What I Bought At The Round Top Antiques Market (and a few other places too)!

Round Top Antique Market--2017

Happy Friday friends.  As you read this the hubs and I are headed back to Atlanta with my mom in tow.  She’ll be visiting us for a week or so before heading back to Oklahoma.

I wish you could see our car….it’s loaded to the gills with luggage and the vintage finds I picked up at the Round Top Antiques Market and beyond.   If you’re wondering what I mean by beyond, here’s the scope.  In addition to shopping Round Top, my travel buddies and I, Marsha, Wanda and Sherry also stopped at antique stores, flea markets and Goodwill stores during our road trip.  It was a thrifters dream.

Before I show you some of what I purchased, I wanted to share a bit more about our trip.

We left Dallas at 6:30 am on Saturday morning and made the trek to Round Top.  Dallas to Round Top is a 3 hour drive so we had time to chat and plan our shopping strategy for the day.

Once we made it to Round Top we spent the day shopping then drove to Saledo, TX where we were staying the night.  We stayed at the Inn On The Creek which is an adorable bed and breakfast.  I share more about the inn next week but here’s a little glimpse of this charming spot.

On Sunday morning we left Saledo and headed to Waco for more shopping and finally made our way back to Dallas last Sunday evening.

Two days….lots of shopping and a whole lot of fun!

Now let’s get to the really fun stuff…what I bought.

If you remember from my previous posts, I had a list of items I was shopping for including ironstone, blue and white pottery, old design books and vintage jewelry.  Although I wasn’t able to find everything on my list, I did find some plus a few things I didn’t have on my list.


I had pretty good luck in the ironstone category.  I found this pretty ironstone pitcher at a thrift store in Waco and it is in great condition.

Round Top Antique Market--2017

I’ve sold several ironstone gravy boats/creamers in my Etsy store recently and was hoping to find some new pieces to add to the shop.  This one has a pretty leaf and vine design on it and it was only $5.00.

Round Top Antique Market--2017

This 3-piece English ironstone sugar/creamer set was a great find at a Goodwill we stopped at.  And you won’t believe the prices–$5.49 for all three pieces.

Round Top Antique Market--2017

I found this large ironstone bowl at Round Top and love the softly scalloped edge.  It’s a great bowl for fruit or serving salads or pasta.

Round Top Antique Market--2017

Another Goodwill score was a set of Federalist  Ironstone cups and saucers.  I’ve never come across this brand of ironstone before but couldn’t pass up the set which was priced at $5.49.

Round Top Antique Market--2017

Round Top Antique Market--2017

There were two of these blue and white gravy boats but one had a chip so I only bought the one.   And it was less than $6.00!

Round Top Antique Market--2017

My friend Marsha grabbed this blue and white vase but offered it up to me.  #goodfriendssharetheirthriftingfinds

Round Top Antique Market--2017

I found these blue and white bread plates at another thrift store for just $1.99 each.  They are English transferware from Lochs of Scotland.

Round Top Antique Market--2017

One of the booths I stumbled upon a t Round Top had bins of vintage lace for $1.00 per bundle.  You know I had to add a few to my collection.

Round Top Antique Market--2017

I was excited to come across a dealer at Round Top that was selling design books for 50% off the marked price.  The books I purchased,  were published between 1993 and 2008 and cost $6.00 each.

Round Top Antique Market--2017

I spotted this beautiful silver-plated bowl in an antique store in Waco but it didn’t have a price tag on it.  When I took it up to the counter to check the price I was expecting them to say something like $48.  I was surprised and thrilled that it was only $12! #winning

Round Top Antique Market--2017

One of my favorite finds was this cute elephant planter/vase.  There were people around me when I spotted it so I played it cool and grabbed it when they weren’t looking.

Thrifting tip:  be ruthless in the pursuit of a unique treasures

Round Top Antique Market--2017

This cute plaid ice bucket and glass set (6 glasses) was a find at an antique store outside Ft. Worth.  What a fun set for someone to use for summer entertaining.

Round Top Antique Market--2017

These are just a few of the items I purchased on the trip.  I’m coming home with tree boxes full of goodies, most of which I’m planning on putting my Etsy shop.  I’ll be sure to let you know when the items are available.  If you see something you’re interested in, just leave me a comment and I’ll email you the price.

Before I sign off, I did want to share an unexpected find.

Last night we stopped by my cousins’ house.  I’ve been in her house many times but didn’t realized she was a blue and white collector.  She has some beautiful vases, ginger jars and a full set of Blue Willow Dinnerware.  When I spotted it, I commented how I’ve been looking for Blue Willow chins. Then she said something I didn’t expect…she said I could have it.

I’m happy to say that I am now a proud owner of a full set of Churchill Blue Willow dinnerware.

Round Top Antique Market--2017

As I pointed out in yesterday’s blog post, it pays to go off the beaten path when antique shopping in and around Round Top.

