Stylish Upholstered Benches Under $200

Happy hump day friends!  A week or so ago I shared the 5 Most Versatile Decorative Accessories You Can Own. Today I’m sharing another one of my must-have decor pieces–an upholstered bench.  I’m a big fan of decorating with upholstered benches because they such a versatile piece of furniture.

I love placing a bench at the foot of the bed especially in a guest bedroom where adding full-sized chairs might not be an option. Tucking a bench under a console table in a living room is also one of my favorite design touches.

image source: The Design Co. via House

And when it comes to budget friendly decor, an upholstered bench is a great way to add style without making a big investment.  To prove my point, here are 6 stylish upholstered benches all under $200.

Upholstered Benches Under $200Upholstered Benches Under $200Upholstered Benches Under $200


1 //  The Mayotte Two Seat Bench is perfect for the end of the bed or as an accent piece in a hallway or floating in front of the fireplace.  I love the cushion top, turned legs and brass casters–all details you find in higher priced pieces.  This beauty is available in 6 home decor friendly pieces and is a great price at just $210.99.

2 //  I love the contemporary vibe of the Mercury Row Upholstered Storage Bench with its straight arms and bolster pillows.  This would be a nice piece to put in a guest bedroom or use in a small foyer space.  Available in blue and lt. grey for $174.99.

3 //  The Bryn Chrome Base Bench comes in two fabric options–linen or leather gel which is a new leather-like breathable fabric.  Also choose between a smooth or tufted top and the 5 color options available.  So many great choices for just $ 170.99.

4 //  For you mid-century modern fans, here’s a great bench to check out.  The Vietch Bench is featured a tufted button top, a sleek wood frame and 4 slanted legs. This is the perfect piece for a bedroom, foyer or as an accent in a boho or modern decor living space. Price under $150.

5 //  This may be one of my favorite metal base benches ever.  The Acme Boice Bench is sleek and sophisticated with a black upholstered top and champagne gold metal base. I just love the overall style and design.  And the price can’t be beat–$130.09.

6 //  An upholstered storage bench is a great piece for any home.  You can use a bench like this in just about any room and get the benefit of additional seating and storage.  This Donny Osmond Storage Bench ( $199.99) is a fave because of the long length, tufting and nailhead detail.

I love all of these benches.  Which one is your favorite?

Happy shopping!


Fabric Shopping (and what it says about home decor trends)

I discovered a new fabric warehouse the other day and all I can say is WOW!  Before I entered the showroom the customer service rep warned me that there was a lot of fabric behind those doors.   Man oh man was she right.

Walking through those doors was like walking in a fabric wonderland. There were rolls of fabric, stacks of fabrics, hanging fabric and more remnant fabrics than the eye could see.

As I walked the aisles, I began to take note of the colors and patterns I was seeing so I’m sharing that with you today.


MAD FOR PLAID–Large buffalo plaids appear to be a pattern that is gaining in popularity.  Where you once just saw classic colors like red, navy and black you’re now seeing plaids in every color and every size scale.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Cotton blend plaids have a more causal feel to them and so I prefer linen blends which have more texture and dimension. Plaid patterns are ideal for window treatments, pillows and furnishings as you’ll see in these inspirational images…




MELLOW YELLOW–Pantone identified Primrose Yellow as one of the trending colors for 2017 and while I didn’t see a lot of bold yellow fabrics, I did see lots of soft yellow.

Most of the fabrics in the yellow color family were traditional floral or geometric designs perfect for upholstery, drapes of bed linens.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

image source

SHADES OF BLUE–With the popularity of blue and white decor it’s no surprise that there are lots of blue and white fabric patterns on the market right now.  I spotted florals and well as more modern geometric and boho inspired designs and the color palette ranged from deep navy to shades of teal.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends



Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

FLOWER POWER–Bold floral motifs are a trend that forecasters identified for 2017 and the fabrics I saw supported that.  From tiny prints to large oversized designs, feminine florals have a fresh, modern feel.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

I love the look of this antique, washed-out floral fabric.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

The mum design was bold and had lots of texture and dimension.  I could envision this on club chairs or an ottoman.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

image source

BLACK & WHITE--Never will I tire of black and white patterns.  Black and white are a classic color combo and pairs well with anything you put with it.  The white with black plaid at the top would look great made up in pillows.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends


50 SHADES OF GRAY– Many of you may want to see the grey color trend go away but I think it will be around for a while.  Grey is a great way to introduce color into your decor when you don’t want to go all white but want a little color.

