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Hi friends.  The last few days have been a struggle.  I’ve been working on this gift wrap post up for days but my photos weren’t loading so I haven’t been able to publish this post.  I think I’ve got the bugs fixed now so here’s the long-awaited post, just in time for a weekend gift wrapping marathon. 

**disclaimer:  Reliant Ribbon sent me some amazing ribbons to use for my holiday gift wrap post, but all words, opinions and gift wrap inspiration is mine.

I’ve had a passion for wrapping gifts for years and love to go the extra mile when creating beautiful packages.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I have somewhat of an obsession with pretty wrapping paper and ribbon. And a fun embellishment is usually part of my gift wrap formula too.

Today I’m going to share a few Christmas gifts that I wrapped along with some tips to help you give your holiday wrap a little extra pizzazz!

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive,
which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love.  ~ L.O. Baird

When I started planning my Christmas theme earlier this year, I knew I wanted to keep my holiday gift wrap simple.  This year it was going to be all about the ribbon, paper and fun accents.

FYI–I use my DIY Gift Wrap Crate to keep all of my holiday wrapping supplies organized and in one place. And after the holidays I’ll switch out the paper and ribbon for spring and summer gift giving.  ***Need a last minute Christmas gift?  The gift wrap crate is a simple project that would be great for someone who loves to wraps.

Ok, let’s get into the details of my wrap…

All of the wrapping paper that I used this year is from HomeGoods.  They have an awesome selection of holiday wrapping paper and you can’t beat the price.  When I’m shopping for gift wrap, especially at Christmas, I like to buy patterns and colors that can be used year-round.  Polka Dots, stripes, plaids and subtle patterns are what I shop for.   With non-seasonal wrapping paper, I use inexpensive embellishments to reflect the season or gift-giving occasion.

My ribbon this year is from one of my favorite ribbon sources, Reliant Ribbon.  Reliant Ribbon is a family owned wholesale ribbon company that sells a wide range of craft and floral ribbon.  They have over 15,000 different ribbon styles so there is literally something for every gift wrap and decorating need.


One of my favorite gift wrapping tricks is to combine two or more ribbons to create a layered look. Here I layered a narrow red and white striped ribbon on top of a wide solid red ribbon.  The embellishments are mini red and green mercury glass ornaments I bought at Steve McKenzie’s.  These ornaments are great as a package topper but can also be used to decorate a small tree or wreath.  p.s.  all holiday product at Steve McKenzie’s is 50% off through 12/31 with code: MERRY50 so it’s a great time to stock up for next year!

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

free printable gift tags

Another fun way I like to jazz up my holiday gift wrap is by tying a double bow with pretty satin ribbon.  To do this you will want to cut the ribbon extra long.  Wrap the ribbon around your box, tie the first bow then know the ribbon on top of that bow to secure it.  Now you can tie a second bow and add an embellishment.

I love using unexpected materials to wrap gifts.  This year I had the idea of using faux fur as a ribbon substitute.  I headed to JoAnn Fabric and found this gorgeous white faux fur trim which was sold by the yard.  I cut a piece long enough to wrap around my box and secured it with a satin ribbon bow.  tip:  a brown or black faux fur is a great ribbon alternative for a men’s gift. 

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Did you know that a lot of woven ribbons can be curled using the blade of your scissors.  #oldschooltrick Curls are a great way to make your gift wrap more festive.  And don’t be afraid to combine and curl multiple ribbons together which can create a really fun topper.

faux boxwood garland from Target Dollar Spot // Merry Christmas gift tags

When it comes to holiday gift tags, I use traditional Christmas tags as well as items I find in the craft aisle at Michaels.  The JOY tag below is part of a 60 piece Holiday Chipboard Quote Set used for scrapbooking.  The tiny tags are perfect for adding a little whimsy to your gift wrap.


holly leaf embellishment from Hobby Lobby
Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyleCreative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle


Using ornaments as an embellishment is not a new idea but how you use them can be.  Instead of tying this wreath ornament to the ribbon, I tied a knot in the ribbon and bunched the ends in the center of the wreath. I love the way this looks on a round gift box.

