tray its new look with a coat of emerald green paint (Behr Crown Jewel #P420-7) and new gold handles.


Emerald green has always been a color I love and I plan to use more of it in my fall decor.


Once the tray got its facelift, I went about styling the table with some of my favorite pieces.  I recently started collecting blue and white chinoiserie and  love the combination of green, brass and blue & white.  The combo is eclectic and happy but still has a traditional feel which is right up my alley.


Blue and white ceramics are such a hot design trend right now and I’ve been fortunate to score some great pieces at incredible prices from thrift stores, flea markets and a new shopping source I recently discovered (I’ll share more about it next week).





My coffee table is fairly large and the color pops create the perfect contrast against the darker wood table.



I love how the arrangement turned out and I think the colors are perfect for the last few weeks of summer.

When I’m ready to start decorating for fall, (I’m not there just yet) the DIY pumpkins I’m making will work great alongside the new tray and blue and white pottery.


Product sources: 
Wood Tray–Tuesday Morning (purchased years ago)
Gold Handles (Ikea–spray painted gold)
Wood Box–Tuesday Morning (purchased years ago)
Wood Slice–Hobby Lobby
Gold Wishbone–Hobby Lobby
Small Blue & White Lidded Dish–Goodwill
Large Blue & White Vase–EBTH
Large Blue and White Lidded Bowl with Gold Trim–Local thrift store
Brass Turtle–Goodwill
Scalloped Brass Pedestal Dish-local thrift store


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Society Social Bar Cart

When it comes to bar carts, nobody does it better than Society Social.  If you’re not familiar with Society Social, the company started in 2011 with a small collection of stylish bar carts and their products immediately grabbed the attention of magazines like House Beautiful, Southern Living, Lonny and HGTV,  The business exploded after that and today, the Society Social online boutique sells a range of furniture and decor all with a chic, modern flair and style.  

Society Social

One of the really great things about Society Social is that all of their designs are created by their in-house design team so every piece is original to their business  and  you won’t find them anywhere else. And as a truly custom touch, every single piece is made or finished to order.

Not only are each and every one of the Society Social bar carts stunning, but I love the way they style their pieces for photo shoots and their blog, The Social Diary.

If you need ideas on how to style your bar cart, I’ve got Ten Bar Cart Styling Tips for you that were inspired by the folks at Society Social.

Society Social Bar Cart.001

Tip#1:  Add a lamp and accessories to give your cart the feel of a furniture piece.  

Tip #2:  Create a color story with the items you decorate your cart with.

Society Social2

Tip #3:  Mix in a few unexpected and whimsical accessories to personalize the your cart.

Society Social3

Tip #4:  Your bar cart can definitely be a mix of work and play in an office setting as long as the cart reads more play than work!

Society Social5

Tip #5:  Add Flowers for color and softness.

Tip #6:  Use quickly containers to hold bar tools, straws and swizzle sticks.

Society Social6

Tip #7:  Create layers with the items on your bar cart to make it feel warm and inviting.

Society Social7

Tip #8:  Change the look of your bar cart styling with the seasons, including barware, beverages and accessories.

View More: http://kristaajones.pass.us/gg_pumpkins

Tip #9:  Display entertaining and cocktail recipe books on your bar cart so they are close at hand when you’re planning your next party.

Society Social10

Tip #10:  Select beverages in pretty bottles to add instant style to your cart.

Society Social Bar Cart2

The same techniques you use to style a side table in your home can be used to style your bar cart so have fun and create a space that ready to party in style!


**this is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing a company and products that I love.

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2014 Christmas Table By ConfettiStyle(33) copy

When I shared my Inspiration Notebook at the beginning of the month, one of the things I told you about was my plans to outline my 2015 Christmas decor theme.  Well, during one of my sleepless nights recently the vision came it me.

I want to keep our Christmas decor simple this year since we will most likely be going out-of-town for the holiday. I also want to use red as the foundation of the theme since it’s a classic holiday color and just so happens to be my favorite color.  And finally I want to include a few designer touches to make the decor special. So are you wondering what the theme for 2016 is….


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Color Crush:  ORANGE + GRAY

Orange and Grey via Design-Seeds


I popped into a few home decor stores over the weekend and after about the third store a color trend started to reveal itself.  It’s no surprise that with the coming of fall you’re beginning to see shades of orange in decorative accessories, linens and wall decor but what’s making orange feel fresh is a mix of gray. This quiet neutral has shaken off its bad rap. Gray has not only replaced beige as being the “It” neutral, but grays are now synonymous with style, sophistication and glamour.