I also noticed lots of fabrics that combined grey and soft teal which is always a pretty palette.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends


PRETTY IN PINK-The pink fabric aisle was one of my favorites.  Instead of looking like fabrics for a baby’s room, the patterns looked modern and updated.  The second fabric down was gorgeous and you know I love the animal print.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends


I snapped a lot more pictures but the visual eye candy has to end sometimes, right?

Finding the perfect fabric is key to a beautiful space and I’m so glad it’s something I get to do as part of my job.

p.s.  I’d love to know which of the fabrics I spotted grabbed your heart!

Happy Friday, friends.


Trend Watch: Toile de Jouy

Blue Tablescape via Stylebeat


 Calling this post a ‘trend watch’ may be exaggerating a bit since the trend I’m talking about has never really gone out of style, it just lost some of its luster in recent years.  It wasn’t until Chinoiserie starting regaining its popularity a few years ago that toile started to come back on the design scene in a big way.

“Toile de Jouy”, sometimes abbreviated to simply “toile”, is a type of decorating pattern consisting of a white or off-white background on which a repeated pattern depicting a fairly complex scene, generally of a pastoral theme such as a couple having a picnic by a lake or an arrangement of flowers.

I remember the days when toile was the ‘it’ pattern in home decor and was also a popular look in fashion accessories and clothing.  Back then the colors were pretty classic with blue and white, black and white, red and white and green and white the color combos you saw most.

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Nate Berkus Fabrics at JoAnn

I love that so many top designers are partnering with big box retail stores and making their product accessible to the masses.  Nate Berkus has definitely hit a home run with his home decor line at Target and now a selection of custom fabric designs are available at JoAnn Fabric.


 Like most of Nate’s products, the patterns in the Nate Berkus fabric line available at JoAnn’s have a fresh and modern feel and come in classic colors.

There are 20 pattern/color options and the prices range from $9.99 to $27.99 per yard.

nate berkus fabric 1

After taking a look at the fabric line, I got to thinking about how I’d use my favorite styles.  Here’s the inspiration that Nate inspired…


I’m a big fan of yellow when it comes to decorating and this Ameil Dot Paramount pattern in citrus is just begging to go on a pair of stylish X benches.  I envision them at the foot of a bed or placed under a white console table in a foyer.


I love fabric headboards but I’m ready to see less solid colored linen and more patternwork.  The ethnic modern feel of the Linea Paramount pattern would be a fun way to dress up a softly shaped headboard.


Bold prints are one of my favorite decor statements and the colors and design of this Timur Sussex in Ginger is a statement pattern.  I can see a pair of tufted chairs in this fabric, paired with a stately leather sofa and sisal rug.  Oh, I’d add in a couple of brass end tables for that something shiny that I think every room needs.


Close your eyes and imagine this curved back arm lounge chair upholstered in this seastone colorway of the Dari Mosaic Paramount fabric.  Prop your feet up on an ottoman and you’ll have a perfect spot to relax and rewind.


This Indre Lynwood pattern is one of my favorites in the entire line and I’d love to upholster a classic bench with bolster pillows in this ginger color.  This pattern is also available in navy and dove grey which make it versatile enough for just about anything you can imagine.

While I’m on the subject of Nate, have you checked out his new collection at Target?  The pillows in this collection are on the top of my list…

Zig Zag Faux Fir Pillow

Zig Zag Pillow

Faux Fir Pillow

Faux Fir Pillow

Faux Fir Floor Pillow

Faux Fir Floor Pillow — I’m envisioning movie night by candlelight with these floor pillows!