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

free printable gift tags

One of the tips I share when I teach my gift wrap workshops is to to never throw away scrap pieces of wrapping paper or ribbon.  Scrap ribbon can be used to wrap a small box or combined with another ribbon for layering.  On the box below, I used a piece of scrap ribbon along with a left over Christmas card to decorate the box. 
Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Creative gift wrapping is equal parts the items you wrap with and how you use those items.  All it takes to create beautifully wrapped gifts is thinking outside the box (pun intended).

  I hope you found these wrapping tips and my Christmas gift wrap inspirational.  Be sure to stop by my Instagram feed tomorrow because I’ll be sharing a few last-minute wrapping ideas.

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle


Gift Wrap Inspiration: Blue, Yellow & Silver Wedding Wrap

Hi friends.  I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.  I sure did!

 I’m back today with another gift wrap inspiration post for you.  Over the years I’ve shared wrapping ideas for birthdays, mother’s day, Valentine’s day and other special occasions but never for a wedding.  Today I’m sharing inspiration for a wedding along with a few wedding specific gift wrapping tips. Enjoy!

Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

The past couple of years we have not attended many weddings but this year is different.  We have several weddings between now and August and that means some fun gift wrapping for me.

When I wrap wedding gifts I like to use paper, ribbon and embellishments that coordinate with the colors for the wedding.  It’s such an easy way to make the gift even more special.

Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

The hubs and I will be attending a family wedding this weekend where the colors are blue, yellow and silver.   The color combination is perfect for a summer wedding and it provided great inspiration for wrapping our gift.

Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Wedding Gift Wrap Inspiration:  Blue, Yellow & Silver

Since our gift is in a large box, I used a wrapping paper with a bold pattern.  The blue and white lattice design is perfect for a wedding and the pattern is feminine without being too girly.

tip:  buy wrapping paper that can work for more than one occasion and then use embellishments to make the wrapping formal or casual, depending on the event

Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

blue & white medallion gift wrap // white grosgrain ribbon // navy silk ribbon

Once the box was wrapped, I tried a wide white grosgrain ribbon around it and then layered a navy silk ribbon on top.  I cut the navy ribbon long enough so I could tie multiple bows on top.

Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

To add in the yellow color, I created a flower bouquet for the top of the box using silk flowers I picked up at the Dollar Store.

Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

The final touch was a silver glitter gift tag that I dressed up with yellow and navy fabric flowers from the craft store.

Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

blue & white medallion gift wrap // white grosgrain ribbon // navy silk ribbon

Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Using different styles of flowers added interest and gave the top of the box a personalized feel.

Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

blue & white medallion gift wrap // white grosgrain ribbon // navy silk ribbon

Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

It’s wedding season so if you’ll be wrapping wedding gifts, keep these tips in mind…


  1. If you don’t want to coordinate your gift wrap with the wedding colors, it’s always classic to use white or silver wrapping paper.
  2. Always attach a gift tap or card securely to your gift.  Or better yet, place the card inside the box and attach a tag with the couples name on it to the outside of the box.
  3. If you’re planning on giving an envelope containing money or gift cards, put those items in an envelope and wrap a ribbon around it.  A ribbon will signify that the envelope it is a gift so it doesn’t get missed or tossed out.
  4. Embellishments are a fun way to accent your gift wrap and make your gift extra special.  My favorite gift embellishments include silk flowers, oversized monogram letters and crystal beads.


My Christmas Gift Wrap–It’s All In The Details

Christmas Gift Wrap Inspiration

Can we talk Christmas gift wrap for a minute?  

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you all know that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to gift wrap and ribbon.  I don’t have anything against gift bags but when it comes to wrapping gifts, I whole-heartedly believe that the presentation of a gift adds to the entire gift giving experience.

When it came time to come up with a gift wrap plan for Christmas, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Paper Mart.  Paper Mart is a proud sponsor of the 2016 Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour and they had everything I needed to make my gift wrap dreams come true.


Last year I created this mobile gift wrap cart to hold my holiday paper and ribbons.  I pulled it out again this year and stocked it with all my supplies.  You can read all about how I created the cart here.


There are lots of things I love about Paper Mart  including their vast range of wrapping paper, ribbon, embellishments, boxes and tissue paper.  They have wrapping paper for every gift occasion and a great offering of  party supplies.