Here are my three reasons for loving Orange + Gray…

1)  the combination is sophisticated but has a relaxed feel

2) the color combo is gender neutral and can work in just about every room of a home

3)  both orange and gray mix well with black, white and neutrals which makes these colors really versatile


In the bedroom, orange and gray feels luxurious and rich.  A charcoal gray with slightly blue undertones lends a feeling of masculinity and the orange keeps the overall feeling energized and modern.



Don’t be afraid to mix shades of neutral and gray, Greige which can create a really dynamic colors palette for decorating.  In this living room, a mix of grey, neutral and orange help to create depth and dimension.

Orange and Grey via En.paperblog


I think orange and gray is a great color combo for a piece of hand painted furniture–business on the outside and party on the inside

Orange and Grey Desk via Etsy


Natural wood combined with orange and deep gray tones create a warm, rustic feel and the addition of black helps to ground the space and add a layer of dimension.

Orange and Grey Bedroom via BHG2


I never would have imagined orange and gray in a floral arrangement but the colors are so beautiful together.  I’ll definitely be using this color combination for fall decorating.

Orange and Grey Floral Bouquet


Do you have a fall party of the calendar?  If so, consider orange and gray as the color palette and if it’s a Halloween party, just add black for a sophisticated twist on spooky decorating.

Orange and grey party via en.paperblog


Orange and Grey via Dishfunctionaldesigns


Accents of crisp white give orange and medium shades of gray a modern, urban feel

Orange and Grey Living room via Macys


and when lighter shades of gray are used as accents against a mostly white palette, the feeling is sophisticated and elegant.

Orange and Grey bedroom via MakerGifrl


Like white, selecting a gray paint color can be challenging.  Here are a few things to consider:

Shades of light gray have become a really popular paint color and is the perfect solution when a bit of color is desired but you still want to maintain a light, airy feel.  Many lighter shades of gray actually have a silver undertone which gives the color a bit of sheen under bright lights and adds a subtle glow to a room.  Lighter shades of gray will work in every room of the home and are one of my favorite colors for a bedroom, bathroom, home office or ceiling color.

♥  Medium shades of gray will add warmth and richness to a space without making it appear dark and dreary. Medium tones mix well with neutrals, black and wood tones are great to use in larger rooms to crate a cozy feel.

 You’ve probably heard the term Greige before and may not have realized what it meant.  Greige is a blend of gray and beige creating a warm neutral that is ideal to use in rooms with gold, bronze or brass accents.  Greige walls are also a nice alternative to traditional neutrals are ideal for a living room, family room or kitchen.

♥  Deep charcoal grays have a luxurious and elegant feel to them and are stunning when paired with white trim, jewel tones or primary colors.  Shades of charcoal are best in rooms that get lots of  natural sunlight which will prevent the room from feeling like a cave.

There are lots of opinions on the best gray paint colors but this round-up highlights my favorites:



And, if you’ve ever wondered whether it’s GReY or GRaY here’s the scoop…

Gray (with an “A”) is the preferred choice in American English. 

Grey (with an “E”) is the preferred choice in British English. If you find yourself writing to a British audience in an English newspaper or magazine, grey is the word choice you will want to use.

So when it comes the Orange and Gray, does this color combo get a thumbs up or thumbs down?


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Hello there!   I’m so giddy about my latest diy project and although it’s not revolutionary, it’s the kind of project that puts a big smile on my face.

After spending boat loads of money over the years buying fancy notebooks and journals, I finally decided to get crafty and make my own designer notebooks.

DIY Notebooks by ConfettiStyle1

 Since I have a deep love for beautiful paper, this project centered around some of my favorite patterns, colors and designs.  I used geometric prints, damask patterns, leather and snakeskin designs and of course bright colors were part of the mix.

DIY Notebooks by ConfettiStyle7

The snake skin and embossed croco embossed papers below are actually sheets of vinyl that I found on sale at Michaels for .75 cents.

DIY Notebooks by ConfettiStyle

These diy notebooks were super simple to make and required just a few supplies:

*  Notebooks–most of the notebooks I covered I found at HomeGoods but I also covered Composition Notebooks which you can find at any office supply store, Wal-Mart or Target for around .50 cents.  The mini notebooks came from Ikea (2/$1.00). This Etsy shop also has a great selection of plain kraft notebooks.

*  Decorative paper–you can use scrapbook paper, thick wrapping paper, vinyl sheets and even pages from a book.  Most of my decorative scrapbook paper came from Micheals.

*  Permanent glue tape–I use my Glue Glider Pro which made applying the tape quick and easy–available from Amazon

*  Exacto Knife and Scissors

*  Blank Labels and Sticker Letters–available at Michaels

DIY Noteboooks by ConfettiStyle

How to:

To cover each book, open the notebook, lay it flat and trace the outline of the notebook onto the backside of your paper.  Cut the paper with your scissors.