Until next time…

DIY Inspiration: Project Footstools {the Inspiration}

A several weeks ago I came across this pair of round footstools at one of my favorite flea markets and snapped them up.  Despite the fabric being hideous the bones of the ottomans were in good shape and I knew they would make for a great DIY transformation. Plus I couldn’t pass up the $11 price tag.  #thriftscore

Footstools-- DIY Project

My initial vision is to recover the pair in velvet, maybe a pretty emerald green or deep navy.  I want a fabric and look that is going to be long-lasting and classic and either of these colors would give me that.  I’m also planning to keep the top button tuft detail which I think gives the stools added character.

Footstool Inspiration


This online store has great prices on solid colored velvet by the yard. And I love this quilted velvet.

Footstool Inspiration


After considering velvet for a couple of weeks I went on the search for more inspiration and stumbled upon these images.

 This pair of stools is covered in mustard colored leather with a nailhead trim.  I like the color but the nail heads are a bit much for me.

Footstool Inspiration


These seafoam colored stools are really pretty but I’m not a pastel girl when it comes to decor and I definitely don’t have time to do all that tufting on the top.

Footstool Inspiration

I love , love Chartreuse as a color and really adore the way it looks on this footstool.   The styling of this ottoman is almost identical to mine except the ones I have don’t have feet which I’m now considering after seeing this piece.

Chartreuse is one of those colors that people tend to steer away from but it is a great accent color that mixes well with neutrals and with black.

Footstool Inspiration


Hum…maybe I should consider a Mongolian lambs fur?  I love the look but I can just hear my hubby talking about how impractical they would be.  My response…sometimes pretty trumps practical.

Footstool Inspiration


Just when I was set on a solid color I saw this velvet beauty!  I love the idea of two different patterns and am thinking maybe I could find some vintage fabric at the Roundtop Antiques Market.  I also found this source for embroidered velvet fabric.

Footstool Inspiration


Speaking of patterns, a beautiful Kilim or woven leather rug could be a fun way to upholster my footstools. In looking at rug options, I think this idea might cost more than I want to spend.

Footstool Inspiration


If all else fails, I could also cover them in an animal print which is classic, timeless and versatile.

Footstool Inspiration


I’m not sure which direction I’m going to go with the fabric but I’ll be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, I’ve got a couple other DIY stools that are sitting in the garage waiting for their makeover.

If these footstools were yours, which fabric and color would you go with?

What Would You Do? A Thrift Store Swap! #swapitlikeitshot

I bet when you read the title of this blog post you had no idea what I was talking about, right?  Well it’s time for another round of Swap It Like It’s Hot, where a group of crafty and creative bloggers get together, swap cast off thrift store pieces and breath new life into them using their DIY skills.


I was so excited when Charlotte from Ciburbanity asked me to participate in the swap again but was a little nervous about what I was going to receive in the mail from my swap partner.  This time around my items came from Kimm at Reinvented and when I opened my box of goodie, I was giddy.  Kimm sent me some great pieces to work with.


Like all craft and DIY projects I undertake, I spent some time bonding with the pieces before I decided how I was going to transform them.  I decided to makeover a couple of the pieces now and the others will make their debut as part of my Christmas decor in November. #moregoodnesstocome

So before I jump into what I did with a couple of these items, let me first tell you that I had a hard time letting go of the leaf bowl the way it was.  It was perfect and I could totally see if on my coffee table filled with fall nuts.  But alas, I had to let it go and give it a new look (or in this case, a new purpose).

Since I loved the bowl so much, I didn’t go too crazy with the transformation. I decided to pare the leaf and one of the snack bowls and turn it into flower vase AND candleholder.  You read that right… this little piece has two personalities.

Now it’s a candleholder…


And now it’s a flower vase.


How did I do that you ask?  I attached the bowl (with the writing facing the back) to the leaf using a screw so the bowl could be turned upside down.  When the bowl is facing down, a candle sits on the bottom. Then when the bowl is turned upright, I add a glass bowl and use it to hold flowers.  Just like magic!


Oh, and did I mention that I added a hanger to the back of the leaf so it can also hang on the wall too!


The other piece I transformed was this art piece.  I knew immediately that I was going to make a clock with this piece and decided on a black and white theme.

It went  from a cozy cottage piece of art…


to a chic black and white buffalo check clock with a gold edge.



Pretty snazzy don’t you think?  I’m thrilled with the way my swap items turned out and had so much fun transforming these pieces.  Now it’s time to go check out all the other bloggers projects.

And speaking of other’s bloggers projects, I was so busy getting crafty with my items that I totally forgot to take photo of the items I sent my swap partner Christy.  So, hop on over to Christy’s blog, Confessions of a Serial DIYer and see what goodies I sent her and how she worked her DIY magic on them.

And be sure to stop by each of the participating blogs throughout the week to see all of the fabulous swap transformations.




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My Latest Flea Market Finds–Road Trip Treasures

Flea Market Finds

Whenever we drive to see my mom in Oklahoma, we plan a few pit stops at flea markets and antique stores along the way.  I typically find an item or two but nothing to brag about.  This trip however was different.  I lucked upon lots of unique pieces at great prices. Most of what I found will go in my Etsy shop but I am keeping a couple of items for myself.

