Entertaining Style–Summer Solstice Tablescape

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

 I love creating pretty tablescapes so I’m excited to share my summer inspiration with you as part of the Summertime Tablescape Blog Hop.

The talented Chloe of Celebrate & Decorate pulled together a great group of bloggers for this fun blog hop.  Starting today through the end of the week, the group will be sharing table settings to get inspired for summer entertaining.  I’ve included a list of all the bloggers at the end of this post so make sure to check out the beautiful tables everyone has created.  Now let me show you my summer table…


 I was brainstorming a concepts for my summer table and the idea of a summer solstice theme came to mind. Fire and Sun are two elements that represent summer solstice and they are what inspired the colors for my tablescape.

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Orange and pink are two of my favorite colors and combined with blue and white equals perfection in my book.

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

A secret weapon I have for an inexpensive table runner is to use wrapping paper instead of a cloth runner.  I found this plaid wrapping paper in the dollar section at Michaels and the colors were perfect for my summer solstice theme. And when I went looking for dinnerware to work with the paper colors, I was thrilled that I had just what I needed in my kitchen.

The Fiesta dinnerware was a wedding gift from my mom 25 years ago. I still love it as much today as I did back then and know I’ll have it for years to come.  I purchased the blue melamine plates are from Hobby Lobby last year and the floral bread plates (no longer available) and bowl (below) are from World Market.

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Orange Placemats (similar here) // Fiesta Dinnerware // Blue Melamine Plates (similar here) // Floral Plates (similar here)

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Nomad Flower Bowl  (pattern also available in mugs and dinner plates)

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…layering is one of the most important elements of any tablescape.  I always layer my dinnerware starting with a placemat or charger.  These round placemats from HomeGoods added texture to my table and the color was spot on with the paper runner.

entertaining tip:  combine solid colors with plaid and floral patterns to give your tablescape loads of visual interest 

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

My favorite faux bamboo flatware added more texture and the dark handles popped again the colorful dinnerware.  p.s. If you haven’t picked up a set or two of this flatware you should because you can’t beat the price.   

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

I purchased the napkins at Pier 1 a few months ago and can’t believe how great they work with my table theme.

entertaining tip:  If you come across pretty napkins at a great price, buy them.  You can use them as a placemat or down the center of a table as a runner.

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

I used a pair of vintage brass candlesticks to add height and a shiny accent to the table.  The light green taper candles were in my stash and are the same color as the hydrangea. #connectingthedots

I used a grouping of three vintage blue and white jars to complete the centerpiece.

entertaining tip:  here’s an easy way to remember which side your flatware goes on:  Fork has 4 letters and so it goes on the left which has 4 letters AND spoon and knife have 5 letters so they go on the right which also has 5 letters.

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Collenette Dinner Candles (one of my favorite taper candles) // Glasses from HomeGoods

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Summer Solstice Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed my Summertime Tablescape and feel inspired to do some entertaining of your own.

And be sure to stop by the other bloggers on the tour for more entertaining inspiration.

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Under Glass | Decorating with Glass Cloches

 Decorating with Glass Cloches


When I was cleaning house the other day I realized that I own 5 glass cloches, 11 if you count the small ones I use with small cake pedestals for desserts.

I’ve always loved the look of cloches and have fun decorating with them seasonally like fall and Christmas but I often struggle with how to use them for everyday decor.

If you own a glass cloche or two and struggle with decorating ideas, I’ve rounded up a few that I think will inspire you.

As you go about decorating keep in mind that a cloche is a great place to display collectibles, art, vintage jewelry, plants and flowers.



The idea of nesting small globes under glass is really great for a home office, study or kids play room. This is a simple and eclectic design statements that looks really expensive.  World Market sells small world globes perfect for recreating this look.

Decorating with Glass Cloches


For more traditional decor, this idea of a stack of small leather books with a decorative object on top works.  You can find a types of leather books on Etsy.

Decorating with Glass Cloches


Here’s a fun idea using a vintage scale.  You can place just about anything under a cloche on a scale and it would look amazing.  I think it would be fun to put colorful spools of thread under one cloche and a collection of thimbles under the other.

Decorating with Glass Cloches


In the past I’ve rolled old book pages and put them under one of my cloches’ and I love the way it looks.  This is a fun idea at Christmas using rolled music sheets and small ornaments.