Apply glue tape to the front of the notebook first and adhere your paper to the front cover.  Next, apply glue tape to the spine of the notebook and wrap the paper around towards the back.

Apply glue tape to the back cover of the notebook and secure the paper in place.  It’s that easy.  You can also cover the inside of the front and back cover if you want.

Finally, apply a label to the front of each notebook and add a sticker monogram to personalize it.

DIY Notebooks

DIY Notebooks by ConfettiStyle6

As an added detail, I UpStyled the larger notebooks with metal corner protectors.


I’m on a notebook making marathon because halfway through making a few for myself I realized what great handmade Christmas gifts they’d make.

DIY Noteboooks by ConfettiStyle5

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you’re inspired to make your own designer notebooks.


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Thanks to everyone who’s submitted a question of the Design Chat series.  Keep them coming.

In today’s installment of Design Chat I’m addressing a question from Sheila related to her sectional sofa.  Here’s what Sheila asked…

We have a Large sectional sofa. It has been in the same position for 11 years. I like to rearrange things, this is the first time I have not rearranged!! So I divided it… Much to my husband disapproval . I have one complete couch four seats with arms, and the other part is three seats with a corner. I have them facing each other. I love how it looks! Makes our large living room look cozy, and don’t feel the need to shout to have a conversation. If I could I would attach a picture…. But not sure how on this new device!
What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance.”


Well, based on Sheila’s question and some of the other questions I’ve received, finding the right decorating solution involving a sofa is a big challenge.  And when you have a sectional, the challenge can be even greater.

Before I answer Sheila’s question, let me address the pros and cons of a sectional sofa.  

PRO:  Sectional sofas can be really functional in large rooms when lots of seating is needed, especially for TV viewing.  And you can find or order just about any configuration in a sectional that you need so creating a custom layout to fit your space is easy to do.

PRO:  Becasue sectional sofas are made up of different sections, it’s easy to move the pieces apart to accommodate guest or a party set-up.

PRO:  Sectional sofas are good for small rooms since they can be pushed up against a wall and into corners while keeping the center of the room open.

PRO:  Sectional sofas can be less expensive than buying a sofa and multiple chairs to fill a room.

CON:  Sectional sofas don’t give you a ton of re-arranging options.  If you like to rearrange your furniture often, know that you probably won’t be able to do so with a sectional. It will probably only work ONE WAY due to TV viewing, door openings etc.

CON:  If you ever want to re-upholster your sectional it will be considerably more expensive to re-cover vs a traditional sofa.

CON:  Picking the right color of fabric for your sectional is key because there is so much fabric making an impact in your room so picking the wrong color could become a major eye-sore.

Sectional Sofa via Crate and Barrel

via Crate and Barrel


So now to answer Sheila’s question…I think separating your sectional is a great idea!  Not only does it create a more intimate seating and conversation area but splitting up the sectional will give your room a less boxy feel and make it feel larger like you noted.   Also, splitting up your sectional could allow you to bring in additional side tables which would actually make the area more functional for guest. A few other things to keep in mind…

♦  To maintain the lounge feel that the sectional had when it was all one piece, consider adding an ottoman or footstool so your husband can prop his legs up.

♦  If you have the two sectional pieces flanking a TV or fireplace wall, it will actually create a much more dynamic focal point within the room.

♦  Make sure you have the right size rug under the furniture to anchor the seating area and the room.

♦  You can get creative with the pillows on the two sectional pieces as long as you have a few common pillows on each side.

So Sheila, separating your sectional sofa gets my vote.

Here are a few inspirational photos is case the hubby needs more convincing.

Facing Sectionals via CB2via CB2  

Facing Sectional Sofas

via Basset Furniture 

Sectional Sofa with ottoman

via Wayfair

Facing Sofa via Domaine Home

via Domaine Home

Facing Sofas via DecorPad

Munger Interiors via DecorPad


For more tips on styling your sectional, you can view my sectional design guide post here:


If you have a design question you’d like to me give input on, you can email me at shelly.confettistyle@gmail.com.




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Butcher Paper--Reliable Paper

I have had lots of fun sharing these Product + Inspiration post with you and I hope they’ve inspired you to look at products in a new way.
Today I’m sharing one of the most versatile products you can buy and decorate with.  It doesn’t involve going to Goodwill or shopping at Ikea, but can be found in the paint aisle at your local hardware store or online from any craft supply shop.  

Today I’m sharing decorating inspiration using butcher paper.  


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