Staffordshire dogs are really popular right now and I found a couple of different dog pieces.  The first was this single dalmatian figurine.  I know these were originally sold in a set as bookends but as a single it makes a great decor pieces for a bookshelf.

Flea Market Finds

The other dog pieces I found was this set of dalmatian bookends.  I’m tempted to keep these but into the Etsy shop they’ll go.

Flea Market Finds

This blue and white lidded jar is so cute.  If it wasn’t for its petite size you’d think it was a garden stool.  I snapped this piece up for $5.00 and I’m going to keep it for myself.

Flea Market Finds

I’m also on the look out for brass trays and this one had beautiful details.  It’s pretty large in size and would make a great bar tray.

Flea Market Finds

I love milk glass and see these bowls quite often but have never purchased one.  The embossed fruit motif on the bottom is so intricate and pretty and the bowl is super heavy.

Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Finds

I don’t know how long the brass pineapple trend is going to last but I keep buying them if I can find them at a good price.  I already own two so I’m going to be listing this lidded piece in the shop after I clean it up a bit.

Flea Market Finds

This pretty brass letter holder has me in a quandary…sell or keep?  The design is really pretty and you can tell its a great quality piece. Since I have good luck selling letter holders in my shop I’ll probably sell this one.

Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Finds

I also found a silver-plated one that needs some TLC.  It was less than $3.00 so if it doesn’t clean up well I’ll just keep it.

Flea Market Finds

My favorite find of the trip was this ceramic elephant stool.  It’s in great condition and I practically stool it from the dealer with the price they had on it.


Don’t you just love my latest flea market finds?  

For those of you living in Memphis, you might want to check out the Antique Mall Warehouse.  I found most of the chinoiserie  and brass pieces there.

If you want to check out my Etsy shop, head here.

Happy hunting!

Shelly Signature

My Latest Thrifting Finds

Fireplace Damper Hook

Hello there and welcome to spring!  

I hope everyone had a great weekend and found time to indulge in something you love.  It was pretty quiet around my parts with a good portion of the weekend rained out. One of the highlights of our weekend was purchasing a new vacuum.  After some research and trying to decide between a  Dyson and a Shark, we decided on the Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away.  Let me tell you this vaccum is awesome!  I can’t believe the amount of carpet fuzz and dust it picked up.

One of the other things I was able to do this weekend was to pop into one of my favorite thrift stores.  I literally had about 10 minutes to look around but was able to find a few treasures in that short period of time (some for me and some for my Etsy shop) and happy that I spent less than $25.

Here’s what I scored…

Thrifting Finds Mar. 2015

This gold ice bucket is a vintage piece from designer George Briard.  It was a deal at $8.00 and is signed by the artist on the bottom.  I’ll be putting this piece in my Etsy shop.

Gold Ice Bucket

Gold Ice Bucket2

I’ve been looking for a small accent table to place in our bathroom and came across this one for $5.00.  The style is definitely not me so I’m going to paint it black or gold, or maybe a combination of the two.

Black and White Accent Table

I love vintage brass pieces and thought this brass damper hook was a great find.  It’s going in my Etsy shop.

Fireplace Damper Hook

And the last thing I found were these metal wall bins.  They were $1.50 each and I’m planning to stencil numbers on the front of each one and then hang them on a wall in our kitchen.

IMG_9723 (2)

Pretty good scores right?!

Now that spring is here,  I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of antique and thrift shopping.

Have you had any great thrifting finds lately?


Getting to Know Georgia and few thrifty finds!

Ever since the weather turned warmer I’ve been itching to do some thrift shopping.  Wanting to explore new shopping spots, the hub and I have hit the road the last two weekends to explore new areas and new shops.

This past weekend we made the short drive (about 45 minutes) to Newnan and visited a couple of shops including The Bone Yard.  I’ve read about The Bone Yard and have always wanted to go check it out.  I mean the name alone makes it worth a road trip.


Unfortunately I only snapped a few pictures but this will give you a glimpse into this great vintage and antique shop.

Read the Post

A Collection of Creative Ideas

There is so much more to creative design than how the furniture is arranged or what type of artwork you have on the wall.

Creative design comes in all forms…

The next time you are at the thrift store, don’t overlook those old kids chairs.  A little diy and you can turn them into stylish dog bowl holders that will feel apart of your décor.



There are so many unique uses for old ladders but I’m loving the idea of using one as a jewelry holder.  Just add a mesh screen and you’re done.



 If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on flowers but still want a designer look with your flower arrangements, try adding fruit.  Sliced fruit will fill the vase so less flowers are needed and the look will be fresh and modern.



Instead of an upholstered headboard why not consider stenciling a design onto painted wood.  Pretty chic and budget-friendly.



If you like the look of organic art, why not create your own using branches from yard and thrift store frame.  Genius!

I think this would look great at Christmas with the branches coated in sparkly ice crystals or glitter.



Never in a million years would I have thought of this let alone thought the idea could result in something this great looking.



Projects like these really get my creative mind going.

Have a great weekend and let your imagination run wild.





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