The foundation of my gift wrap plan was this beautiful Pinecones & Poinsettia gift wrap.  There are lots of colors in this paper so I knew I could mix and match it with other wrapping paper and ribbons.

I’m a fan of two-sided ribbon and used the red and gold satin ribbon above to create a layered bow.  I tucked my favorite holly leaf embellishments under each corner of the bow.


For this box, I layered the poinsettia paper over a small black and white plaid paper.


I used this gold metallic ribbon around a few solid colored boxes that I had.  The gold has a shimmer to it and is pretty when tied in a multi loop bow.

The pretty package embellishment is a vintage brooch I pulled out of my jewelry stash.


I paired the poinsettia paper with a black and white striped paper and love this look.  The embellishments on top are honeycomb tissue paper balls that I taped to the top of the belly band.  Belly band is a fancy name for a piece of paper that wraps around something. #ribbonlingo


This natural holly leaf ribbon is so pretty and you can see the beautiful bows you can make with it.  I added some small gold ornaments in the center for a little sparkle.


I shared my Christmas tree in part 1 of the Merry & Bright Home Tour and matched some of the colors on the tree with the colors in the poinsettia paper. And I used the black and white plaid ribbon on the tree and for my Christmas gift wrap.



Did you notice the gift tags I used on several of the boxes?  I’ve included the free download link below so you can use them too!


Merry & Bright Holiday Gift Tags



Download Merry & Bright Printable Gift Tags


I still have boxes to wrap so look for them in next weeks finale’ of the Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour~

Shelly Signature

disclaimer:  I received free paper and ribbon from Paper Mart as part of the Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour.   Paper Mart is a company that I love and am happy to share their products with you.  All opinions and images are my own.
Visit Paper Mart on Social Media:  Paper Mart // Twitter // Facebook // Pinterest // Instagram // Google + // You Tube


ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme–2016


Every year I develop a design plan for my Christmas decor and share it with you here on the blog.  I create an inspiration board that gives a visual overview of the colors, patterns and tree decor that will make up my holiday decor.  Today’s the day that I’m sharing my 2016 Christmas decor theme with you before the elves (me) get to work decorating.

I also wanted to let you know that I am again hosting the Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour blog hop with Kellie from Design Asylum.  This is the 2nd year for the blog tour and it’s exciting because we have even more fabulous bloggers participating and two great brand sponsors for 2016.

So, without further a-due, here’s a look at my Merry & Bright Holiday Home Design Plan for 2016…


2016 ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme

The inspiration for my theme started when I spotted this Poinsettia wrapping paper from Paper Mart.  I fell in love with the design and bold but classic color combination.

2016 ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme

Then I spotted Cassie’s Christmas tree on Pinterest which was decorated in all of the colors used in the wrapping paper design.  From there my plan really came together.

My Christmas tree will bold and bright and will include a mix of classic colors and pops of pink and gold.  And I’ll be throwing some black and white into the mix as well.

I’m planning to pair the poinsettia wrap with other patterns like stripes and dots and will be using a variety of ribbons to tie the colors together.

2016 ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme

Another fun element I’ll be using are touches of boxwood.  I’ll be hanging a boxwood wreath from Silk Plants Direct and I’m also planning to use boxwood elements in my gift wrap and in my holiday tablescape.

I’ve ordered some pretty tags and stickers from Zazzle and have my eyes on a couple of new Christmas pillows like this one and this one.

2016 ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year and I can’t wait to share my decor with you. I also have some great gift guides, entertaining posts and easy DIY projects planned. 

Mark your calendars for the 2016 Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour.  Like last year, all of the participating bloggers will be sharing their holiday home tours over a 3 week period starting November 30th.

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 Merry & Bright image via Dribble

All Wrapped Up For Christmas

Christmas Gift Wrap 2014 by ConfettiStyle (1) copy

T-minus 5 days and counting until Christmas. 

The Christmas shopping is all done and boxes have been shipped.  Things are starting to settle down around here and that has given me a chance to get most of my holiday gifts wrapped.

I love wrapping gifts and it was so much fun this year to coordinate my gift wrap with my holiday tartan plaid theme.

Here’s a look at my 2014 Holiday Gift Wrap and a few tips that will help you put the finishing touches on your own gifts.

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