So which one of Nate’s fabrics is your favorite?


Decorating with Fur

It’s become a ritual.
Whenever I go to Ikea I start at the front of the store and snake my way through each of the departments only to find myself in the rug department “petting” the sheepskin rug they sell.
You know the rug, the white fluffy one that makes you want to just snuggle with it like you were a 5-year-old.
I can’t help myself.
I’ve picked up that rug so many times and asked myself the question that runs through my head at least 127 times a day, “what could I do with this?”
I know one, maybe two of those rugs are meant to be in my life so I had to go hunting for some design inspiration to help me figure out how me and this rug could live in harmony together.
If you’ve ever picked up this rug and asked the ‘what would I do’ question, here’s your answer…

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Design Detail: Nailhead Trim

I’ve often said that it’s the details that make design.  Naihead trims have been used in the design and finishing of furniture for many years and its a simple and cost-effective way to add style to furniture and décor.


A trimmed edge on a chair gives the piece a sense of elegance and refinement…


and as the trim on an upholstered headboard, nailheads add the perfect little detail.


Nailheads come in many different shapes, sizes and styles and can be applied to just about anything.


I love the idea of using nailheads to trim a simple bookshelf.  This is a great way to add visual interest without investing a lot of time and money in molding and trim.


When applied artistically, nailheads can add amazing detail to a table or cabinet.


Another unique use for nailheads is as the edging around a built-in cabinet.  Nailheads would look really great framing a butler’s pantry or built-in bar.


 If you’re looking for a simple way to up-style a bathroom mirror frame just add nailheads.


Nailheads are a simple way to personalize a plain ottoman.


and if you really want to make a statement, how about using nailheads to frame doorways throughout your home.

I’m not that adventurous but I am working on a little nailhead project that involves this

I’ll share the finished project with you on Friday.

Are you a fan of nailheads…yea or nay?


White After Labor Day

This time of year there’s lots of debate whether you should wear white clothing after labor day and if so, how to make the look work for fall.  Seldom do you hear conversation taking place about how to make a white décor work for fall.  With so many people decorating with white these days, I thought I share a few design ideas for transitioning your white décor from summer to fall.



No. 1 

Mix shades of white and tan to take the crisp edge off your décor while adding depth and dimension .  Pick colors that range from white to mid-tone browns and layer in textured fabrics for visual dimension.


No. 2

Use natural fall colors like green, yellow, orange and rust to make your whites look warmer.  Fall is the time to accessorize with natural stems, gourds, leaves and foliage.


No. 3

Woven textures in rugs and baskets give white fabrics a richer feel for fall.


No. 4

Deep, jewel tone colors play well against white furnishings and make a space feel cozier.  The teal pillows on this sofa really bring a vibrancy to the space.


No. 5

Accessorize with soft, fluffy textiles and layer, layer, layer.


No. 6

Mixing different materials like glass, wood, bone, and ceramic will add dimension to otherwise one-dimensional white surfaces.


No. 7

A fall colored throw adds an instant fall update to white furniture. The color brings the feel of the outdoors in and is visually stimulating.


No. 8

Another design trick you can do is switching the focus. Switch out a solid textured rug with a patterned style and opt for solid pillows instead of patterns.  Having a strong pattern on the floor gives a room the impression of weight which conveys a sense of warmth, which equals fall.


Your overall approach for transitioning your summer whites into the fall is to add layers, deepen the color accents, mix in textures and vary the finishes.  These simple steps will make your home a cozy fall retreat.


all images can be found on my Fall and Halloween inspiration board.

A Crazy Week Ahead + Timeless Design

Happy Monday!  Did everyone have a fabulous 4th of July and a good weekend?  I hope so.  Our 4th was rained out and with all the rain we had over the last 4 days, the hubby and I felt like we were back in Seattle.  I’m glad the sun in shining today and that I got a good nights sleep last night.