Decorating with Glass Cloches


My friend Marsha will love this idea because she is a tea cup collector.  This is a fun way to showcase special tea cups.  I can envision three of these down the center of a table as the centerpiece for a tea party.  Shop your local thrift store or flea market for unique tea cups and don’t be afraid to mix and match the cups and saucers.

Decorating with Glass Cloches


I have a love for sea shells and think this idea is so beautiful.  If you collect shells during your vacations to the beach this would be a fun way to display them.

Decorating with Glass Cloches


Have I got you inspired to decorate with cloches? 


Decorating with Glass Cloches

one // two // three // four // five // six

Autumn Decorating Idea–Fall Leaf Branches


Fall Decorating Idea:  Fall Leaf Branches 

Last week the hubby and I headed off on a road trip to visit my mom in Oklahoma.  Our travels took us through three states and lots of countryside where I really started to notice the coming of fall.  Trees are starting to turn, leaves are beginning to trickle to the ground and the warm, rich colors of fall are starting come alive.

One of the things that struck me on our drive was the simplicity and beauty of fall foliage.  Since I don’t do a ton of decorating for fall, I’m loving the idea of a few fall leaf branches placed in a jar or vase.  The leaves add color and texture, the branches create visual dimension and a natural touch like leaves makes any space feel more inviting.

Decorating for fall doesn’t get any easier than that!



Clip and gather branches of brightly colored leaves and arrange them like flowers in a decorative vase.  Clear containers let the beauty of the leaves stand out while colorful glassware creates a more modern look and feel.



With so many varieties of leaves just outside your door, it should be easy to find a color that works with your décor.





For a dramatic centerpiece, gather several large branches into a large vase or pot.  Let the branches extend up and out to create a more organic arrangement.





Large groupings of leaves can create a visual backdrop over a mantel just as a mirror or piece of artwork would do.





If you like the idea of decorating with fall leaf branches, here are a few tips that will help your arrangements last:

  1. Choose bright-colored branches that have not peaked in color
  2.  Clip branches with a sharp garden clippers
  3. Remove 2 to 3 inches of bark from the end of the branch and then pound the end of the branch flat.  This will help the branch absorb water better.
  4. Place branches in a container with a mixture of 1/3 glycerin and 2/3 warm water.  Branches should last for a couple of weeks.



When it comes to fall décor, do you go all out or do you like simple touches?


I’ll be back tomorrow to share some high-end designer looks you can hack on a budget.

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12 Ways to ReStyle Your Home

Happy Monday my friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  

I’ve been busy the last few days getting ready for a visit from my mom. Since my mom’s back surgery in 2006 she hasn’t traveled much and it’s been about 7 years since her last visit to Atlanta.  My uncle and his family are making a trip to Florida and my mom decided to tag along for the ride.  They’ll drop her off here in Atlanta on their way and she’ll be spending a  week with me and my brother.  I’m so excited to see her and now that my brother is here, it’s going to be week of family fun.


Anyway, after spending the last few days cleaning, organizing and doing some restyling around the house, I thought I’d share some ideas if you’re wanting to refresh and restyle your home.


Read the Post

It’s a Day of Celebration

Start Each Day

Today’s my birthday and I thought what better way to celebrate than to bring you some party inspiration.


A garden party is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion during the spring and summer.  A table runner made from turf add a touch of realism and whimsey!

Via Ruffled Blog

Ruffled Blog

Get inspired by this Chanel themed dessert bar and create a theme for your next soiree or party!

Via Best Friends For Frosting

Best Friends For Frosting

The little touches you add to your party decor can make it extra special.  I love the idea of adding large glitter to the water in flower vases for a hint of sparkle and glam.

Via Mod Wedding

Mod Wedding

And when it comes time for the cake, how about creating a beautiful tower of cupcakes and flowers.  The perfect way to say Happy Birthday!

Gift Wrap Inspiration by ConfettiStyle4

Tutorial for ribbon tie gift boxes here.

Cupcake Tower

source unknown

 I’m off for a day of fun!  First up Scott Antique Market (I haven’t been in months) and then a birthday dinner with the hubs.

Pop Fizz clink


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