I’ve got a super busy week ahead working on pulling together the details for a non-profit fund-raiser I’m heading up, going to the Atlanta Gift and Furniture  Market on Wednesday, attending an event with designer Bunny Williams on Thursday, making the trek to Scott’s Antique Market and the United Methodist Children’s Home Flea Market on Friday and celebrating my 22nd wedding anniversary and the hubs birthday on Saturday and Sunday! Oh, and there’s work to be done in between all of that.  You can rest assured I’m going to be eating my Wheaties this week.

One of the design projects I’ve worked on recently had me going back to design basics.  I found myself working with a client that likes traditional décor and wants a classic and timeless interior.  With so many of the design trends today leaning toward creative paint treatments, bold colors, artistic elements and eclectic looks, it can be challenging to  develop a look that is really timeless.

To give us all a little refresher in classic design, I’ve pulled together a little summary of 12 Timeless Design elements I always rely on!


#1  Curtains Hung HighEvery room can benefit from hanging curtains as close to the molding/ceiling as possible. No only does this make a room feel taller but it also enhances the scale of the furniture in the room.

#2  Built-in Bookcases–Whether bookcase are used for books or decorative elements (a combination of both is my formula) , built-in bookcases add architectural detail,  storage and visual impact in any room of the house.   {to get the look on a dime, check out all the Ikea Billy Bookcase DIY projects on my Ikea Inspiration Pinterest Board}!

#3  Woven Shades–If anything can replace wood blinds in a home it’s the woven shade.  This window treatment offers just the right amount of texture, color and privacy while adding to the style of a room.  Alone or paired with curtain panels, woven shades are here to stay.

#4  Window Seats–Who doesn’t dream about having a window seat in their home?  Window seats are the perfect design element for that often neglected space in front of a window, not taking away from the view but making a room feel cozier and more intimate.

#5  Seagrass, Sisal and Jute Rugs–I know there are those of you that don’t like these natural textured rugs because of the feel or a fear of keeping it clean but for me a sisal and seagrass rug is the best way to add visual texture under foot while keeping a room feeling open and airy.   My go to source for seagrass rugs here in Atlanta is Myers Carpet.


Emily A. Clark

#6  Ceramic Lamps–Lamp styles evolve but a classic round ceramic lamp will never go out of style.  Ceramic lamps provide a visual contrast in rooms with lots of wood furniture and are a great balance against metal and iron.  And the color options are endless (especially with a can of spray paint)!

#7 Sofa Tables (or console tables in general) are one of my go to pieces of furniture.  This is one piece of furniture that will work in just about every room of a home and a piece that is just as functional as it is stylish.  I love placing a console table next to bed and using it as a unique nightstand/writing-table option.

#8  Baskets–Baskets can hide a multitude of design sins (paperback books on a bookshelf, DVD’s) and are a great way to fill the space under tables, in corners or above cabinets or armoires.  One can never have too many baskets in my book.  My go to source of chunky woven baskets is HomeGoods, World MarketandIkea!

#9  Medium Tone Wood Floors–While I personally like the trend of darker espresso wood floors, mid-tone wood flooring will never go out of style.  The color is versatile and works with just about every color of textile or paint you surround it with.


#10  Oversized Mirrors–Just like a sofa table, an oversized mirror is one of your best design investments.  Opt for a black, gold or silver frame to keep the look classic and be creative about where you place it in your home.  Oversized mirrors work great in a dining room, foyer, over a sofa, above a fireplace, at the top of a stair landing and in a bedroom.

#11  A Neutral Sofa–A neutral sofa will not only stand the test of time but it gives you the perfect backdrop to make seasonal color and accessory changes. Timeless design gives you options and the look never goes out of style.

#12  An Upholstered Coffee Table–Since wood furniture is the foundation of so many rooms, an upholstered coffee table/ottoman is a great way to add softness without giving up a functional surface area in the room.  Plus, additional seating is ready when you need it.

So there you have it, my take on Timeless Design!  When you look around your home is your design style timeless or are you on the trendy side of design?


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